2 Best Tax Deed States – Tips for Beginners

A lot of states could be called the best tax deed states depending on your investment objectives. If you’re a beginner in tax deed investments, you’d benefit from starting in states that offer a user-friendly experience, helpful resources and ease of payment.

Two such states, known for being manageable for newcomers, are Michigan and New York. Both states have made efforts to provide easily accessible information and unique features that facilitate the process of investing in tax deeds.

Whether you choose to begin your tax deed investment journey in Michigan or New York, you’re sure to benefit from their well-organized systems and beginner-friendly environments that make them, in our opinion, the 2 best tax deed states for beginners.

Key Takeaways

  • Michigan and New York are beginner-friendly states for tax deed investments.
  • Michigan features a tax sale website that provides tax auction information in one place.
  • New York utilizes auction companies that provide brochures with property details.
  • Each state provides easy access to valuable information for new investors.
  • Each state accepts credit card payments for tax delinquent real estate purchases.

The Best Tax Deed States for Beginners

Michigan is among the best tax deed states for beginners

Tax deed investing can be highly lucrative if you know the rules and do your homework. At tax sales, real estate can be purchased mortgage-free for pennies on the dollar, providing you with a high profit margin upon purchasing the property, which is what makes tax deeds have so much profit potential.

About half of the states in the USA are tax deed states, and beginners often ask, what are the best tax deed states for a tax deed investor just starting out?

When starting your tax deed investment journey, it is essential to choose a state that provides an easier system, and two states that offer a user-friendly experience are Michigan and New York.

Tax deed investing can be complex, so always do thorough research, seek advice when necessary, and remember that boots-on-the-ground property inspection is a fundamental part of the process. If you can’t go view the property yourself, then have someone do it for you, but always, always take a look at a property before you bid on it.

Now let’s talk a little more about why Michigan and New York are 2 of the best tax deed states for newbie investors.

Michigan: A Convenient State for Tax Deed Investments

Tax Auctions in Michigan

Michigan has a well-organized system which allows you to participate in tax deed auctions throughout the year. Generally, these auctions take place from July to August, though the dates can change depending on the county’s preferences.

Property Information at Tax Sale Info

Michigan tax sale info website

To access information on upcoming auctions, Michigan has created a user-friendly website called Tax Sale Info. (Take note, though, that while the state has 83 counties, the website currently provides information for 77 of them.)

This site offers a convenient starting point, enabling you to obtain extensive data prior to visiting the properties personally. However, relying solely on property photos available on the website isn’t advisable. It’s essential to inspect the property personally to avoid any potential issues, because as the buyer, the condition of the property would be your responsibility.

Convenient Payment Options for Tax Deed Investors

Michigan is among the few states that accept credit card payments for purchasing tax deed properties, making it more convenient for you. However, it’s important to remember that payment processes and rules may vary by county.

To familiarize yourself with a specific county’s rules, visit the county website and read the auction guidelines. Remember that each auction has its own set of rules, so always stay updated on the regulations of the county you plan to invest in.

New York: A Suitable Starting Point for Beginners

New York’s Online Tax Deed Auction Platform

New York online tax deed auction platform

In New York, the process of tax deed sales involves the local government hiring external auctioneer companies for each county. For example, a predominant auctioneer company in the state is AAR Auctions.

These organizations provide brochures with essential details and property images for potential investors, which can be downloaded online. However, it’s important to remember not to make any decisions based solely on these pictures since they may not be recent.

Understanding the Tax Defaulted Auction Process and Brochures

When participating in a New York tax deed auction, be sure to familiarize yourself with the specific rules and guidelines provided by the county. Each auction brochure includes comprehensive details on the properties as well as numerous auction rules. Be sure to go through them thoroughly to prevent any unwanted surprises during the bidding process.

Like Michigan, New York also accepts credit card payments for tax defaulted property.

Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales in New York

the best tax deed states for beginners include New York

While New York has 62 counties, 60 of them sell tax-defaulted properties; and only Suffolk County and Nassau County on Long Island offer tax lien certificates. Their approach to sales differs from the counties selling tax-defaulted properties. Be aware of the differences.


Becoming a tax lien or tax deed investor can be a highly rewarding venture if you approach it with the right mindset, knowledge, and tools. If you’re a beginner looking for the best states to buy tax deeds, Michigan and New York stand out as user-friendly states offering informative websites and easy payment options. However, in both states, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the auction rules and processes, and always exercise diligence when investing in tax liens or tax deeds.

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