How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business

Learn How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business

Real estate and entrepreneurship are fast ways to build wealth, and most successful people combine them! I’ll show you how to start a real estate investment business to maximize your profits. I can get you on the fast track!

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been involved in real estate for more than 30 years.

There’s more to this business than traditional real estate, which most people consider as homes, residential buildable lots, small office buildings and small farms. It’s mostly homes. That’s just the start.

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How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Big Business 

There are shopping centers and home developments, that you might call subdivisions. There’s development real estate in large office buildings and community redevelopment.

Within the city and the county, they take property by public demand and recreate old neighborhoods into new neighborhoods.

Sometimes, they build stadiums and large office parks, complete with infrastructure, streets, subways and parks. Real estate is complex and exciting!

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – A Multifaceted Business

Let’s not forget brokers and title companies in groups that specialize in the leasing of millions of square feet of office space.

Then there are other groups, the entrepreneurs that provide financing, syndications, REITs, group partnerships and the dozens of management companies.

Can you start your own real estate company? Yes.

real estate investing

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – A Part-Time Business

This lesson is all about how to start a real estate investment business. I’m not going to spend time discussing what your office should look like, what fancy chair you should have, or how to work one on one with your employees.

I am going to talk about how to be a successful entrepreneur or freelancer and work part time. I’m not going to talk about YouTube videos or study systems.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Financial Freedom

How much money do real estate investors make? The sky is the limit.

After investing in real estate for decades, I personally own property and make deals every year. I show people how to make money and be in control of their freedom and their life.

Real estate is perfect for the entrepreneur and to a certain extent, freelance part-time workers.

How to start a real estate investment business could include foreclosures from banks. It could include fixer upper properties, and it could include flippers as people like to say.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Your Business Plan

There are dozens of businesses that need a plan, and you definitely need a real estate investing business plan to have a successful business. The internet is loaded with business plan templates.

Before I go further, I want you to be cautious of those business plan templates. Whom are they written by? Usually by people who are professional writers or would like to think they are professional.

They may or may not have any business experience. That’s huge. Their written words may take a whole page to talk about insurance or the design of an office. These templates can be a problem.

how to start your own successful business money

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Revenue Generation

Is real estate investing a business? Absolutely! Since it’s a business, let’s talk business. Let’s discuss revenue.

Most template business plans do not discuss how to create revenue, and it gets worse because the Small Business Administration will reveal that 80% of small businesses will fail in the first 5 years.

In the subsequent 5 years, of those who survived, another 80% will fail. Why did they fail? If you ask the Small Business Administration, they will tell you. I’ll oversimplify.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – A Business That Works

Here’s some business wisdom from 30 years of creating cash flow revenue and disregarding 90% of those templated business plans which include nothing about generating revenue and little or nothing about sales and marketing.

If you don’t understand the point I’m making, you will be one of the 96% that fail at starting a business.

On the positive side, I’ll give you a specific business that works and a few of the steps needed to make serious income in your first year.

how to work from home effectively self discipline goals

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Setting Goals

Setting goals for income is a must. Revenue is important. It must be your priority. Keep focused on revenue. Short term and long term. The business will rarely go bankrupt if you have revenue.

Research can make you money in a short period of time. Running out of money is common in the real estate business. Once again, I say, sales revenue is important. No revenue means no business.

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How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Financing

How much money do you need to start a real estate investment company? Briefly, study financing of property. It’s important.

For those who ask, “How can I start my own real estate business with no money?” If you don’t have money, do you have a plan to get money?

How are you going to finance what you are buying? I don’t believe crowdfunding is the answer, so let’s be more realistic.

Where will your clients come from? Do you have and do you understand lead generation? Will you have a website? How will you find new people?

What’s your experience? What skills do you have? You’ve probably worked elsewhere, is that skill and experience transferable? Here’s an opportunity.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Tax Defaulted Property

tax defaulted propertiesAbout 30-years ago, I discovered a little-known segment of the traditional real estate business.

Traditional business would be homes, small office buildings, residential buildable lots, and maybe small farms, but mostly homes, which real estate agents help you buy and sell.

The subset of traditional real estate is tax liens and tax deeds.

Over 3,000 counties across the United States auction tax lien and tax deed properties that are tax defaulted. In other words, something happened, and the property owner did not pay the property tax.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Huge Profit Margins

It doesn’t require an MBA from a fancy business school to figure out if you can make money.

The county is auctioning properties with starting bids of 10 cents on the dollar of the assessed value and selling them mortgage-free!

Even without having a degree in finance, if you can buy for 10 cents on the dollar and sell for 50 cents on the dollar, I’m sure you see the profit potential. The margins are acceptable and outrageous.

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Delinquent Property Taxes

Nationwide, state legislatures help local county treasurers solve the problem of property taxes. The legislature creates statutes, which are state law, requiring all property owners to pay tax.

Why is that important? Because you’ll have inventory forever!

If the property owner fails to pay property tax, the state law authorizes the county supervisors or county commissioners to require the treasurer to levy and collect taxes.

how to work from home effectively discount real estate

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Tax Defaulted Property Auctions

If the property taxes cannot be collected, the treasurer will confiscate the property and sell it at a public auction open to all with starting bids of 10 cents and 20 cents on the dollar.

That simply means the county is auctioning property which is discounted 60%, 70%, and 80% or more below the tax assessed value.

Let’s face it. Not all property is shiny and new. Most are used and abused. I’m sure you can handle that yourself or with handymen.

Real estate is a competitive environment. My oversimplified approach is to buy low at tax auctions, sell low quickly and move on to the next auction.

After all, 3000+ counties will conduct over 5,000 tax defaulted auctions each year!

How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business – Conclusion

delinquent tax auction
Ted Thomas

We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Start a Real Estate Investment Business”

When creating a business plan, a lot of people overlook that revenue is the #1 business priority. Most new businesses fail and one reason is because they account for everything except their income goals.

Revenue comes from marketing and sales, and business owners must understand this to succeed. Set long-term and short-term revenue goals, because without revenue, you don’t have a business, all you have is a pipe dream.

Ted Thomas has been involved in multiple sectors of the real estate industry and learned their various strengths and weaknesses through experiencing how each directly affected his wallet, time, energy and resources expended.

Then 30-years ago, Ted discovered tax defaulted real estate and never looked back. He had found a safe and secure way to make massive profits with the least amount of headaches.

The profit margins on tax defaulted properties are incredible. When you can buy at a huge discount of 10, 20 or 30 cents on the dollar, you can also sell quickly at a discount and generate revenue fast.

For example, if you can buy auction properties without a mortgage for 20 cents on the dollar and resell for 60 cents on the dollar, not only do you have a business, you have an amazing real estate investment business for as long as you want.

The beauty of this is that once you’ve learned it, you can keep doing it over and over again, until financial freedom is yours!

If you’d like to know more, Ted can show you the secrets, strategies, and safest ways to profit from tax lien and tax deed investing.

There’s no one more qualified than Ted Thomas, America’s leading authority on tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property investing, to teach you how to do this safely and profitably.

Ted Thomas is the only one who offers full support and a complete training program on how to buy property with delinquent taxes with home study courses, Q&A webinars, live tutorials, workshops, web classes, and personal coaching.

Ted Thomas classIf you’d like to learn how to create massive cash flow and streams of residual income from deep discount real estate, you can get started today at no cost by taking advantage of Ted’s FREE Master Class on America’s best kept secret, tax lien and tax deed investing.

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