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Ted Thomas Customer Support Team

The Ted Thomas customer support has a simple pledge – If you need assistance, they will put down everything and give you their full attention. You have our full backing and support on your way to becoming a successful Tax Lien Certificate and Tax defaulted property investor.

Meet the Ted Thomas Customer Support Team

Linda Barnhouse

Linda Barnhouse

Linda graduated with an Associate’s degree and is currently working on her Bachelor’s in Business to create a path for success in the business world.   As Linda likes to say “You’ll never see me without a cold brew from Starbucks in my hand, I am a dog mom to the sweetest blue Pit Bull named Tila, and my free time I like to explore new trails and take her on walks!”

Kim Simon

Kim Simon

Believe it or not 12 years ago… Kim started out as a temp at Ted Thomas’ office Today, Kim travels with Ted to all speaking engagements and manages the office in Florida.  Kim is now responsible for “A little of this… and a lot of that” including event coordination, accounting, travel coordination, and Ted’s assistant when traveling and at events.

Lance Nelson

Lance Nelson

Lance has been a part of the Ted Thomas team since 2014 and has been assisting Ted with his internet marketing and development.  Lance is following in the footsteps of his mentor, Ted Thomas and learning new things from Ted everyday about how to be dedicated and study from those around you to gain the success in life that everyone desires.  Lance has helped Ted with many deals over the years.



Our Customer Support Team is waiting
to take your call. Our office hours is:
Monday – Friday, 8AM to 4PM (US Eastern Time)


We respond to emails during regular
business hours and will answer
you as quickly as possible.

5 training per week

Customer service is so important that we offer live training sessions 5 days a week for members, please make sure you take full advantage of this service to learn about all the features and tools in Ted Thomas’ Resource Center and the continuously being updated course materials.

Where Are We Located

Jones & Trevor Marketing, Inc.

260 N Tropical Trail
Suite 204
Merritt Island, FL 32953
Phone: (321) 449-9940

Investing in the Age of the Coronavirus

We are living in unprecedented times. Many of our leaders and those in the media are trying to project the idea that this is a ‘two-week’ home holiday.

Smart investors realize this is not the case. The economic and social fallout due to COVID-19 will be monumental and unpredictable. 2008 was nothing like what we are facing. There is nothing in human history that is remotely relatable to the consequences that the coronavirus will bring. Today we are witnessing a profound change in our economy and our society. To say this is the biggest social experiment in history is an understatement.

We can do one of two things: Act or React

Sadly, there will be disastrous consequences in the coming months that the media and our leaders are not presenting for fear of panic or just plain ignorance. However, savvy investors know the old saying, ‘The time to invest is when there is panic in the streets.’

Still, there is a real human element at stake here. When Ted Thomas created this investment strategy 25-years ago, it was to help seniors invest wisely; it was not to take advantage of other people’s misfortune.

We recognize there is a moral dilemma to Tax-Defaulted Property Investing, especially today.

Our position however, is clear, and upright.

We are not looking to take advantage of anyone’s inability to pay their taxes during these troubled times. However, the whole point to this 200-year-old program, created shortly after the Founding Fathers of our country established our nation, was to shore up local governments with economic protection when local homeowners were unable to pay their tax debt.

Just like the immune system in our bodies, Tax-Defaulted Property Investors are needed, now, more than ever.

The Founding Fathers believed in strong local government, and then the State government, and finally the Federal, in that order. Local governments are really the backbone of our society and are vital in times of crisis. Depending on the Federal Government has caused countless misfortunes.

Still, there will be major opportunities for investors to help these local governments, now more than ever, for two reasons:

  1. Naturally, there will be many households and investors who will walk away from their homes or commercial properties for obvious reasons. This will lead to more and more Tax-Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds being issued. Those with the funds to step in and rescue these municipalities will be seen as heroes, not profiters.
  2. The second reason that we will see many more opportunities is due to the measures that the Fed will take. By repeatedly trying to jump-start this moribund economy, they have reduced interest rates to near zero. Investors will be, quite naturally, wary of the stock market. Tax-Lien Certificates are mandated by law to offer from 12% all the way up to 36% interest in some States. But who will have the cash to inject into these local economies? Savvy investors like you.

In the spirit of our Founding Fathers, and in the moral spirit of true Americans, we are proud to reap a reward for doing our economic duty and keep our most vulnerable local governments solid.

“This program is 200-years old. It survived the War of 1812, it survived the Civil War, it survived the First World War, it survived the Great Depression, it survived the Second World War, it survived the Korean War, it survived the Vietnam War, it survived the Cold War, it survived all the Gulf wars, and survived the Spanish Flu, the Swine Flu, SARS, and it will survive this pandemic too.”
Ted Thomas

Please acknowledge you have read this important message.

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