Selling Tax Delinquent Property: 2 Game-Changing Strategies

Selling tax delinquent property can be done quickly with these two game-changing strategies. In this article, we’ll cover Ted’s unconventional approach of buying low and selling low, as well as the concept of owner financing. These techniques can significantly enhance your success in the real estate market and help you sell properties faster than you ever thought possible.

In the digital age, potential buyers are turning to various online platforms to search for properties, instead of driving around looking for “For Sale” signs. Therefore, utilizing these platforms can get your property the exposure it needs to attract the right buyers.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore unconventional strategies, such as buying low and selling low, to sell tax delinquent properties quickly.
  • Utilize various media platforms to maximize your property’s visibility and attract a wider range of potential buyers.
  • Owner financing, also known as installment sales or contract sales, can help transform interested parties into property buyers.

Get Great Deals on Real Estate at Tax Delinquent Property Auctions

get great deals on real estate at tax delinquent property auctions

You can get excellent deals on real estate at tax delinquent property auctions, but you need to develop a strong strategy. When participating in tax delinquent property auctions, don’t rush to buy properties if the price isn’t right. Be patient, attend multiple auctions, and wait for the ideal opportunity to buy low.

You might not get a property at the first few auctions, but purchasing the right property at the right price is the key to a successful investment. By honing your approach, strategizing your investments, and using effective marketing tools, you can successfully get good deals on real estate at tax delinquent property auctions.

Selling Tax Delinquent Property Fast

Marketing Properties on Online Media Platforms

To maximize your property’s visibility and attract potential buyers, utilize different online media platforms. Consider listing your property on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Zillow, and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The more avenues you use, the greater the chances of finding interested buyers.

Exploit free and paid online platforms to reach a wide range of potential buyers. Signs on the property and in the neighborhood can also boost visibility. Remember, traditional methods like newspaper advertisements may not be as effective as they once were, so it’s crucial to stay current with modern marketing trends.

The Buy Low, Sell Low Approach to Selling Real Estate

sell tax delinquent property fast with this unconventional strategy

Instead of buying low and selling high, consider adopting Ted’s Buy Low, Sell Low strategy, which allows you to purchase properties at a low price and quickly sell them for a slightly higher price, ensuring a profit for both you and the buyer.

Let’s say you purchased a tax delinquent property worth $200,000 at auction for a price of $60,000 (30% of its actual value). Factor in the fact that you may need to renovate or clean up the property, and set the selling price accordingly. By offering the property to potential buyers at a price significantly lower than its market value (like $90,000), you create an incentive for buyers.

When it comes to selling the property, be transparent about its tax-assessed value and your willingness to sell at a lower price. This can attract buyers who might not have been previously interested.

Choose your target market wisely. When using the Buy Low Sell Low strategy, consider selling to those who want to fix up properties themselves, such as renovators, flippers, and other investors. By catering to this specific market, you will increase the likelihood of selling the property quickly because you’re offering them a deal that allows them to make a profit.

Offering Seller Financing Options to Buyers with Bad Credit

If a potential buyer is interested in your property but has a low credit score or difficulties obtaining a loan, consider using owner financing as a solution. By offering installment sales or contract sales, you can reach more potential buyers, ensuring that your property sells quickly. Make sure to advertise that you offer this unique financing option when listing your property on various online platforms to attract a wider range of potential buyers.

Selling tax delinquent property via owner financing


In order to succeed in selling tax delinquent properties, two effective strategies are: buying low and selling low, and offering owner-financing options. By purchasing properties for pennies on the dollar at auctions, you can sell them quickly by offering them at a discount, ensuring profits for both you and the buyer.

Remember to be patient when attending auctions, and focus on purchasing properties at the lowest possible price. This allows you to have a higher profit margin when selling, making the transaction more appealing to potential buyers.

To increase the visibility of your properties and attract potential buyers, you should utilize various media channels. These can range from traditional methods, such as yard signs and newspapers, to more modern avenues like Zillow, Facebook Marketplace, and the MLS. Employing a diverse marketing approach will help you reach a wider audience, ultimately leading to a faster sale.

Lastly, consider offering owner-financing or installment sales options to clients who may not have the best credit history or access to traditional bank loans. This approach can help you close deals faster and turn interested parties into actual buyers.

By incorporating these strategies and marketing techniques, you can navigate the real estate market efficiently and make the most of your tax delinquent property investments.

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