How to Buy Tax Deeds Online and How to Sell Investment Property Quickly

Learn How to Buy Tax Deeds Online to get deep discount property with no mortgage. Ted Thomas will explain why you make your money when you buy and reveal a win-win-win, quick-profit exit strategy that’s making a lot of people wealthy.

Over past few decades, tax lien property and tax deeds and tax liens have become the safest high-interest investment across America. Today I’m going to share with you how to buy tax deeds online.

You just need to open up your mind, and let’s let this new information fall in.

I’ve been doing this for a number of years, over 30 years since I started doing tax liens and deeds.

I got in this business after already being in real estate, but I found this one that doesn’t have the highs and lows. It stayed level, and there are no recessions in this business.

I’m also going to show you how I recently bought multiple properties online using a credit card. How about that? Using a credit card to buy tax deeds online.

I’m going to tell you about two mistakes that you want to avoid at the auction. I watch newcomers and experienced investors make these mistakes at auctions all the time. So I’m going to show you how to avoid them.


How do you buy tax deeds online? The answer is pretty simple. However, you might want to take a little training. Let me tell you why.

Every one of you looked at the swimming pool and said, “Oh, I can’t swim.” Well, sooner or later you got your foot in the water, and you learned how to swim.

It was pretty easy to look at and think you were going to do it, but when you tried swimming, it wasn’t so easy. You got a lot of water up your nose. Your ears were full. You get the point.

How about driving a car? You can read about driving a car, but until you turn that wheel a few times, well, you know what I’m talking about.

So I’m going to make it easy for you by offering you my Safe Haven Investor System home-study course for FREE. Normally, it sells for $197, but for you it’s a gift, and it will give you a big head start.

To learn more about how to buy tax deeds online, or offline, and how to purchase tax lien certificates, which can pay interest rates as high as 36%, be sure to get the Safe Haven course.

You have everything to gain, and it costs you nothing.


What’s the first thing you do at an auction? Well, you’re going to have to register. You can do that online.

Now, these properties are going to be sold to the highest bidder. So they’re going to take a little information from you.

You’re also going to have to make a deposit, but they’re going to do all that online via your bank.

In other words, they’re actually going to take some money out of your account, or you’re going to send it to them from your account. The auctioneer is going to hold that money.


I like to teach people one way to buy real estate that’s different than everyone else. I say to my buyers, “I want you to buy low at the auction.”

You see, I’m a firm believer, and you will be too, if you stay around real estate, you make your money when you buy. Let me say that again, you make your money when you buy.

So let’s see if we can buy tax deeds online at rock bottom prices.


Tax defaulted properties are sold at auctions with a starting bid very close to the back taxes with no mortgage. That means you probably got a 60%, 70%, 80% discount. That’s buying it low. I like to hear people do that.

Now, I want you to just mark it up enough to make a nice profit, $25,000 or so, and then resell it.

A lot of people say, “Ted, I don’t want to leave all that money on the table.”

Well, I’m telling you, leave the money on the table. Let someone else make some money. Let’s make it all happen and get the cash flowing. 90% of my clients tell me, “I need more cash flow.” You probably need more cash flow too.

Let’s talk about properties and how you do want to buy them. So let’s say it’s a $100,000 property, and you buy it for $30,000. Well, somebody else is saying, “Wow, I bought it for $30,000, and it’s worth $100,000. I’ve got a lot of margin.”

Why don’t you just sell it to a fixer upper guy or gal and make yourself $30,000 and move on? Now, think about what a win-win situation that is.

Someone that you sold it to has got a property to work on. They’re going to make some money. Of course, you just made some money, and guess what? The county got paid. That’s a win-win situation for everybody.

So I’m saying buy it low, sell it low, and move on to the next one. I can show you dozens of students that have done that over the years and made some pretty big checks.


Once you learn how to buy tax deeds online, you can work only 5 to 10 focused hours a week if you want. I have clients that only worked 5 to 10 focused hours a month.

For example, I’ve got one woman that’s been with me now a few years, and she actually lives in Costa Rica. Because she’s an online person, she’s really savvy with the online process.

She does her research online, and she buys tax deeds online in places like Los Angeles, California. She gets properties for less than 10 cents on the dollar because she’s watching what she’s doing, and she knows how to sell.

She doesn’t hold out to get a lot of money. She’ll sell it quickly, make herself $20,000 or $25,000, and move on.

If you could do that from your kitchen table or on little desk in an office, I know you want to do that. It’s not unusual for that to happen.


I have clients that live in other States that wanted to buy tax deeds online say in Washington State. I’ve got one man who started out small, but it didn’t take him long to really catch on.

He purchased a property in Washington state, and he spent about $130,000. Then he sold it and made $125,000. He almost doubled his money on that one property. Now think about that, and he did the whole thing online.

He sold the property in four days. You’re not going to sell a property in four days unless you price it right. Did he leave money on the table? Yes, he left a lot of money on the table, but he didn’t care; he almost doubled his money.

That’s the kind of approach you want to take too. Online buying is a whole new way, and it’s going to be the wave of the future because a lot more people are going to want to go to those auctions.


So what is a tax deed? Let’s make sure you understand. First of all, half of the states are called tax deed states. In that state, if a property owner does not pay their tax, well, I’m going to tell you, the treasurer is going to take action.

First, they levy the tax, then they collect the tax. If you don’t pay the tax, they’re going to confiscate the property.

Now, if they confiscate that property, they don’t want it. They they just want to sell it to get the tax money.

They’re not in the business of trying to make profits in real estate. So they want to sell it, get their tax money, and then you can do whatever you want with the property.


What if you could buy a property with a 60%, 70% or 80% discount? Does that open up a whole bunch of margin for you? Of course it does.

Once you have that property, you can do anything you want with it. Why not just sell it and make some money?

If you can do that online, think about that, how would you sell it? Well, you’ve heard of Craigslist. You’ve heard of eBay. You’ve heard of Marketplace. There are dozens of places where you can sell property. Why not use all of them?

Why not use a broker also? Use everybody you can, so you can get the thing sold. The first thing that you need to do if you want to buy tax deeds online, is you’ve got to step back and look at what you’re trying to do.


The first thing you want to do is get the auction rules. Start going to the auction online and watching. Just watch. What does it cost you to watch?

Keep your hands in your pocket. Don’t do any bidding. Watch and see what happens at these online auctions.

How to buy tax deeds online is the question I’m trying to answer today. First of all, we did a little research, then we made a deposit.

Now, think about making a deposit. Some auctions will require you to make a deposit to show up.

For example, Los Angeles County will say, “You must pay $5,000 before you walk in the door.”

Anybody that walks into that auction has already paid something. So if they raise their hand and bid, and if they don’t follow up, that $5,000 is going to be gone. They’re going to keep it.

la tax defaulted property sale
Ted with book of L.A. County tax defaulted properties

If you don’t bid, and you don’t spend the money, they refund it. So think about that.

We can talk a lot about Los Angeles. The auction is so big. I can show you a book. I’m just going to hold up the book for Los Angeles. Look at the properties they’re going to sell.

All of these properties are sold for the back taxes starting bid. The lowest I’ve ever seen in Los Angeles is 1,500 properties, but it’s not unusual for them to have 2,500.

I’m talking about the county. I’m not talking about the state of California. So this is a big business. There’s always too much.


This is a win-win for everybody. You’re going to win because you’re going to get a bargain property.

The county is going to get paid and finally get their money. So they’re happy.

What about the next guy? Buy it low, sell it low, just move it on to them. If you can make a nice profit on that property, go ahead.

Some people make a $100,000 on one deal. I’m not going to promise you that, but I’ll tell you, we don’t even get involved in properties that don’t make $25,000 or $50,000.

So what’s the strategy here? Let’s learn how to buy tax deeds online. We have full-time classes on that. We have coaches to help you out.


Here’s a question I received, “Will you tell us about how you recently bought multiple properties online using a credit card?”

Not all states or counties sell online, but I’ll give you two states right away so that you know. One is Michigan, and another is New York.

I’m used to paying cash at an auction, but my coaches came in and said, “Wait a minute, Ted, a lot of our students want to learn how to do this online.” So here’s how simple it is.

First of all, I looked up the auctions in New York, and I found counties where I liked the property.

I want to buy a property that’s like a colonial house, 3,000 square feet or something like that. So I want to buy a decent-sized property.

ny tax defaulted property brochure

If I’m looking at brochures, and there are tons of these brochures in places like New York.

They’ll send me a brochure, like this one here in Sullivan County. I bought a property there, and I did it online too. So here’s Sullivan County. They’ve got about 300 properties they have to sell.

I found what I wanted, and then I said to my assistant, “All right, get me the numbers and the phone number.”

I got on the phone, and I got online, and guess what? They said, “Yes, you can buy tax deeds online with a credit card.” So that’s exactly what I did.

I went to the auction, looking at a camera, and they put the property up on the screen. Every property has a number. The auction was going on in the room. So those people were bidding in the room, and I was bidding online.

I won nine different properties that way in a few days in the state of New York. Now, you don’t have to buy nine properties. You want to buy one and then sell it.

When I go to the auction, I’m a serious investor, and you want to be a serious investor. As a matter of fact, that’s who you want to learn from.

You want to learn from serious investors. You don’t want to get some guy that’s bragging about how much money he made, and he’s never done a deal. We’re in the business of doing deals. As a matter of fact, all my coaches are.

So you can buy tax deeds online in those two states and use your credit card.


Check around. If you start checking, there are 5,000 auctions this year in 3,000 different counties. I find one that I like, and I start buying there. If they don’t have any, then I move on to another county.

There’s so much abundance here. We’ll never run out. I got in this business because there’s no depression, and there’s no high. It’s always like this. You can do this business. I’ve been doing it for 25 years without stopping.


Here’s another question I got, “You can’t be serious. You have to pay $5,000 as the deposit before you enter the room in Los Angeles?”

Now, I know that sounds a little crazy, but this is the world of the weird that we work in here. Los Angeles County has a large population. The challenge there is everyone in the state of California is in love with real estate.

If they say they’re going to have an auction, what happens when people hear the word auction? It’s like they had a big bell go off, and they hear bang, bang, bang and they think, “Bargain, bargain, bargain.”

So they all rush down to the auction. Nobody does any homework, and they don’t know what they’re doing. The county finally said, “Look, we can’t even hold the auction downtown.”

They actually moved the auction out to the Pomona Fairgrounds. Now, think about this, Pomona is like 60 miles from downtown.

You’ve got to go out to the fairgrounds in a big arena where they usually have horses and cattle. It’s where they have the county fair.

So they’ve got this huge arena, and they’ll have 1,000 people at this auction. Everyone of them paid $5,000. Why? Because the county said, “You can’t come to the auction unless you pay it.”

It’s just their way to eliminate people. They’re not going to have all the lookie loos standing there. That’s not what they want. This is serious business. We’re talking about millions and millions of dollars in property here.

They only want people in the room that have money. So they say, “You want want to come to our auction, you’re welcome to come. Send your 5,000 bucks.” They cash the check. I’m telling you right now, they cash the check.

When you leave, they know who bought. Everybody that bought, their $5,000 went towards a purchase. Everybody that didn’t buy, they’re refunded, but they eliminate a lot of people that way.

At the auction, I was sitting in a room with well over 1,000 people behind me, and I could barely see the front. People want to go to these auctions, but they don’t want to do their homework.

I’ll tell you who the winner is at every auction. I’ll tell you right now. I’ve been doing it for 25 years. The people that do the research. They do the research. We tell them what to do, and they do the research.


I promised you I’d tell you about two mistakes that happen all the time at auctions. I see this happening with newcomers, and I also see it happening with experienced investors.

Let me tell you what I see going on, and I hope you’ll be able to avoid these mistakes.


Number one is people show up at the auction, they’re excited, and they want to make money. So they start bidding. Well, if you haven’t looked at the property, you should not start bidding.

How do you know what’s actually there? Is that property next to a chicken farm that might have a lot of odors? Or has that property burned down? Could there have been a hurricane this past week?

Who knows if you’re just buying a number on a sheet of paper? You need to look at the property. So boots on the ground, eyes on the property. That’s very important.

You don’t necessarily have to be there yourself, but if you aren’t, you’d better have somebody check that property before you buy. That’s mistake number one.


Mistake number two is similar, and I see this happening on a regular basis. People are showing up at the auction. They’re all excited, but someone beats them out of a property because they either bid higher or whatever.

Well, that’s nothing to worry about. There’s always plenty of auction properties. However, you don’t want to just start bidding without having an exit strategy.

Now what’s an exit strategy? You have to know what you’re going to sell it for if you’re going to start bidding.

You don’t want to start bidding just to become the winning bidder. That isn’t important. The winning bidder can bid too much money, and that’s what they do. Then you can’t sell it because you’re into the property at too high a price.

So there’s exit strategy.

Two things you need to really be thinking about.

  1. Look at the property.
  2. Have an exit strategy.


If you want to buy tax deeds online, you’ll need to register for the auction, and you may need to pay a deposit. Keep in mind that auctions can get crazy, and you don’t want to let your enthusiasm get the best of you.

Don’t buy any property you haven’t seen, and always have an exit strategy.

When you buy tax deeds online, you can pick up mortgage-free properties for pennies on the dollar, which leaves you with a large profit margin.

An effective strategy to sell these properties quickly is to buy low, sell low, then move on to the next one.

This is a business of abundance, and there are plenty of tax defaulted properties out there. You can keep doing this over and over.

It’s never been easier now that you can buy tax deeds online, instead of being required to attend auctions in person. Some counties will even allow you to buy tax deeds online with a credit card.

It is important that you know the rules and do your homework. This is not something you want to jump into if you don’t know what you’re doing, and there’s no one better than Ted Thomas to teach you.

Ted has been in the Tax Defaulted Property Investment education business for over 30 years. He has developed a top-notch training system that includes video tutorials, manuals, and a live 3-day intensive training workshop.

Plus Ted has included live daily training webinars with experienced facilitators and a weekly live Group Coaching Q&A Zoom Webinar with a certified Ted Thomas coach.

This amazing support system is what sets Ted miles apart from anyone else – Ted Thomas has the complete training, guidance and support package.

If you want to know more about how to buy tax deeds online, Ted has a nice gift for you. It’s called the “Safe Haven Investor System” (valued at $197). It’s 2 streaming videos and a 100-page illustrated manual that teaches you about tax liens & tax deeds.

You’ll love it. This is your chance because the course is absolutely FREE, Ted’s gift to you, so act now and get your FREE Safe Haven course today.

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