Oklahoma Tax Deed Sales: The Secret to Turning $2,900 into $100K

The Sooner State has a lot to offer, including incredible deals on real estate at Oklahoma Tax Deed Sales.

At Oklahoma tax deed sales, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world full of opportunities and challenges where you can transform a modest investment into a substantial return by acting on the right opportunities.

This article will feature insights into Oklahoma tax deed sales, including when they’re held, the types of properties featured, and the fate of unsold properties in Oklahoma. By having a clear picture of these aspects, you can work efficiently towards generating wealth through tax deed sales.

Key Takeaways

  • Oklahoma tax deed sales offer various opportunities, including a wide range of property types and potential returns.
  • Understand tax deed auction terminology, the scheduled time for tax sales in Oklahoma, and what a tax deed is.
  • Knowing the fate of unsold properties and the role of forfeited lands lists can assist you in identifying hidden opportunities for profit.

A Tax Deed Investing Success Story

One day, Bob Schumacher, a former student of Ted Thomas, decided to put the knowledge he gained to practical use. He scrutinized a list of forfeited lands and discovered a property with great potential.

He acquired it for just $2,900 and invested a little time and effort into fixing it up. Bob eventually rented the property and later sold it for a staggering $102,000, making a significant profit.

The key takeaway from Bob’s journey is that knowledge and persistence can pay off in the world of tax deed sales.

How Oklahoma Tax Deed Sales Work

how Oklahoma tax deed sales work

Is Oklahoma a tax lien or tax deed state? In the past ten years, Oklahoma has switched from being a tax lien state to a tax deed state.

Currently, Oklahoma is a tax deed state, meaning that when a property owner fails to pay their property taxes, the county can auction off the deed to the highest bidder.

The great news for you is that tax deed sales in Oklahoma are an opportunity for you to buy real estate for pennies on the dollar.

Resale Auctions vs Tax Deed Auctions

When researching Oklahoma tax deed sales, you may come across the term “resale auction” and wonder if it’s the same thing as a tax deed sale. Although they might be called differently in other states, in Oklahoma a resale auction is a tax deed auction.

When and Where Oklahoma Holds Tax Deed Sales

In Oklahoma, tax sales typically take place in the month of June.

Oklahoma has 77 counties. To stay informed about upcoming Oklahoma tax deed sales, you can go to the individual counties’ websites for information about auction dates and venues and lists of tax-defaulted properties.

Types of Properties Sold at Oklahoma Tax Deed Auctions

At Oklahoma tax deed sales, you can find a diverse range of properties up for grabs. These include:

  • Single-family homes
  • Small apartment properties
  • Small office buildings
  • Land with row crops
  • Open range land

Essentially, any property not owned by the government, schools, or churches is available at tax-defaulted auctions in Oklahoma.

many types of properties are sold at Oklahoma tax deed sales

Is There a Redemption Period in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma does not have a redemption period for properties won at auction. Therefore, once you win the bid, the property is yours. However, understand that the county will not guarantee the quality or any defects that the property might possess.

What Type of Deed Do You Receive at Oklahoma Tax Deed Sales?

When you win a bid at an Oklahoma tax deed auction, you will receive a deed to the property. However, it’s essential to know what type of deed you’ll obtain, which could be a treasurer’s deed or a commissioner’s deed. This type of deed is essentially a quitclaim deed, meaning the county doesn’t warrant the condition of the property or title.

To secure a marketable title, you may need to complete a quiet title action.

Therefore, always remember to conduct thorough research and due diligence while exploring real estate sold at Oklahoma tax deed sales because your knowledge about the properties and auctions can significantly affect the outcome of your investment.

What Happens to Unsold Properties at Oklahoma Tax Deed Auctions?

Properties that don’t sell at Oklahoma tax deed sales don’t just vanish. The county may offer these properties for sale again at a future auction. If they still don’t sell, the county typically places these unsold properties on a list.

These lists may be referred to as “Surplus Lands” list or “Forfeited Lands” list. It’s important not to dismiss these lists. There have been instances where people found great deals on valuable properties that were overlooked during the auctions, like in the case of Bob Schumacher who picked up a $102k property for less than $3k from a Surplus Lands list.

The key is to know where to find these opportunities and how to take advantage of them. Each state and county may have different processes and rules regarding surplus and forfeited properties. Ask questions and do your research to uncover the hidden gems.

Contact the county treasurer for information and a list of available properties.

Can Canadians Participate in Oklahoma Tax Sales?

can Canadians participate in Oklahoma tax deed sales

As a Canadian citizen, you might be wondering if you can attend and bid at Oklahoma tax deed sales. Interestingly, the state of Oklahoma has some restrictions on foreigners purchasing properties in their jurisdiction.

The good news is, if you’re a Canadian resident interested in tax deed auctions, don’t be discouraged; There are plenty of tax delinquent properties available for investment around the country.


Here are some key points to help you navigate Oklahoma tax deed sales more effectively.

  • In Oklahoma, resale auctions and tax deed auctions are the same thing. This might not be the case in other states as each county can use different terms.
  • Oklahoma tax deed sales take place in June each year. Make sure to mark your calendar and prepare for these events if you intend to participate.
  • When bidding on a property in Oklahoma, there is no redemption period, and the property’s ownership will be transferred to the highest bidder through a tax deed.
  • Be mindful of the type of deed you receive, whether it’s a treasurer’s deed or a commissioner’s deed, it will essentially act as a quitclaim deed.
  • Oklahoma tax deed auctions present a wide range of properties, including single-family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, small farms, and vacant land, among others.
  • Properties that do not sell at auctions in Oklahoma can be found on a “leftover list” that is maintained by the county. It can be beneficial to inquire about this list by contacting the county treasurer.

While this information provides an overview of how Oklahoma tax deed sales work, make sure to stay informed to maximize your opportunities and make wise investments.

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