Tax Delinquent Real Estate Investment: A Strategy For Success

You don’t have to be rich to invest in tax delinquent real estate. Let’s explore a profitable and rewarding strategy that small investors use to make a lot of money!

Tax delinquent real estate investment is often overlooked by investors searching for a niche even though this sector of alternative real estate investing is lucrative and doesn’t require a lot of money to get started.

Real estate has consistently outperformed other investment avenues, with an average annual return of 10.71% over the past 20 years. Most people would love to acquire investment property but believe it’s outside of their budget. However, there is a way for the small investor to profit in real estate.

Tax delinquent real estate is a little known sector of the real estate market where properties are sold for the delinquent back property taxes and can be purchased mortgage-free for pennies on the dollar.

Maximizing tax delinquent real estate investments is a topic of great interest, as individuals seek strategies for success in this lucrative field that will accommodate their budget. This article aims to provide valuable insights into how to create wealth through real estate investing, focusing on finding and vetting properties, investing with limited funds, and avoiding mistakes at auctions.

By implementing these tax delinquent real estate investing strategies, you can increase your chances of achieving financial success in the real estate market.

Key Takeaways

  • Aim to purchase tax defaulted properties below their tax assessed value.
  • Start with a residential lot without a house and resell it for a profit.
  • Always view properties before bidding to assess their condition and potential damages.
  • Have a well-defined exit strategy and understand the selling price before placing a bid to avoid overbidding.

Finding Tax Delinquent Properties

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One strategy for maximizing real estate investments is to focus on finding tax defaulted properties, which can be purchased below their tax assessed value and resold for a profit. These are properties that have been seized by the county due to unpaid property taxes and sold at public auction, online or in-person, with the bidding starting at the back taxes. Auction dates and lists of tax delinquent real estate for sale can be found on county websites and published in local newspapers.

By targeting tax delinquent real estate, you have the opportunity to acquire property for 10, 20 or 30 cents on the dollar and get the property without a mortgage, increasing the potential for substantial profits when the asset is resold.

Investing with Limited Funds in Land for Sale for Taxes Owed

Investing in real estate with limited funds can be approached by considering the purchase of a residential lot at a fraction of its value and reselling it for a profit. This strategy allows you to enter the real estate market with a smaller initial investment.

Tax delinquent real estate is found at tax defaulted auctions, where approximately 25% of the offerings are vacant land. Investing in residential lots without houses allows you to start with a smaller investment and gradually build your wealth by repeating the process with the gained knowledge. By utilizing this strategy, you can take advantage of opportunities in tax delinquent real estate investing and maximize your returns in the real estate market even if you don’t have a lot of money when you begin.

By focusing on vacant residential lots, you can take advantage of lower prices and the potential to generate cash flow from a quick resale or residual income streams over time. The key to success lies in buying these properties below their assessed value and reselling them at a discount to bargain hunters or offering seller financing.

This process can be repeated with the knowledge gained from each transaction, enabling you to gradually build wealth in real estate. With careful research and a sound investment strategy, investing in tax delinquent real estate, even with limited funds, can lead to significant profits in the real estate market.

Avoiding Mistakes at Tax Defaulted Property Auctions

To avoid mistakes at tax delinquent real estate auctions, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess potential properties and ensure they’re worth the investment before placing a bid.

One common mistake made by both newcomers and experienced investors is purchasing tax delinquent real estate without seeing it first. It’s important to physically view the property to verify its condition to protect yourself from unexpected damages and assess potential risks such as hurricanes or fires that could affect the property’s value. Additionally, you want to verify that the property is located in a good neighborhood.

Another common mistake is overbidding. You should have a clear exit strategy in mind and understand the potential selling price before placing a bid. By calculating potential profits and risks, you can make informed decisions and know when to withdraw from the auction.

Avoiding these mistakes is essential for maximizing profits on tax delinquent real estate purchased at auctions. After all, you make your money when you buy and merely collect your money when you sell. That’s what makes it so important to buy it right.

avoiding mistakes at tax delinquent real estate auctions

Researching Tax Delinquent Property Before Bidding

While the act of viewing tax delinquent real estate before bidding is crucial to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes, it’s also important to research the property’s title.

Search the public records for liens, encumbrances, easements and any potential title issues. Most liens and encumbrances, like mortgages and deeds of trust, will be extinguished by the county treasurer when the property is sold at auction. However, there are a small number of liens that could remain.

Always approach tax defaulted auctions with a buyer beware mindset. Taking the time to research titles and view properties is imperative for maximizing tax delinquent real estate investing success. Knowing what you’re buying before you bid is a crucial step in an investment process that can prosper you beyond your wildest dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can investors make the most of their limited funds when investing in real estate?

Investors can maximize their limited funds in real estate by focusing on tax defaulted properties, buying below assessed value, and reselling for a profit. They should also educate themselves through courses and continuously adapt to industry changes for better returns.

Why is it important to view properties before purchasing them?

Viewing properties before purchasing them is crucial in tax delinquent real estate investing. It allows investors to verify the condition of the property, protect themselves from unexpected damages, and ensure the investment is worthwhile. It’s like shining a light on the path to success.

Are there any additional resources or courses available for investors looking to learn more about tax-defaulted investing?

Yes, there are additional resources available for investors looking to learn more about tax-defaulted investing. One such resource is Ted Thomas’ Insider’s Report, which provides valuable insights and knowledge on tax lien certificates and tax defaulted properties. This resource allows investors to learn at their own pace and is suitable for beginners and experienced investors alike. Continuous learning and staying updated on market trends and strategies are crucial for success in tax-defaulted investing.


Tax delinquent real estate investing offers an opportunity for investors both large and small to acquire real estate for a fraction of the market value with the potential to earn significant returns from the resale of the property. An effective strategy for small investors is purchasing vacant residential lots at tax defaulted auctions, then reselling the property at a discount to achieve a quick sale or offering owner financing to generate a stream of passive income.

If you know the rules and do your homework, you can keep repeating the process to create the ultimate money-making machine, achieving financial independence and a secure inflation-proof retirement.

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