Tax Deed Research Made Easy: 3 Must-Use Free Online Sources

Tax Deed Research doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have the right tools.

Knowing the ins and outs of tax deed research can transform your real estate investment strategy. Today we’re excited to share three invaluable resources that will streamline your tax deed research process

Incorporating Property Appraiser websites, the GIS Mapping System, and Google Maps Street View into your tax deed research workflow will not only save you time but also equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. From obtaining comprehensive property details to better understanding the neighborhood dynamics, these free tools are essential for any savvy investor.

Key Takeaways

  • Leverage the property appraiser’s website for essential ownership and property detail queries.
  • Utilize GIS mapping for in-depth analysis of land features and environmental data.
  • Employ Google Maps Street View for a visual and up-to-date evaluation of the property and its vicinity.

Overview of Free Websites Essential to Tax Deed Researchers

free resources for tax deed research

Benefit of Property Appraiser Sites

  • Assessed Value: You can find the assessed value of any property.
  • Zoning Information: Details about the zoning laws applicable to the property.
  • Land Use: Insight into how the land can be utilized.
  • Owner’s Information: Knowing the owner’s name is key for uncovering liens or encumbrances through county records.

Value of GIS Mapping Systems

  • Flood Plane Identification: Determine if the property is at risk of flooding.
  • Elevation Data: Essential for understanding topography, especially for vacant land.
  • Property Boundaries: Accurately outlines property limits.
  • Property Values: Helps with assessing investment potential.
  • Environmental Data: Soil types and vegetation data can inform your exit strategy.

Remember that each of the 3,000+ counties generally has its own GIS mapping system; locate yours by searching for the county followed by “geographic information system.”

Advantages of Google Maps Street View

  • Neighborhood Insight: View the area surrounding the property to gauge its potential.
  • More Current Images: Annual updates to Street View images offer a more recent snapshot of the property condition.
  • Customization Tools: Create custom maps to efficiently organize and revisit your research.
  • Exit Strategy Planning: Use in-depth visuals to plan ahead before purchasing a property.

Property Appraiser Sites

doing tax deed research online

Utilizing the property appraiser’s website can grant you access to crucial data, including assessed property values, zoning codes, and ownership details. This information can significantly aid in identifying potential liens or encumbrances, which are critical to know before making any investment decisions.

Assessed Value Information

  • Current Assessed Value: Access detailed data on the property’s assessed valuation.
  • Assessment Date: Determine when the most recent assessment took place.

Zoning Information

  • Zoning Classification: Identify the zoning category applicable to the property.
  • Zoning Restrictions: Understand regulations and limitations based on zoning.

Land Use Details

  • Designated Land Use: Review the assigned use of the land as per property appraiser records.
  • Land Use Code: Find the specific land use code that applies to your property.

Ownership Data

  • Owner’s Name: Locate the full legal name of the property owner.
  • Mortgages and Liens: Utilize the owner’s name to dig into county records for encumbrances.
  • Property Encumbrances: Uncover any existing liens or mortgages impacting the property.

GIS Mapping System

Enlisting a GIS (Geographic Information System) can provide detailed insights into the land’s characteristics, such as the likelihood of flooding, elevation, and even soil type. This data is particularly useful when planning your exit strategy or assessing investment risks.

Flood Plain Identification

The GIS mapping system is an invaluable tool for determining if a property is located on a flood plain. Identifying flood plains is crucial to understanding the potential risks and insurance requirements for your property.

Elevation Data

Utilizing elevation data from the GIS is essential, especially when examining properties in areas with varying topography. This can affect not only the view and usability of the land but also its susceptibility to natural events like flooding.

Property Boundary Clarity

For clarity on property boundaries, especially when dealing with vacant land, the GIS mapping system provides precise delineations. This information aids in avoiding disputes and understanding the extent of the property.

Soil and Vegetation Information

The GIS mapping system also offers insights into the soil type and vegetation on a property. These details are important for planning your exit strategy and assessing the land’s suitability for your intended use.

Google Maps Street View

using Google Maps for tax deed research

Let’s not overlook the power of Google Maps Street View for tax deed research. This tool gives a current visual assessment of the property and neighborhood, which can be imperative for gauging the area’s development and potential growth.

Neighborhood Analysis

Utilize Google Maps to assess the surroundings of a property. This tool enables you to observe local amenities, such as shops and restaurants. A visual inspection of the area informs you whether a neighborhood appears to be on an upward trend, which can be critical for investment purposes.

Recent Imagery Importance

Google Maps Street View provides up-to-date imagery, often updated yearly. The more current the imagery is, the better it reveals the condition of a property and its neighborhood. However, the most accurate way to assess a property’s condition is to go visit it or have someone do it for you.

Exit Strategy Planning

Analyzing the neighborhood through Google Maps is an essential part of exit strategy development before purchasing at auction. Assessing the property’s surroundings, including growth trends and local developments, equips you with the foresight necessary for a well-informed investment decision.

A Unique Tool for Tax Deed Research on Google Maps

With Google Maps, you can craft custom maps to streamline your tax deed research. Label your map, for instance, “Broward County 2023″, and each property you research can be added to this map. This function allows you to save your findings and easily return to them, slicing your tax deed research time in half and improving organization. This function enables effective tracking and comparison of properties of interest.

  • Custom Maps Creation: Label and save searches for easy retrieval.
  • Efficiency: Resume research seamlessly on subsequent days.
  • Strategic Planning: Align property insights with your exit strategy.

Google Maps not only provides a visual glimpse but also assists in planning by allowing you to investigate local amenities, businesses, and the overall potential of an area. This strategic insight is crucial, particularly before attending property auctions.


It’s essential to know the rules and do your homework before bidding on tax delinquent property. Utilizing online tools, like The Property Appraiser site, GIS Mapping System, and Google Maps Street View are invaluable for doing tax deed research, and they’re free.

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