How Can I Get Paid to Work From Home?


More people than ever are asking, “How can I get paid to work from home?” There are multiple ways to do this. I’ll show you the best and most effective way to earn money working from home!

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been an entrepreneur working from home for decades.

Years ago, I discovered a lucrative hidden market, which is a subset of traditional real estate, that most people consider homes, residential lots, small office buildings and small farms, but mostly homes.


What skills do you have? This is a good place to start.

Are you a trained professional with a degree, maybe an engineer or a legal assistant, or possibly you’ve developed a craft and become a major artisan?

The point is if you want to work from home, people will pay for your skills.


To work remotely is not magic, although you will need to add a component of promotion to your skill level. This is called marketing. My point is you’ll need to let the marketplace know that you are available, and that you have helpful skills.

It’s not unusual for those who work at home to register with Fivver or Upwork and in some cases LinkedIn.

Today, I’m going to discuss your question, “How can I get paid to work from home?”

To start with, are you willing to adjust your mindset to helping others? Successful freelancers or home workers need to help others. The name of the game is to help people solve problems and get paid for doing so. By working at home, you will have less commute expenses and no office rent to pay and more than likely, no staff.

Thousands of remote workers camp out to make a home on Fivver and Upwork to promote their availability worldwide. Of course, you can also do that with word of mouth. Working from home definitely requires that you promote your skills. As you know, temporary services are always searching for workers. However, they don’t know you are available. You must promote yourself.

Let’s get back to what your skill level is. Do you want to deliver stuff like an Uber driver or do you have specialized training as a professional in areas that would help a small business grow or solve problems? Working from home is not the exception to the rule. It’s realistic to accomplish multiple hours of work with multiple different employers. Letting people know you’re available is important when you’re getting started.

For example, my business is information. And we need many skills and we hire those skills from outsiders that work from home. The outsiders are generally freelancers who offer services and will do so on a part time or even continuous basis. Certainly, this is less risky than starting your own business. Freelancers have to try out many different skills while they are working remotely. Working from home is low risk although for many, it’s low income because they don’t promote their skills or they haven’t developed skills which the marketplace will buy.

Think about building your own website where you can showcase your many skills and availability. If the side hustle that you currently have is not growing, you are probably not investing enough money in new skills or promotion. Or you may be spending time online with your attention on new and shiny objects which will certainly kill your home business.

I’m not the guy that you are going to follow the advice that you’ll find on social media. I am the guy that will demand that you look for work that will generate large sums of money for example \$25,000 and \$50,000 on one deal. I’m not going to write about turning off the lights to save you money. I’m not going to advise you to skip lunch with the other workers to save money. I’m not going to suggest keeping your grocery bills low. I am going to suggest reinvention and learning skills that are in demand or reinventing yourself so you can make/earn large sums of money. The point is you must grow.

I don’t know what your intentions are, $250, $500/week. It would be much better to reinvent yourself and emulate and follow and aspire to be like other people who can make 6 figures, $100,000 a year from home.

In this episode, I’m answering your question: how can I get paid to work from home? My first recommendation is getting trained and learning how to generate large sums like engineers, doctors, attorneys, nurses and other professionals. If you are willing to be trained and coached, you can change your destiny.

For example, a Wisconsin couple, seniors working at home, they were not growing. And they realized that prices were inflating. And their lifestyle was shrinking. They had less money and they wanted more money. They knew they needed a new income source. They started by asking experienced people what they should do. They searched online and they searched offline. They like real estate. That led them to realizing they needed to reinvent themselves. And when they found a new opportunity, they began the learning process.

The business made serious money and they could travel and they could work when they wanted to and they could use all of their previous life skills.

In the next few minutes on this video, I’ll tell you their lives changed dramatically because they took training and worked with other experienced professionals. In months, they were involved. They learned they could buy property that was tax defaulted, in many cases for 10 cents on the dollar or less at county administered tax defaulted auctions. The real estate wasn’t shiny and new. In some cases, it was used and abused. They didn’t buy any junkers. Don’t buy junkers, it’s a waste of time.

Things changed quickly when they realized that hundreds of properties were available for 10 cents and 20 cents on the dollar. They attended auctions, numerous auctions. They found a slightly used and abused 50-year-old property. It wasn’t damaged, it was livable. There were only a few bidders. They purchased the property which was valued at \$50,000 by the tax assessor and they only paid \$8,000. This is much less than 20 cents on the dollar. The property had no mortgage.

They realized their money was made at the auction however, to collect the money they must sell the property. It needed to be cleaned. They touched it up the paint. They tore down the garage and hauled the junk away.

It was already beginning to snow and Christmas was approaching. They followed the guidelines of the experienced. They had purchased low so they advertised, they announced the property by placing a sign on the front lawn and advertised on Craig’s list, Trulia and Zillow. They waited. They handled a few phone calls. Sure enough, they had an offer on the property.

To make a long story short, the new purchaser requested an installment sale. In other words, the new person was willing to make payments to them monthly. This solved the cash flow problem. Extra income monthly. Their purchase price was $8,000 plus clean up and haul way the damaged garage. $12,000 total investment.

They sold the property and they collected monthly pmts. Their total profit was $37,500. That’s a 300% profit. Would that work for you?

Today I’m answering your question: how can I get paid to work from home? This couple did all their research from home, however they did make a few trips to auctions that broke up the monotony and they did supervise the clean-up of the property. Basically, they worked from home.


Getting paid to work from home isn’t complicated – but it does require an investment of time to learn.

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