How to Buy Tax Lien Properties In Florida

Learn about tax lien certificates, how they work, and how to buy tax lien properties in Florida from Ted Thomas, America’s authority on tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property.

Today I’m going to show you how to buy tax lien properties in Florida.

I’ll tell you a few tips on how to make money, and we’ll get into some real in-depth on the subject.

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been doing this for approximately 30 years. The first 5 years I just bought tax liens and tax deeds, while everybody asked me questions, “How are you doing this alternative investment?”

So, that’s how I got involved in teaching this, which I’ve been doing for over 25 years.

I teach people how to buy tax liens and how to buy tax deeds. They’re both different subjects, and I’ve written books on it, created courses on it, and I’ve become the authority on this for the world.


Before we get into how to buy tax lien properties in Florida, let’s start out by talking about tax lien certificates.

Where would you find them? You’d find them, first of all, in the newspaper or In the county records.

Tax lien certificates are a relatively easy investment for anyone to do by just spending a little time studying them and the county website.

What you’ll find out is that all the properties with unpaid property tax end up on a list of tax lien certificates.

The county controls the taxes. So what the county simply does, especially in Florida, is they take action right away and say, “If you haven’t paid your tax, what we’re going to do is sell a tax lien certificate on your property.”

In the state of Florida, they’ll auction approximately 1 million tax certificates. Those are certificates in each of the different counties where people didn’t pay their tax.


how to buy tax lien properties in floridaIf they didn’t pay the tax, the county has a problem, a big problem.

The big problem is this; they can’t pay their bills because the county doesn’t have any revenue. They get it all from taxes.

So, what the county does is they say, “All right, we’ll go out to the public and get the money, and we’re going to be benevolent. We’re not going to take your house.”

The people in Florida don’t lose their property right away because the county sells a tax lien certificate.


As I say, there could be up to a million certificates available. These certificates pay 18%.

Certificates start at 18%, and then it’s a down bid process, 17 and a half percent,17 percent, 16 percent and so on. It goes down.

The point is they have plenty of these tax liens to sell.

Your concern is this: how much do they cost, and when will you get paid?


So, how much do they cost? Well, you could buy one for $50 if you want to just get started, or you could spend $500 or $5,000.

What about a shopping center if they don’t pay the tax? It could be a $100,000, if that’s the tax that’s owed. If you paid that $100,000, you could earn up to 18%.

Then they wouldn’t seize or confiscate. Florida is a benevolent state. They would wait as long as 2 years before they would actually take that property.

So, if you’re purchasing a home, it could be worth $200,000. Well, then the tax could be somewhere around $2,000, or it might be a little higher that with some penalties.

If you pay that tax, they don’t throw the homeowner out. They just leave the homeowner there.

If you got an 18% certificate, what you did was you invested with the county, and now you’re going to get money back from the county.

Why is that good? Because your money is now protected. It’s protected by the property tax code.

I don’t collect taxes from anybody; I don’t take any money from anybody. I basically teach you how to do this, so when you invest, you’re going to invest directly with the county, not with Ted Thomas. You can’t invest with me.


Why don’t you know about this?

You don’t know about this because the brokers, the financial planners, the investment advisors, even attorneys don’t teach you about tax lien certificates.

They’re not negligent. They’re not bad people. They don’t teach you about it because they can’t earn any money doing it.

If a broker works for a stock company or brokerage to sell real estate, they get paid a commission. If you go to an attorney, they get paid by the hour.

Well, there’s no money for them in tax certificates because they won’t get a commission or wage for telling you about it.


So, you have to learn this, and it’s a step-by-step process.

The county is the one that collects the money. You invest with the county, and you’re going to get your money back from the county. That’s going to make this the safest, most lucrative investment in America today.

How are tax lien certificates sold? They’re sold at auction.

What kind of auction? It’s called an ‘oral bid auction’.

You’re probably going to do this on your computer. They’re just going to put numbers up, and you’ll watch them change.

You can learn this whole thing and do this just by doing what you’re doing now, sitting on your rusty dusty looking at your computer. We can teach you how to do that online.


How many will be available? Well, I said a million in Florida.

Throughout the United States, there are probably 2 million tax lien certificates.

About half of the states sell tax lien certificates. Florida sells them, like we’re talking about today,

Arizona sells some. Iowa sells them and Illinois. You’re getting the idea.

Even in the state of New York, in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, they sell tax lien certificates.


I’ve been doing this for decades, and I’ve learned this, if you’re going to buy tax lien certificates, you just need to give it some thought. Either get a coach to help you out, or study it.

There are a lot of books that you can study, but the easiest way to learn is to get a coach to help you, or learn it online like we teach it.

With the tax lien certificates, all kinds of things happen.

First of all, if you have a big auction, let’s take Miami-Dade as an example; Miami-Dade could have up to 65 ,000 tax lien certificates. Well, to sell 65,000 of anything, it takes weeks at a time. Online, they’ll do that in a few days.

They will not sell all the tax liens.

Here’s the inside tip.

If they don’t sell all the tax liens, they’re going to put them on a list. Let’s call the list “the leftover list.”

In Chicago, they call it a “scavenger list.” In Texas, they’ll call it a “strikeoff list.”

What’s important for you to understand is that there’s so much abundance that they can’t sell all the certificates, so there are leftovers.


If you learn what I’m going to teach you right now, you’ll learn something great.

They take the leftovers, and they sell them over the counter.

You go to the county, they’ll put them up there, and you can look at all of them. You can pick any one you want, and that certificate will always pay 18%.

There will be thousands of those certificates available, and anybody can buy them.

You’re probably wondering if they’re going to have an auction in your hometown. I can tell you that every county in the United States is authorized to have auctions.

There are 1,400 municipalities, and these are all taxing districts. So there will be over 5,000 tax auctions this year, and 99% of the people have never even heard of a tax auction.


For all you folks living outside the United States, if you can get a USA bank account, in other words US dollars, you can do this. You can’t use any other currency. You need to use dollars.

I realize everyone else has multiple currencies, but you can’t do that. You have to buy tax lien certificates in USD, and you have to do business in English.

There are two other things that you need to know. The first is that there are tax liens AKA tax lien certificates; there are tax deeds AKA tax defaulted properties, and then there are redeemable tax deeds.

They’re all kind of run together, but just remember tax liens are a piece of paper, and a deed means they’re going to transfer the property. That’s how easy it can be.

How much do you want to spend? I don’t know. You want to spend big money? I can show you how to make $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 on one deal. You could do that in the tax deed business.

In tax lien certificates, you can make 16%, 18%, 24%, all the way up to 36% interest, and the check is always going to come from the government.


Let me close with these few things:

This is the safest investment you can buy. You invest with the government, and you’re going to get a check back from the government. It’s not ever going to get any better than that.

If you buy tax defaulted property, you’re going to buy properties for 10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents on the dollar.

64% of my clients are women. The reason that they do so well is they’ll read the book.

I created something for you, a 1-hour quick start video so that you can learn how to do this. Just an hour, absolutely free, and you’ll get all the basics.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson today on How to Buy Tax Lien Properties In Florida.

Florida tax lien certificates are a safe government-backed investment that’s secured by real estate, and the interest rate starts at 18%.

The auctions in Florida are reverse auctions where the interest rate is bid down. However, there is a secret to getting the 18% rate guaranteed with over the counter tax liens.

There are over a million tax lien certificates for sale in Florida alone, and they can’t possibly sell them all. So the leftovers are sold over the counter, and you can go to the county and pick them up without any competition.

The costs of the tax lien certificates vary. You could get them for $50, $500, or $5,000. There’s something for everyone, and you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

Florida tax lien certificates are a passive investment that pay a high rate of return, and if they don’t pay, then you get the property. Either way, you can’t lose, as long as you know what you’re doing.

If you’d like to learn more about how to buy tax lien properties in Florida, or anywhere in the USA, you’ve come to the right place.

For over 25 years, Ted Thomas has been teaching students how to successfully invest in tax liens and tax deeds, and many of his students have gone on to become 6-figure income earners within a year of finishing Ted’s training.

Ted offers full support and complete training with home study courses, Q&A sessions, live tutorials, workshops & web classes, and personal coaching.

Ted Thomas classTo learn more, a great place to start is with Ted’s FREE Master Class. It costs you nothing, only takes an hour of your time, and it will provide you with an excellent foundation.

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