What Are the Best Alternative Investments?


What are the best alternative investments? Of all the places where you can put your money, which ones give the best returns with the least amount of risk? Find out the best way to multiply your money.

What are good alternative investments? Everyone has an opinion about the best alternative investments. If conventional investments are stock, bonds and mutual funds, then we are left with hundreds of investments that are alternative investments.

If you’re wondering, “What can I invest in other than stocks?” IRAs, individual retirement accounts, allow investors to invest in gold, silver, precious gems, land, homes, timber, art, and rare coins. You’re getting the idea. Maybe some people could even trade in baseball cards.

My point is if you know what you’re doing, and you know the market in that arena is good, choose whatever investment you want to use.

Are alternative investments worth it? If you’re willing to learn and adjust, you could make a fortune in your own world.

Today I’m answering your question, “What are the best alternative investments?”

A lot of people ask the question, and I often wonder how many of those people will get a satisfactory answer that guides them to the security and success they are looking for.

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cutting out riskPersonally, I haven’t experimented or tested a cross-section of the investment markets available on the long list of alternative investments. I’m a conservative investor, and I don’t like gambling in a casino or on horses or on sports.

My point is I’m risk averse, meaning I want to mitigate the risk of losing money.

Most investors have their own opinion about what is the biggest risk. Some think the weather is the biggest risk, and that might be true if you live in an area that has extremes in the weather.

Other investors are concerned about commodities should they be involved in pork bellies and wheat and bushels of corn, and still other investors are buying buildings with rental units or hotels along the sunny beaches of Florida.

The whole point of my conversation is you must think and evaluate before you spend.

The risk that never goes away is the government and the politicians. Of course, the politicians promise a lot. For example, they’ll protect us. Then the next thing you know, they’ve spent trillions of dollars in a place like Afghanistan.

Well, how did that work out? If you’ve been around and have gray hair like I do, it’s not the first time they’ve done that.


Are alternative investments a good idea? Yes, especially what I’m about to show you.

So let’s talk about the best alternative investments where I believe you can control your risks. It’s up to you to do that. Only then can you control your destiny, and you do that by paying attention to risk.

Watch what the government does, not what it says. There is always a big difference that will help you mitigate that risk.

For example, inflation will wipe out your savings in just a few years. Your savings took decades to accumulate.

Inflation destroys your hard-earned money quickly. The government doesn’t care. They continue to print money. They continue to give it away.

what are the best alternative investments inflation


What’s the solution? A few people figure it out, and they buy hard assets, the best physical investments.

Hard assets generally rise in price as the government inflates the money. Notice I didn’t say they increase in value.

If the price of gasoline rises $1 per gallon, as it has done this year, it’s more pricey but not more valuable.

Many will say gold or silver. Why? You’ll notice gold and silver usually rise in price almost in lock-step with inflation, as do many other items like real estate.

If you’re asking, “How do I invest in alternative assets?” keep reading; I’m about to show you a very lucrative way to do that. In my experience, this is among the top alternative investments for making high returns at low risk.


About 30 years ago, I discovered a little-known but highly lucrative alternative investment that’s sponsored and mandated by state and local governments.

The investment is not for everyone because it involves working and thinking, a little planning and a lot of self confidence in your own ability to succeed.

Even the best alternative investments aren’t going to put you on easy street next month. However, over a period of a few years, 5 years or less, you could become financially free and maybe somewhat wealthy, but certainly independent.

I’m sure you’ve noticed everything always works in a seminar classroom or workshop. However, when you try to do what took place in the seminar or classroom it’s not so darn easy.

That’s exactly a good description of this particular alternative investment. It takes a while, and there’s a lot of nitty gritty, and frankly, that’s why I developed a coaching business.


how to achieve financial independence seized propertyHere’s the deal. Over 200-years ago, state governments struggled along with the counties to collect property taxes from individual property owners.

The legislature of the state put into place statutes that mandate the county board of supervisors or county commissioners levy property tax and collect property tax.

If the treasurer cannot collect property tax, the treasurer is authorized to confiscate the property and then resell it at a public auction to the highest bidder.

That revenue is then used to pay the county bills, like maintaining the police department, fire department, schools and roads and paying the county employees.


Imagine 3,000+ counties in the United States, where county treasurers are seizing real estate for unpaid property taxes.

I’m referring to millions of properties nationwide, and the county treasurer will sell those properties for starting bids of 5 cents or 10 cents on the dollar. This is definitely an alternative investment.

The auction prices are actually discounted as much as 60%, 70%, 80%, or more from the retail or market values. Wow! Real estate for 60%, 70%, 80% or 90% discounts.

Most of the competitive buyers don’t have a clue this is happening. That’s right. Most people have no idea. They don’t realize that 3000+ counties and 1,400 municipal governments are auctioning real estate for pennies on the dollar.

If this is interesting to you, I have a free mini course, a free gift from me to you that will teach you the secrets of tax lien certificates and how to profit in tax deeds, which I consider to be among the best of the best alternative investments.

After taking this course, I believe you’ll see it that way too. Take advantage of it today!

auction discounts


For example, imagine you’re buying a slightly used and abused tax defaulted single-family home for only 20 cents on the dollar. Let’s say the assessed value according to the tax collector is $100,000.

I teach my clients to buy low and sell low and do it fast.

If the purchase price is only $20,000, and it has a value of $100,000, I’m sure you could sell it for $50,000 or $60,000 and make a nice profit.

Let’s assume you sold it for $50,000. That sale would probably take place relatively quickly for a nice profit, $30,000, and you are working in a hidden market.

Now this is just an example. Does every deal look like that? No, but with a little study and some due diligence, and millions of properties to work from, there is an alternative investment.


This is a business of abundance. There is plenty for everyone. Over 5,000 auctions are scheduled annually.

Should you avoid risk? Absolutely. You must evaluate before you bid. You must have a selling strategy before you bid.

This is a serious business. It’s not going away, and it’s recession proof. The history is that for over 200 years, local governments have been selling defaulted property.

Auctions have rules. This is not a get rich quick deal. It’s a serious investment, and it’s not like the super-hyped world of late night television and real estate fixer shows.


rehab property tv 1Real estate rehabilitation fixer uppers on television are not reality. Of course, they have an attractive woman as a host. Of course, they are trying to transform a mediocre property into a mansion.

There are many contractors, some with sledge hammers, breaking up brick fireplaces and tearing down walls, others painting and others pouring concrete. All of this while being entertained by the pretty hostess.

Thousands of dollars are being invested. It doesn’t make sense, high price purchases and more money put in, then they must pray they can sell and make a profit. That’s way too much risk for me.


Alternative investments require you to know what you are doing.

You must buy low, and I suggest selling low to those people who want to fix them up or to bargain hunters or people that don’t have good credit. I’m sure you’re getting the idea.

Today’s question is, what are the best alternative investments? I haven’t tried the hundreds that are available, but I did discover one that works if you are willing to learn how.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “What Are the Best Alternative Investments?”

There are hundreds of alternative investments to choose from, including inflation hedges, like precious metals and other hard assets.

Ted Thomas is an expert with over 30 years of experience in a little-known, low-risk, alternative real estate investment that’s both recession-proof and inflation-proof. It keeps earning steady profits whether the economy is boom or bust.

In Ted’s experience, one of the best alternative investments is tax delinquent property investing. These properties are sold at county auctions, and the bidding begins around the amount of the unpaid property taxes.

At a tax defaulted property auction, you can get amazing discounts on real estate, picking up properties for 10, 20, or 30 cents on the dollar. Additionally, the county wipes out the mortgage or deed of trust loan, so you get these properties mortgage-free.

With the enormous profit margin, you’re able to turn around and sell these properties quickly if you utilize Ted’s buy low, sell low strategy and offer the property for sale at a discount.

e.g. If you purchase a property with an assessed value of $100,000 at a tax defaulted auction for 20 cents on the dollar, you can make a quick sale, generating cash flow fast, by selling it for 50 cents on the dollar. $30,000 is not a shabby profit!

If you’d like to know more about this lucrative form of alternative real estate investing, there’s no one more qualified to teach you than Ted Thomas, America’s leading authority on tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property investing.

Ted Thomas is the only one who provides full support and complete training with home study courses, Q&A webinars, live tutorials, workshops & web classes, and personal one-on-one coaching.

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