Can You Do Real Estate Part Time as a Side Hustle?

Can you do real estate part-time? Perhaps you want to go into real estate while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Is it possible to do this as a side hustle? I’ll show you.

Today I’ll be answering your question, “Can you do real estate part time?” and it’s an easy question for me to answer. The answer is, yes, absolutely you can do real estate working part time.

To start with, think about what area you want to work in. Do you want it to be traditional home sales? Maybe you like commercial, or possibly you want to be an investor. What about rental properties? There are thousands and thousands of openings.


What are your skills? Are you attracted to sales? If so, hundreds of brokers and agents need help every weekend, and that’s an easy place to start part time.

Purchasing rental property will give you plenty of part-time work, not just playing handyman, but keeping your property rented and filled with clients to pay you monthly.

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Investors like to work part time. That gives them time to search for properties and time to shop those properties and make comparisons. Brokers, agents and landlords all work part time in real estate.

Are you a handy person who likes taking care of what you own? Part-time real estate will require that you be a handyman part time.

Most investors start real estate as a part-time investor. It’s really a side hustle as they say. It takes a short amount of time to put the deal together, and once the deal is done, managing the property is part-time work.

how to invest in property with unpaid taxes side hustle


30 years ago, I discovered a little known unique real estate business that I could do part time.

The business required that I investigate and research the real estate for defects and check out and evaluate neighborhoods to figure out if I could buy it for one price and then resell the real estate for a profit.

The business was a subset of traditional real estate.

Traditional real estate for our purposes of discussion is large and small single-family homes, possibly some small commercial property, and a very small number of less than 20-acre agricultural property.

The big positive of this unique real estate niche that I really liked was the pricing. The business had been around for over 200 years, and it was lucrative but not very well known.


Can you do real estate part time? The answer is definitely yes.

The business that I discovered 30-years ago is a government-mandated and administered program called tax lien certificates and tax deeds.

These are unwanted properties that the property owners have failed to pay property taxes on.

Unpaid property taxes cause a big problem for the local county. I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment.

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This unwanted real estate is available in over 3,000 counties.

Anyone can purchase these properties for pennies on the dollar.

Many auctions will have 50 to 100 properties available per year, and sometimes, in the large population counties, thousands of properties will be available.

can you do real estate part time buying property


This is a part-time venture because most counties only auction once a year. That’s really part-time work, and that’s exactly what we’re discussing today.

The local county has confiscated a defaulted property, and now the county desires to return the tax delinquent property to the honorable taxpayer tax roll.

If the local county only has one tax sale auction a year, the auction properties will be available for research prior to that auction.

A part-time investor has plenty of time to research, evaluate, plan a bidding strategy and ultimately figure out what to do with a bargain basement property.


The auction is conducted and administered by the county treasurer, and the defaulted real estate is sold to the highest bidder.

The local county does not want the property. So, they sell the property starting with minimum bids that are very close to only the back-delinquent taxes, which could mean a starting price of only 5 or 10 cents on the dollar.

So can you do real estate part time? The answer is absolutely! Knowing about the county public auctions will give you time to evaluate the real estate and estimate a selling price above the low, low purchase price.


Imagine locating a single-family home that’s slightly used and abused with a starting bid price of 10 or 15 cents on the dollar.

The properties are sold with no mortgage. The county treasurer is authorized to cancel, that is delete, mortgages or deed of trust loans when they conduct the property auctions.

no mortgage tax deed


Keep in mind that just because everyone doesn’t know this, your county auction is not an isolated event. Nationwide, over 3,000 counties will auction tax defaulted real estate, both online and offline.

Small population counties may only have a few dozen properties. Large population counties will have thousands of properties at the auction.

I have attended auctions in places like Los Angeles County, and the amount of attendees exceeded the amount of 1,000 bidders. The auction was conducted in an arena, and the auction property list was over 2,000 properties.

Most participants at tax defaulted auctions are part-time investors, and they are attempting to make money as a side hustle. For sure, there is enough tax defaulted real estate for all who are interested.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “Can You Do Real Estate Part Time?”

For the most part, real estate is a part-time job. A lot of brokers, realtors, and landlords work part time. The same goes for real estate investors. Lucrative profits can be made buying and selling real estate on a part-time basis.

An incredibly profitable way to invest in real estate is a little-known niche of the market called tax defaulted property investing.

Why? Because counties auction tax delinquent properties with the starting bid around the amount of the back property taxes owed, making it possible to purchase real estate for 10, 20, or 30 cents on the dollar of the assessed value.

Additionally, the county extinguishes the mortgage or deed of trust loan, so you can get a mortgage-free property at a bargain basement price.

Since you can acquire property so inexpensively at a tax defaulted auction, you can also sell it quickly at a discount and still make a sizeable profit due to the high profit margin… and you can do all of this this part time as your side hustle.

It doesn’t take many of these deals a year to make a 6-figure income, and it can be done working 7 to 10 hours a week.

So can you do real estate part time? Yes, you can, and Ted can show you how.

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