How to Grow Your Home Business

Are you doing business from home? Thanks to the internet and modern technology, its never been easier! Here are tips on how to grow your home business.

Many people want to know, “How can I grow my business at home?” So, today we’ll discuss how to grow your home business.

Everyone we know will have an opinion. The challenge is that people mean well, but you must be careful whom you listen to. You need to be cautious about whose opinions you heed.

Not everyone has good opinions or good information. It’s your job to seek out experienced business people and study what they are doing. Confine your asking to people who have experience.

To determine who has experience is your challenge. The rule I use is someone who’s making money and spending money that they earned themselves.

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It takes a lot more than the idea that you want to have a business to be successful at that business. The journey as an entrepreneur can be very exciting, however, sometimes it leads to chaos.

Of course, you’ll focus on what you know and how you are going to help people when you are in business.

My suggestion would be to look for problems that need to be solved. Successful businesses solve problems and provide specialized services and products.

Ask yourself, what’s your specialty, and why would people want your products and your services?

problem solution


There are hundreds, really thousands, of businesses to choose from. Most people want to do something they are good at doing. My suggestion is to focus on one, not many.

Your overall thought process must be how are you going to help others. This is the key to the money vault.

In your mind, answer the question: why will your services, your products be better than the competition? If you are better than the competition, okay. If you’re not better, the buyers will discover the competition.


Now, let’s talk about how to grow your home business. The first question to answer is do you have a plan?

Do you know who your customers really are, and why they will want your problem-solving product? Let me repeat that. Why will they want your problem-solving product?

When your business is successful, customers will refer people to you. They’ll refer people only if you satisfy them with your product or service.

A lot of people are giving business advice, and they have never been in business. How do you think that advice is going to work?

What comes to mind are the hundreds of college level courses about business, and the only thing the professor knows is the book he’s using for the course.


If you’re wondering, “How do I get customers for my home business??” let’s talk about how to grow your home business by getting the word out there.

Have you thought about media?

It’s not going to work for you if you sit in your office at home or away and wait for success. I can assure you that you’ll wait a long, long time. The solution is media.

For example, my business is not well known, and the product is almost hidden from the public. To change all that, I use many different types of media. I’ll give you real world examples.


Briefly, my business is buy low and sell low which is different from most real estate strategies. Most people want to buy low and sell high.

My business is buy low at auctions, then sell low, but create a profit. How do I do that?

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tax defaulted property discounts


Most of the public does not know about tax defaulted real estate. That means I must educate them and let them know it’s available.

Your product may be the same way. No one knows who you are or what your services or products might be.


Here’s what I do. You can follow the same process.

First, I locate the tax defaulted property. That’s easy when there are over 5,000 auctions nationwide.

Next, I evaluate the list. That’s also easy. Because I can compare prospective purchases to other neighborhood properties by checking the tax assessed values and comparable sales.

My audience has no idea that I own a valuable property which may be worth $100,000 that I purchased for 20 cents on the dollar at a tax defaulted property auction. Media is everything.


Exactly what is media? Media could be newspapers, radio, television or dozens of websites.

Today bargain hunters are looking online. So, the media I use are Craigslist, Zillow, the Multiple Listing Service, Trulia and dozens of other electronic sites, including Facebook Marketplace.


What do I do? I compete. If the market is $100,000, I tell the media I’ll sell for $65,000. After all, I bought it for 20 cents on the dollar. Do the math. Lots of profit. But I don’t stop there.

Next, or simultaneously, I hire a broker after interviewing many brokers. They all have a story. They all think they are great. They all make big promises. I listen, and I only evaluate based on results.

If you are waiting for business, you’ll spend your whole life waiting for success. If you’re serious about growing your home-based business, you must be assertive, and you must know how to market a home-based business.

You must use media!

how to grow your home business tax deed


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Grow Your Home Business”

Everyone has an opinion about business. However, if you’re looking for viable how to grow business tips, be sure to ask people who are experienced and successful.

Look for problems that need to be solved. Successful business owners are problem solvers.

Use media to grow your business. If you’ve got some money, you could advertise on TV, radio, or in the newspapers. However, if you’re looking for free ways to market your business, there are multiple online sites available.

For example, Ted Thomas and his savvy students make big profits investing in a little-known, alternative real estate niche, tax defaulted property investing.

At county auctions, online and offline, they purchase tax delinquent properties for pennies on the dollar and also sell them for a discount to make a fast sale that generates quick cash flow.

They use sites like Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Facebook Marketplace, the MLS and dozens of others to successfully market their properties because they know that using media produces results, and it’s an excellent way to grow any home business!

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