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How to Buy Tax Lien Certificates Online

This guide to buy tax lien certificates online explains the process used by most local government authorities to allow investors to buy tax liens online. How to buy tax lien certificates online is a relatively simple process; though the rules are set by each state that sells tax liens at auction, and those rules are administered by the local government (county, parish, township, city, town). Most tax liens are bought at government administered public auctions, where investors bid on and buy tax liens online. In some cases tax liens are sold by the local government without an auction process, this

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Real Estate vs. Tax Sale (Tax Defaulted Property) Investing

Real Estate vs. Tax Sale, which way of investing is better? The real estate market is getting off to a slow start in many parts of the country this year, but does that mean it won’t recover? No. Interestingly, a slow housing market tends to create for itself a vicious circle. Just as the tendency among non-savvy stock investors is to buy when everybody else is buying (usually when stocks are high) and hold back when buying is low, the same thing occurs within the real estate market. Real Estate vs. Tax Sale Investing: Which Will Remain Standing if the

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How Do You Buy a Home?

Real estate investing expert Ted Thomas answers the question: How do you buy a home? For first time buyers, the question “how do you buy a home?” appears to be either a simple matter of getting a loan and moving in or a minefield fraught with dangers. The truth is between these two extremes. Certainly, the process of buying a home can create some headaches. But it should not be root canal-painful. Neither is it going to be going to the park to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. The first step is deciding how much you can afford, of course. How

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How to Master County Rules for Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Defaulted Property Investing

Knowing the county rules very well where you want do your tax lien certificate and tax defaulted property investing is not only the first step, but also the most important step of doing your own research for a successful purchase or bidding at the auction. Fortunately these days, most counties have their rules written in a very plain and easy to read format on their website, and most legal terms are explained very clearly too. If you still have any questions after going through the rules, just pick up the phone and call the help line provided on the site. You

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Ted Thomas presents What is distressed property

What Is Distressed Property?

How can you profit from distressed property? Learn the safest way for newcomers to invest in tax lien certificates and tax deeds when investing in distressed property. Transcription – What is Distressed Property? What is a distressed property? It’s a property with overdue taxes or other debts. For most investors the safest and predictable way to invest in distressed properties is either by purchasing a tax lien certificate sold at about half the states or by purchasing a tax deed sold in the other states. Newcomers find it hard to believe that there are so many opportunities to profit when

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quitclaim deed sample

Types of Property Deeds – Quit Claim Deed, Trust Deed, Security Deed, Tax Deed, and Warranty Deed

What are a the types of property deeds? Some of the types of property deeds are: Warranty Deed Security Deed Trust Deed or Deed of Trust Quit claim deed  Tax Deed WARRANTY DEED The warranty deed is when the seller says he has clear title to the property and can sell it to the buyer. This has guarantees that the deed has no defects in the title. A defect is when ownership of the property is either not clear or someone has a lien on it. A mortgage is a lien. Deeds that are not clear could be property held

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How to Get a Mortgage with No Money Down – 4 Easy Ways

Real estate expert explains how to get a mortgage with no money down The ongoing recovery from the housing bust has made it harder to get money to buy a home. A lot of people are wondering how to get a mortgage with no money down. A good credit score is paramount. If you have score under 600, then you’ll be able to get a mortgage, but you’re going to come up with a good down payment. Here’s four options on how to get a mortgage with no money down. THE VA If you are a veteran, then you have

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8 Reasons Why Tax Deed Investing Is Better than Other Investments

Tax deed investing is better than other investments. Why is this such a lucrative investment field? Can anyone do it? Let’s take a look at eight reasons why tax deed investing is better and delivers higher returns than other kinds of investing strategies. HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT Tax deed investing is better because it can generate returns from 10 to 90 percent. It delivers those returns in less time than a typical investment takes. Let’s compare that to other investments. Morningstar keeps a running tally of what the stock market is doing. This article was written in mid-August 2015. Morningstar

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Real estate investment opportunities happen all the time. You don’t need a lot of money to get started in real estate investing. You can start with less money than you might think. “A delinquent property tax sale in Newton County, GA, saw a couple pick up 22 parcels of property for about $49,000. When they took possession of the property, they actually had $739,500 in property,” says a news story at PRCarbon. “Their buys included $10 for 3.74 acres and a house on a major highway with nearly an acre of land for $9,200. They also bought the taxes on

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Canadians Can Invest in US Property Taxes

Can Canadians invest in US tax defaulted property and make big profits? Yes. But Canadian citizens have a few extra rules they have to follow. Your success depends on your knowing the rules and doing your homework. So the short answer is Yes! Canadians Can Invest in US Property Taxes. First, you need to know about the US systems for selling tax defaulted property and these auctions. Every US state has different laws for their auctions. Every county has different rules based on the state law. In the US, a county is a political subdivision within the state. Louisiana has

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What Are Tax Lien Certificate Auctions?

If you want to make big profits working part time, then you need to know about tax lien certificate auctions. Imagine making 10, 15, 18, 20 and even a 50 percent return on your investment in just two years or less. It can be done. People do it every day. You can do it too. You just have to know the rules and do your homework. WHAT ARE TAX LIEN CERTIFICATE AUCTIONS? Tax lien certificate auctions are public auctions conducted by a county tax collector. This is one type of “tax defaulted property auction.” When a property owner does not

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Investors Who Buy Homes

Do You Want to Find Investors Who Buy Homes? When planning to sell your home, finding investors who buy homes can help speed up the process. The key to a selling your home is finding someone who can buy it. You can try to find someone in your area or you can look for investors who buy homes. The biggest drawback is the amount of time it takes to get the house sold. If you are selling your home, you want to get out of it and out from under the mortgage. You want to move on with your life.

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How to Buy a House by Paying Back Taxes

A lot of people want know how to buy a house by paying back taxes. They often wonder if this is even legal. The short answer is, it is both legal and done in every state. The next question people ask is, “How can I do this?” Before getting into the tips on buying a house for past due taxes, I need to explain what is happening. Local governments across the nation rely on property taxes to support their budgets. When taxes are not paid, the government takes action against the property. This can be a tax lien or a

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Buy a House No Money Down

You can buy a house no money down several different ways People all across North America have learned how to buy a house no money down and you can too. There are several ways this can happen. Here’s my top picks: BUY DIRECT Buy right from the owner. When you do this, you and the owner can negotiate now much the monthly payments will be, who handles the taxes and how much insurance you should have. The down payment is part of the negotiation process too. Why would an owner do this? Some property owners are willing to work with

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Finding No Money Down Mortgage Loans

How to get no money down mortgage loans There are several ways to buy homes with no money down mortgage loans. Two of these are government-sponsored and they both have a set of requirements that not everyone will meet. A third option is one that takes some shopping around to find. A fourth way to get a home with no money down requires two lenders. Let’s look at the government programs first. VA LOAN The Veteran’s Administration offers 100 percent financing to members of the US military, active or honorably discharged and retired, and surviving spouses. Anyone who has spent

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Buy First Home

Tips for first time home buyers to help buy first home Buying your first home is both exciting and scary. Before realizing “The American Dream,” you’re going to need to do several things to get in position to buy first home. First, decide if you should buy. “Make sure buying is for you. Are rents cheap and homes costly in your city? Are you planning to move in the next year or two? Is your job looking iffy? If any of these apply, buying might not be a good move,” writes Morgan Brennan in Forbes Magazine. If rent is cheap,

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Need a Home? Consider a Home for Sale in a Tax Deed Auction

Need A Home? Tax deed and tax liens are a great way to find a home for sale and then get that home on the cheap. It is possible to buy a home for pennies on the dollar in the United States today. This kind of home for sale is not found through a real estate agency or Craigslist, but at the courthouse or city hall. When people do not pay their property taxes, the local governments have to get their money somehow. That’s done through a tax lien or a tax deed sale. The local government records a tax

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Back Tax Relief

Back Tax Relief for Homeowners If you own property and are looking for back tax relief, the short answer is, there’s not a whole lot of help out there for you. The long answer is, there’s some help, but it may not be comfortable. BANKRUPTCY Bankruptcy is part of the US Constitution and codified in federal law. In some cases, it can wipe out past due property taxes. Sometimes it can’t. The legal advice website Nolo reports Chapter 7 can provide some limited back tax relief. “You can discharge your personal liability for property taxes that were payable (without penalty)

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I Want to Buy a Home

Realizing the American Dream by saying I want to buy a home and doing it If you’ve never owned a home, chances are very good that you’ve said to yourself, “I want to buy a home.” If that’s you, here are the things you need to know about getting into your first home. Think hard about what you want. Melanie Pinola has five tips every first time home buyer really needs to consider. Her fifth tip is the most important. She says, “Don’t be afraid to walk away.” In other words, there are more houses out there. If something doesn’t

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How to Buy House With No Money Down – There Are Plenty of Ways to Get Help

Learn how to buy house with no money down by using government, commercial or private lenders A lot of people wonder how to buy house with no money down or if this is even possible. Yes, it is possible. Yes, you can do it. Yes, it happens across the nation every day. Here are several ways you can do it. VA LOAN The Veterans Administration offers loans to the military, honorably discharged veterans and surviving spouses of veterans. You will need suitable credit to get a mortgage to buy house with no money down. The VA actually guarantees the loan

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Investing in the Age of the Coronavirus

We are living in unprecedented times. Many of our leaders and those in the media are trying to project the idea that this is a ‘two-week’ home holiday.

Smart investors realize this is not the case. The economic and social fallout due to COVID-19 will be monumental and unpredictable. 2008 was nothing like what we are facing. There is nothing in human history that is remotely relatable to the consequences that the coronavirus will bring. Today we are witnessing a profound change in our economy and our society. To say this is the biggest social experiment in history is an understatement.

We can do one of two things: Act or React

Sadly, there will be disastrous consequences in the coming months that the media and our leaders are not presenting for fear of panic or just plain ignorance. However, savvy investors know the old saying, ‘The time to invest is when there is panic in the streets.’

Still, there is a real human element at stake here. When Ted Thomas created this investment strategy 25-years ago, it was to help seniors invest wisely; it was not to take advantage of other people’s misfortune.

We recognize there is a moral dilemma to Tax-Defaulted Property Investing, especially today.

Our position however, is clear, and upright.

We are not looking to take advantage of anyone’s inability to pay their taxes during these troubled times. However, the whole point to this 200-year-old program, created shortly after the Founding Fathers of our country established our nation, was to shore up local governments with economic protection when local homeowners were unable to pay their tax debt.

Just like the immune system in our bodies, Tax-Defaulted Property Investors are needed, now, more than ever.

The Founding Fathers believed in strong local government, and then the State government, and finally the Federal, in that order. Local governments are really the backbone of our society and are vital in times of crisis. Depending on the Federal Government has caused countless misfortunes.

Still, there will be major opportunities for investors to help these local governments, now more than ever, for two reasons:

  1. Naturally, there will be many households and investors who will walk away from their homes or commercial properties for obvious reasons. This will lead to more and more Tax-Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds being issued. Those with the funds to step in and rescue these municipalities will be seen as heroes, not profiters.
  2. The second reason that we will see many more opportunities is due to the measures that the Fed will take. By repeatedly trying to jump-start this moribund economy, they have reduced interest rates to near zero. Investors will be, quite naturally, wary of the stock market. Tax-Lien Certificates are mandated by law to offer from 12% all the way up to 36% interest in some States. But who will have the cash to inject into these local economies? Savvy investors like you.

In the spirit of our Founding Fathers, and in the moral spirit of true Americans, we are proud to reap a reward for doing our economic duty and keep our most vulnerable local governments solid.

“This program is 200-years old. It survived the War of 1812, it survived the Civil War, it survived the First World War, it survived the Great Depression, it survived the Second World War, it survived the Korean War, it survived the Vietnam War, it survived the Cold War, it survived all the Gulf wars, and survived the Spanish Flu, the Swine Flu, SARS, and it will survive this pandemic too.”
Ted Thomas

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