Tax Deed Sales in Georgia: From Auction to Ownership Guide

Tax Deed Sales in Georgia are a unique hybrid that offer you the best of both worlds, tax lien rates with tax deed property ownership potential.

Tax Deed Sales in Georgia can be rewarding if you understand the process. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of tax deed sales in Georgia and guide you through the steps from auction to ownership.

Before delving into the intricacies of Georgia tax deed sales, we’ll provide an overview of Georgia’s real estate market to highlight key trends and opportunities for potential buyers. Next, we’ll explore redeemable tax deeds – a unique feature of Georgia’s property tax system that allows you to purchase properties with unpaid taxes at a huge discount.

Finally, we’ll walk you through the process of buying redeemable tax deeds in Georgia: from researching available properties and attending auctions to securing your investment by obtaining fee simple title. By understanding these essential aspects of tax deed sales in Georgia, you’ll be well-equipped to make informed decisions as a savvy real estate investor.

Overview of Georgia Real Estate Market

The Georgia real estate market has been experiencing significant growth in recent years, with property values on the rise and a strong demand for housing. The Atlanta area, in particular, is seeing an influx of new residents and businesses attracted by its thriving economy and affordable cost of living.

This trend is anticipated to remain consistent as more people relocate to the state in search of job opportunities and a better lifestyle.

  • Property taxes: Property owners in Georgia must pay yearly property taxes depending on the appraised worth of their land, which can differ based upon local government rates.
  • Tax deeds: If unpaid property taxes accumulate over time, county governments may initiate tax deed sales where investors can purchase tax delinquent properties at auction.

A unique feature within Georgia’s real estate landscape involves redeemable tax deeds – an opportunity that benefits not only savvy investors but also struggling homeowners looking to avoid losing their homes due to unpaid taxes. Understanding redeemable tax deeds in Georgia is an important part of making informed decisions when investing in this state’s real estate market.


Important Takeaway: Georgia’s real estate market is experiencing growth, particularly in the Atlanta area. Property owners are required to pay annual taxes based on their assessed value, and if unpaid, county governments may initiate redeemable tax deed sales where investors can purchase tax delinquent properties at auction.

Understanding Redeemable Tax Deeds in Georgia

redeemable deeds sold at tax deed sales in Georgia

In Georgia, when property owners fail to pay their property taxes, the local taxing authority can initiate a non-judicial tax sale process known as redeemable tax deeds. Unlike traditional tax liens, which only give investors the right to collect unpaid taxes and interest on them, redeemable tax deeds grant investors ownership of the real estate until the delinquent owner redeems it within the redemption period by paying back taxes owed.

Redemption Period in Georgia

The twelve-month window for regaining possession of a property in Georgia commences from the date of auction. During this time, original owners have an opportunity to reclaim their properties by repaying all outstanding debts along with penalties and interest accrued during that period. If they do not exercise this option within one year after the auction date, then fee simple title transfers permanently to the purchaser.

Payouts for Redeemed Tax Deeds

  • If redeemed within one year, you, as the investor, receive a 20% premium on top of what you paid at auction.
  • If redeemed within two years, you receive 30%.
  • Within three years, you get 40%, and so on.

Note that you’re being paid a penalty, not interest, so you’d receive that 20% whether you were paid on day 3 or day 300.

What Happens If the Deed Is Not Redeemed?

If a property owner fails to redeem their tax deed within the 12-month redemption period, you can foreclose and become the new legal owner of the real estate. You may decide to wait to receive a higher percentage payout, however, after 4 years, if the property has still not been redeemed, you’ll automatically take title.

With potentially high returns on redeemed properties and full ownership rights if not redeemed, tax deed sales in Georgia offer significant opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs seeking alternative ways to grow their portfolios.

The process requires knowledge of state laws and regulations. With this information, you can move forward to the next step: buying redeemable deeds at tax deed sales in Georgia.


Important Takeaway: Georgia sells redeemable tax deeds, which grant investors temporary ownership of real estate until the delinquent owner pays back taxes owed. The redemption period is 12 months from the date of sale, and if not redeemed, the investor can foreclose and becomes the new legal owner of that property.

Buying Redeemable Tax Deeds in Georgia

redeemable tax deed sales in Georgia occur at the county level

If you’re interested in investing in redeemable deeds at tax deed sales in Georgia, it’s essential to know how to find and purchase these properties. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of locating a list of tax delinquent properties for sale in Georgia and understanding the benefits of buying redeemable tax deeds.

Finding a List of Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale in Georgia

Once you’ve identified potential counties where you’d like to invest, contact the local taxing authority or visit their official websites to obtain a list of properties with unpaid property taxes that are up for auction. These lists typically include important details such as owner names, parcel numbers, legal descriptions, and minimum bid amounts required at auction.

Understanding Georgia Tax Sales and Benefits of Buying Redeemable Tax Deeds

When taxes go unpaid, the local government can put a property up for sale to recoup what is owed. At tax deed sales in Georgia, the highest bidder at these auctions receives a redeemable tax deed.

There are several benefits associated with buying redeemable tax deeds in Georgia:

  1. Potential for high returns: If an owner redeems their property within one year, you’ll receive your initial investment plus 20% interest; this increases each subsequent year up to four years if not redeemed earlier.
  2. Possibility of acquiring real estate below market value: If the property is not redeemed during the redemption period (typically one year), you could acquire ownership for significantly less than the property’s market value.

Taking advantage of these benefits requires thorough research and due diligence when selecting potential investment properties. By understanding how Georgia’s unique system works and staying informed about available opportunities, you can find success in this lucrative niche market.


Important Takeaway: You can obtain a list of tax delinquent properties for sale at the county’s website. The benefits of investing in redeemable tax deeds are potential high returns and the possibility of acquiring real estate below market value.

FAQs in Relation to Tax Deed Sales in Georgia: From Auction to Ownership

buy real estate for pennies on the dollar at tax deed sales in Georgia

How Does a Tax Deed Sale Work in Georgia?

Tax deed sales in Georgia occur when property owners fail to pay their property taxes. The county auctions off the properties to recover the unpaid taxes. Winning bidders receive a redeemable tax deed, which gives them temporary ownership and allows the original owner a redemption period to repay the debt plus interest and penalties. If not redeemed, full ownership transfers to the investor.

Does Paying Property Tax Give Ownership in Georgia?

Paying property taxes alone does not grant you ownership of a property in Georgia. However, if you purchase redeemable deeds at tax deed sales in Georgia due to unpaid taxes by the original owner and they do not redeem it within one year, then you can gain full legal title and permanent ownership of that property.

Is Georgia a Tax Deed State?

Yes, Georgia is considered a tax deed state, however, it sells redeemable tax deeds at its delinquent-property-tax auctions. This unique system combines aspects from both tax liens and tax deeds while offering additional opportunities for investors.

What Is the Right of Redemption on a Tax Deed in Georgia?

The right of redemption on a tax deed in Georgia refers to the opportunity given to defaulting homeowners after their properties are sold at auction due to delinquent taxes. They have a year to repay the tax debt, along with interest and penalties, to regain ownership of their property. If they fail to do so within this period, the investor can gain full legal title.


Tax deed sales in Georgia can be a great opportunity if you’re looking to purchase properties for pennies on the dollar. Understanding the ins and outs of Georgia’s redeemable tax deeds is crucial before diving into the buying process.

By following the steps outlined in this post, including researching the Georgia real estate market, understanding what redeemable tax deeds are and how they work, and knowing how to buy them at tax deed sales in Georgia, you can profit from tax deed investing.

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