Buying Tax Liens As A Side Hustle – Can You Make Money on Tax Liens Part Time?

In Buying Tax Liens as a Side Hustle, Ted Thomas reveals why buying tax liens is a lucrative side gig.

With a little part-time work, 5 to 10 hours, you could be earning up to 36% interest or even getting a mortgage-free property for cents on the dollar, if you know how.

Today Ted will show you how to get buying tax liens as a side hustle business started.

Since so many people have asked about this, I’m going to talk about why buying tax liens is an excellent side hustle gig.

Lots of folks want extra income, and I certainly understand that. So buying tax liens might be just exactly what you’re looking for.

I don’t know who you are and where you are, but maybe you’re a senior citizen and retired. Well, this will be perfect.

Maybe you just want a little part-time job, or maybe you want to learn a little bit about buying tax liens and tax certificates, You’re going to find this is all going to work for you because it will make extra income.

If you’d like to get started today, you can begin now at no cost by taking advantage of Ted’s FREE Master Class. It’s only about 1 hour of streaming video and will open your eyes to the incredible opportunities available in tax delinquent real estate investment.

Earn Passive Income From Buying Tax Liens Part-Time

So I’m going to talk about tax lien certificates and how you can make money with them. They’re going to be available in half of the States and half of the counties in the USA.

That’s great because in some places you can earn up to 12%, for example, in New York in Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Here in Florida, you can make 18% on a tax lien certificate. Now, it gets better because we went to Illinois, where you can make all the way up to 36%.

I’ll talk about different states and places where you can make money. For example, Iowa, where you could be paid 24%.

We’re going to learn some of the inside secrets of tax lien certificates, or as some people like to call them, tax liens, whichever you prefer.

Buying Tax Liens Is Predictable, Certain, and Secure

A lot of my students make money buying tax liens. Why do they make money? Because this is a safe, secure investment.

How can I say it’s safe and secure? Well, first of all, you’re not going to invest with me. You’re not going to go with a broker. You’re not going to go with a private company.

If you get involved in tax lien certificates, you’re going to invest directly with the county, and you’re going to get a check back from the county. Now, how good is that?

You’re going to give a check to the government, and you’re going to get a check back from the government. That’s going to make it predictable. It’s going to be certain and secure.

Buying Tax Liens as a Side Hustle Is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Now, can you make quick money? Well, generally this is long-term money because you buy a certificate today, and then it matures over a period of a year.

During that year, you could be making money monthly, but they don’t send you the check until the people pay the tax.

Here’s the important thing about a tax lien certificate. It’s safe and it’s secure.

Before we go into more detail about a tax lien side hustle, let me introduce myself.

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been around the tax lien and deed business for about 30 years. I started as an investor. Then I became a teacher, and I’ve been teaching it for about 25 years.

What Is a Tax Lien Certificate?

So what is a Tax Lien Certificate? Well, it’s nothing more than a loan on a property. Let me explain it in detail.

Across the United States, all property has a tax. Not schools, okay? They don’t have taxes, and not churches; they don’t have tax. Otherwise, all the property has a tax.

If it’s a big building downtown, a house like you live in, a ranch, or whatever it is, it has a property tax.

That’s a property tax, not an excise tax, not an Income tax, it’s a property tax, and usually about 1% or 2%.

Now, if the people don’t pay the tax, if the homeowner doesn’t pay, then the county is going to do something about it. The legislature of every state has rules, and the rules tell the county what they have to do.

So they tell the county treasurer that they must levy the tax, then they have to collect the tax. If they can’t collect the tax, they can do one of two things.

  • They can sell a tax lien certificate, or
  • They can confiscate the property

Now, confiscate means they seize it.

If you’d like to get started today, you can begin now at no cost by taking advantage of Ted’s FREE Master Class. It’s only about 1 hour of streaming video and will open your eyes to the incredible opportunities available in tax delinquent real estate investment.

Buying Tax Liens Is Benevolent

Today we’re talking about tax lien certificates. In other articles, I’ll tell you about tax defaulted property, but today we’re talking about buying tax liens.

A tax lien certificate state is a very benevolent state. I call them benevolent because they’re really pretty good to the homeowner. They don’t kick the homeowner out.

If the homeowner doesn’t pay the tax, they don’t throw them out on the street. They just say to the homeowner, “All right, you haven’t paid the tax, so we’re issuing a tax lien. You keep possession as the homeowner.”

Why am I telling you about this? Because you and I can now pay the taxes on their property. When we pay the taxes, we don’t get possession, but we get a certificate.

Think of that as just a piece of paper. You just get a piece of paper that says you have rights in this property.

If you bought one in Florida, you can make up to 18% on that certificate. If you bought one up there in New York state, you might make up to 12%. You’re getting the idea.

Buying Tax Liens Is a Powerful Investment

This is a powerful investment. Why do I say powerful? Well, if you go to a bank and put money in a savings account,  you’re probably going to make about 1%.

Whereas you can invest your money with the county. The county will give you a receipt, and that’s the tax lien certificate. Then when the people come in to pay, you get back all your money.

Let me say that again. You get back all your money, plus 16%, 18%, 24%, 36%, depending upon where you bought it.

Invest With the Government by Buying Tax Liens

buying tax liens
Illinois Tax Lien Certificate

Tax liens are available in all of the states that sell tax lien certificates. That’s about half of the states.

It’s a local ruling that’s done. You give your money to the treasurer. You can’t invest with me.

You’re going to invest directly with the treasurer, and then you’re going to get money back from the treasury. You’re not going to get money back from debt.

You could make all the way up to 36% in the state of Illinois. I’m not going to narrow this down to just Illinois today, but I will talk about Illinois on other articles.

Buying Tax Liens Is a Guaranteed Investment

So this is a high-yielding investment, and it has a guarantee.

Now, what is the guarantee? You’re probably saying to yourself, “Wait a minute, Ted, why would I buy this certificate? If the person won’t pay the government, why would they pay me?”

Well, here’s why they’ll pay you, and here’s why you want to buy the certificate. This is huge.

When you invested your money, you gave it to the government. The government said, “If these people don’t pay, you’re going to get the property. And you’re going to get the property without a mortgage.”

No mortgage. Think about what I said. No mortgage. It’s gone. Tax lien certificates are sold, and if the property owner doesn’t pay, the county wipes out the mortgage, and you’re awarded the property.

Obviously, you’re going to have to go through a legal process, which I detail in other articles.

Let me quickly review. You raise your hand. You buy a certificate. You’re buying it directly from the government. Once you own the certificate, now you have rights in the property.

It can’t be sold and can’t be remortgaged; the property owner can’t get out of the deal. There’s no way because now you own this certificate.

The only thing they can do is come in and pay you. When they come in and pay, they have to give you back all your money, plus the high interest rate. So it’s a pretty good investment, right? 97% of the people will pay the tax.

If they do pay the tax, great, go buy some more; just keep on doing it.

Buying Tax Liens Is a Business of Abundance

There are going to be millions of these certificates.

For example, I’m in Florida right now. I can tell you, in the month of May, in all 67 counties, if you add them all up, there will be a million – 1 million tax lien certificates for sale.

Buying Tax Liens Online

Anybody can buy tax liens. You buy them online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Alaska, or in London, England or anywhere in Canada, anywhere in the world, you can get online and buy tax lien certificates in Florida.

Nice, safe, secure investments.

Get Deep Discounts on Property by Buying Tax Liens

The guarantee is this, you invest with the government. If you don’t get paid, you get the property.

How much did you pay for that property? You just paid taxes on it. You didn’t put up a big deposit or anything like that. You just paid taxes. And if the property owner doesn’t pay you, you get the property.

Buying Tax Liens as a Side Hustle Business

I have students that put a little time into learning all of this. This is a tax lien side hustle. Remember, it’s a part-time hustle.

If you put in 5 or 10 hours of focus time, that’s about the maximum that you’ll put in at a tax lien auction. For most people, it will be three to five hours once they’ve learned how to do this.

A tax lien side hustle doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s a good part-time job. Perfect for senior citizens. Because you’re not taking a lot of risks. You’re investing with the government, and you’re getting a check back from the government.

Some states, and I’ll talk about those in other articles, have a minimum guarantee of 20% on your money.

Getting Started Buying Tax Liens as a Side Hustle

Can I give you three or four states to get started? Yes, absolutely.

If you live along the East coast, you might want to check out the state of Maryland. They pay up to 24%. You’re going to have to do a little study because different Counties pay different amounts.

So you might be in a Arundel County paying 12%, but you go over to Prince George’s County, and it’s going to be 24%.

My point is the County makes the rule on what they’re going to charge. All the counties in Florida pay 18%.

If you want to go to Illinois, you can run up to 36%.

This is an online business today, so you can do business anywhere you want. I always tell people, if you’re going to get involved in a business like this, you do want to look at the property and see what you’re going to buy.

For example, you don’t want to buy something next to a chicken farm.

Now, by that I mean a tax lien certificate. Because remember, if the people don’t pay the tax certificate, you’re going to get the property. Do you want a property next to the chicken farm?

So I would suggest you do things locally, and I suggest you look at properties. This is one of two big mistakes that people commonly make, and I don’t want you to make those mistakes.

Common Mistakes People Make Buying Tax Liens at Auctions

Let me tell you what the 2 most common mistakes are so that you can avoid them.

I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and I’ve seen people lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is a money business, and the more you learn here, the more you’re going to learn how to make money.

Here’s what happens. People get to an auction. They start raising their hand and bidding, but they’ve never seen the property.

What if the property burned down yesterday? Or what if there was a hurricane in that part of that state? Or a tornado and the house was blown away?

When you give your money to the tax collector, they’re going to tell you they’re probably not going to give it back to you. My point is you need to look at properties. That’s big mistake number one.

Big mistake number two is very similar.

People get to the auction, and I understand, you’re eager; you want to make money. You’ve been studying, and you’re ready to go. So you invest your money. Well, it’s good to invest your money, but you need some preparation.

You don’t want to start investing just because you’re looking at a list or seeing a picture of a property. You want to make sure that you’ve got an exit strategy.

What’s an exit strategy? How much are you going to sell this property for? You don’t want to buy something and not know what you can sell it for.

If you can buy it low and sell it high, every real estate speaker in the world will tell you to do that. Well, I want you to buy it low and make sure that you can sell it at a higher price.

A lot of people go to auction, and they bid all the way up to the retail price there. I don’t know why they do it.

They say, “Well, I never saw the property. I just bid to get it.”

Well, you don’t want to win at the auction. You want to make investment deals where you make money. You want to make money at the auction; you don’t want to win.

Buying Tax Liens as a Side Hustle – Conclusion

Perhaps you’ve already heard that tax lien certificates are an excellent passive investment secured by real estate, but did you know it’s also the perfect side gig? A tax lien side hustle doesn’t take that much time.

5 or 10 hours of focus time is about the maximum that you’ll put in at a tax lien auction, and the return on investment is amazing, making a tax lien side hustle a high-paying, part-time endeavor.

Your tax lien side hustle could get you interest rates of up to 36% or even a property for pennies on the dollar, if you know the rules and do your homework.

And there’s no one more qualified than Ted to help you get your tax lien side hustle business started.

Ted Thomas is America’s Leading Authority on Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Auctions and the author of more than 30 books.

Ted’s a specialist, teaching others to successfully buy tax liens, which he’s been doing for over 25 years. His students range from professional investors to beginners, and many have gone on to become highly successful.

Ted offers the most hands-on approach available, which includes a team of experienced coaches that guide students through every step of the process, even attending auctions with them.

Safe Haven 720x1024 1 1No one else will show you a safer, more secure, more predictable way to evaluate and buy tax liens online than Ted.

If you’d like to know more about how to make money with a tax lien side hustle, Ted has a FREE gift for you, the Safe Haven master course (valued at $197).

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Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is America’s Leading Authority on Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Auctions, as well as a publisher and author of more than 30 books. His guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four corners of the world. He has been teaching people just like you for over 30 years how to buy houses in good neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar. He teaches how to create wealth with minimum risk and easy-to-learn methods.

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