Best Real Estate Deal EVER! – Invested $9,100 for a $100,000+ Return

You can profit on Good Deals on Houses for Sale, just like my student did in this case study. Let’s explore a Hidden Market where you can find the Best Real Estate Deals.

One of the best real estate deals a student of mine did earned him a profit of over $100,000 on a property he purchased for pennies on the dollar, and we’ll take a look at how he did it.

Navigating the world of real estate investments can be a lucrative endeavor, especially if you know where to look. One of the most promising avenues for securing a great deal is through tax-defaulted property auctions. The potential for profit through these auctions is significant—a fact exemplified by the experience of a determined student I mentored named Nolvin.

With an initial investment of just $9,100, Nolvin’s strategic approach and diligent research transformed his investment into a substantial profit, demonstrating the power of knowledge and preparation to produce the best real estate deals.

Nolvin’s journey, which took him from Florida to California and back, highlighted the importance of not only finding properties with potential but also investing the time to evaluate their true value and condition. Through an exceptional strategy of careful study and hands-on inspection, Nolvin navigated his way to a property in a small county just north of Tampa, Florida. Despite its unassuming appearance and overgrown landscape, his foresight and willingness to see beyond the surface paid off resulting in his best real estate deal.

Key Takeaways

  • Tax-defaulted property auctions offer valuable opportunities for savvy real estate investments.
  • Thorough research and inspection of properties are crucial to identifying undervalued deals.
  • Effective exit strategies are paramount in maximizing profits from real estate transactions.

How My Student Got His Best Real Estate Deal

a case study of the best real estate deal of a Ted Thomas student

Nolvin embarked on an investment journey from Florida to California with a keen focus on real estate opportunities. His willingness to travel cross-country underscored his dedication to seeking out the best deals in tax-defaulted properties. Before diving into the property market, he invested in his education to learn the intricacies of real estate, especially focusing on tax-defaulted properties, understanding market dynamics, and how to spot potential in undervalued assets.

Nolvin uncovered the potential in tax-delinquent property auctions across Florida, identifying these as prime opportunities for lucrative investments due to lower competition and motivated sales. Careful evaluation was key in Nolvin’s strategy to get the best real estate deal. He undertook meticulous research to determine the true value and condition of properties, ensuring each bid was grounded in data and not speculation.

Nolvin’s bidding approach was methodical and informed by thorough research. He observed the behavior of other bidders, waiting patiently to make a winning yet cost-effective bid on a property hidden behind overgrowth that others had overlooked.

Considering his exit strategy beforehand set Nolvin apart. Prior to attending auctions, he had a clear plan for how to rehabilitate overlooked properties and bring them to market. Nolvin demonstrated the ability to renovate properties, doing much of the work himself, and he flipped properties quickly, focusing on a rapid turnaround to capitalize on his investment.

Rather than adhering to a single approach, Nolvin sought out multiple broker opinions post-renovation to understand the true market value of his properties, enabling him to maximize his profits upon sale. The end result was a $100,000 profit!

having an exit strategy is crucial to getting the best real estate deal at an auction

Summary of a Case Study of Success at a Property Tax Auction

Participating in property tax auctions is a strategic move for discovering the best real estate deals. In these auctions, counties sell properties that have overdue taxes, and bargains are often found.

Our case study today is Nolvin’s success story involving a $9,100 investment that resulted in a property valued over $100,000. Here is a summary:

Student Success Story:

  • Background: Nolvin immigrated from Honduras 5 years ago
  • Strategy: Targeted tax-delinquent properties, willing to refurbish if needed
  • Location Shift: Moved from Florida to California, then back
  • Auction Discovery: Found a hidden gem in Florida due to thorough research

Research Tips:

  • Inspect the property onsite instead of relying solely on online resources.
  • Verify property details through county public records.

Student’s Auction Experience:

  • Starting Bid: Opened at $5,000, increased in small increments
  • Bidders appeared hesitant, lacking confidence
  • Nolvin capitalized on his diligent research and understanding of property value

The Property:

  • Visual Clue: Surrounded by trees, obscuring view
  • Condition: Solid foundation, required cleanup, not a teardown
  • Acquisition: Won the bid at $9,100

Post-Auction Actions:

  1. Clean and tidy the property extensively
  2. Conduct further market analysis with real estate brokers

Broker Insights:

  • Value estimates ranged from $125,000 to $150,000 post-cleanup
  • A substantial profit margin considering the investment and market value

Exit Strategy:

  • The key lies in a well-thought-out exit strategy, differing from the norm of buying low and selling quickly for a modest profit
  • Nolvin engaged brokers to evaluate the true worth, contrary to the standard ‘sell low’ strategy
  • The property was sold quickly via seller financing

learn how to get good deals on houses for sale and make a bundle

Through careful scrutiny at tax defaulted property auctions, you can unearth properties with significant upside potential just like Nolvin did. However, it’s crucial to assess the condition thoroughly and have an effective exit strategy in place. As demonstrated by Nolvin’s story, diligence and strategic planning can lead to a lucrative real estate investment.


Tax delinquent property auctions are a key venue for securing undervalued real estate. If you’re intent on finding the best real estate deals, follow the approach exemplified by Nolvin’s strategy.

With a modest investment of $9,100, this student acquired a property nestled in the foliage just north of Tampa. The parcel, initially concealed by an overgrowth of trees, was overlooked by many due to its obscured presence on Google maps. However, diligent research and physical inspection of the site revealed a house with stable foundations, contradicting initial perceptions.

Tax delinquent property investment should always be grounded in thorough due diligence. Visit the county records, uncover the intrinsic value of the property through tax assessments, and understand its true market potential by consulting with brokers.

Nolvin’s journey from exploring and bidding at auctions to the rewarding sale of the property for significantly higher than purchase price underscores the essence of a well-devised exit strategy to get the best real estate deal. Real estate investing isn’t merely in the acquisition but in identifying the potential for value addition and executing the sale.

Embrace an informed approach—evaluate, strategize, and optimize for the best outcome, much like Nolvin who ventured beyond the standard practice of buying low and selling low. His results, turning a $9,100 investment into a $100,000+ profit, speaks volumes of the efficacy of strategic investment and the untapped potential within tax defaulted property auctions to get the best real estate deals.

You too can learn how to find good deals on houses for sale. If you’d like to know more about tax delinquent property investing, Ted Thomas provides full support and complete training with home study courses, Q&A webinars, live tutorials, workshops, web classes, personal coaching with certified coaches, and an interactive map and auction calendar research tool that allows you to visit each county online to find the details about upcoming auctions.

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