Tax Lien Research – Know Before You Buy

Tax lien research is an essential part of investing in tax liens and tax deeds. You must know what you’re buying before you even consider placing a bid.

Your tax lien research will help you determine whether or not the property is a good deal so that you can bid with confidence.

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tax lien researchTax lien certificates (tax liens) are the perfect investment vehicle for everyone that wants a low risk and the safety of investing with the government.

Tax liens and tax defaulted property (tax deeds) don’t require years of study, and a person can start with less than $500.

There are numerous tax lien research tools; some are basic, some are advanced, that a person needs to learn. It’s all very easy and learning to use these tools can be accomplished in 3-4 weeks. 


The more you know, the better off you will be when it comes time to attend your first auction and start bidding on tax defaulted properties. As I’ve mentioned before, the essential information is knowing the who, what, when, and where. 

When it comes to finding this information, you have several options. One is to refer to Ted’s course materials such as the Comprehensive Tax Lien Directory, Complete Tax Deed Directory, and Platinum Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed Directory software on flash drive. 

These days, using a computer is another great way of gathering information when you’re doing tax lien research.

Are tax liens public record? Yes, and these days most counties post them online, making it easy to do a tax lien search.

Many counties now post the list of delinquent properties on a website along with the bidding requirements, the date and time of the auction, etc. 

For the data you cannot find elsewhere, it’s helpful to give the appropriate agency or person a call, so obviously a phone is an important tax lien research tool. 

Transportation is another big one. Whenever possible, you will want to drive by any parcels you are considering purchasing.

While you’re there, take pictures of the property and add them, along with your written notes, to a notebook (or other type of device/record-keeping system, such as a smartphone or laptop or iPad) entry. Don’t rely on your memory to supply the details at a later date. 

A final basic tool that everyone needs is time. Don’t rush into a deal without having completed the proper research. Take the time to delve deeply into the specifics of a parcel before buying.

Do your homework and determine if there might possibly be an environmental contaminant on the property, other liens that will compete against the property tax lien, zoning restrictions, etc. 

To recap, the basic tools you need are:

  • A directory of tax lien and tax deed offices
  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Vehicle
  • Camera
  • Notebook or Software
  • Time 

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In all cases, you will need to do research on the parcel going to the defaulted auction. Many times the tax lien properties list you obtain includes little more than a tax ID number, perhaps a legal description, and the amount of taxes in arrears.

For most of us, that’s not enough to determine if a parcel has any value. You need to get an address so either you or someone you are partnering with can do a drive by; the owner’s name is a big help, too. 

In order to get that missing data, the best place to start is at the county office (usually either the Treasurer or Assessor). They may have a cross-reference tool you can use for free or pay a small fee for. 

There are sites online that aggregate this data. One is Bid4Assets


bigstock Outdoor Portrait Of Mature Bus 254006143 edtNot only do you need tools to help you with your tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property (tax deed) investments, you need people, too.

These people are your partners who function in a variety of ways to help you with the things you can’t do or can’t provide.

Knowing an attorney you trust can be a lifesaver. He or she will come in handy to advise you on various laws and possible action you can take to defend your assets against worst case scenarios. 

A realtor is vitally important. A good real estate agent can give you comparable values, an assessment of future values in a particular area, and also easily dig up information on a property that you might have difficulty getting access to. 

A home inspector and appraiser are two more human resources that are handy to have available when you need them. After you’ve brought your property, they can help you assess current condition and provide their estimate of value. 

Finally, a group of people who are willing to provide funds for your investments is always helpful, particularly if your capital stash is limited.

Often the difference between getting a great deal or not depends on whether or not you’ve got the cash when you need it.

When it comes to being successful with tax deed and tax lien investing, remember that old adage, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.” There are many tax lien research tools available, and you would be wise to use each and every one. 


Are tax liens a good investment? Absolutely!

Can you lose money buying tax liens? Tax liens are among the safest investments, and they’re secured by real estate, but no investment is completely immune to risk. That’s why you must know the rules and do your homework.

Tax lien research is vital to mitigate loss. You must know what you’re purchasing before you buy.

Fortunately, most of the tax lien research tools that you need, you likely already have, like a computer, phone, and vehicle, and Ted Thomas can show you how to use them. Learning how to do tax lien research only takes about 3-4 weeks.

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