How to Sell Vacant Land Fast


Learn how to sell vacant land fast to make the most profit. If you shy away from buying and selling land, you’re missing out on a great way to make money.

I’m Ted Thomas, and for the past 30 years, I’ve been involved in tax liens and tax deeds.

It’s a business that makes money when you know how it works, and it’s always unusual because no two properties are exactly the same.

People ask, “Why is it so hard to sell land?” It’s not hard if you use the system I’m about to show you.

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rehab property tv 1On paper, everything sounds easy. It’s the same on video. Late night television makes everything look easy. In only 28 minutes, they manage to find a fixer, then they magically turn it into a mansion.

They do that using a pretty hostess and lots of very special labor. They knock down walls. Sometimes they build fireplaces, then sometimes knock down fire places.

The landscaping is almost instantaneous, and suddenly the home looks like a model.


There is also another side of the business that’s not so glamorous, however it’s very profitable. Today I’ll talk about how to sell vacant land fast.

In my 30 years of involvement in tax liens and tax deed real estate, I’ve seen a lot of changes, and I’m about to give you some ideas that worked for me and my student investors.

You can copy the ideas and make them work for you and by the close of this article, you’ll see how to make money and have security in your future.


Step #1 is not what everyone thinks about. It’s about selling fast.

You’ll make your money in real estate when you buy. That’s not what most people teach because they buy and hold on for decades, but you must burn into your brain that you make your money when you buy.

Bargain hunters are out there, and you won’t find the bargains unless you work in a special part of the market.

In my experience, for over 30 years, I searched for tax defaulted property auctions in the hopes of purchasing for 10 or 20 cents on the dollar.

how to flip land for profit no mortgage


Is selling land easy? The challenge is that eager, untrained and undisciplined newcomers don’t understand how difficult it is to sell. To sell a property it must be priced correctly.

Many properties are used and abused, and I’m very particular.

If I can buy residential land, I have many less competitors because most buyers want to make a killing fixing up houses and spending months and thousands of dollars on the fix up.


The tax deed auction is conducted by the treasurer’s county employees, including the tax collector, and the properties are sold mortgage-free. That translates to real estate for 10 or 20 cents on the dollar with no mortgage.

If you own property for 20 cents on the dollar, the margin between purchase price and assessed value or market value should be extensive.

How can I sell my land instantly? The immense profit margin is the key to how to sell vacant land fast, which I will explain.

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how to sell vacant land fast


For clarity, here’s an example of how I sell my vacant land, 10 acres valued at $3,000 per acre by the tax assessor is $30,000. However, the auction will start at significantly less than that. Let’s say $3,000.

The margin is the difference between the purchase price and the market value.

Let’s assume you purchase the property for $4,000, and now you advertise a $30,000 property for $12,000. Your ad can easily explain the tax assessed value is $30,000.

Vacant land buyers will think $30,000, and they only have to spend $12,000. Wow, think of the margin. You invested $4,000 and you sold for $12,000. That’s a 200% profit.

Ask yourself, how long does it take to make $12,000 in your job?

Other investors will criticize that you gave it away. Listen if you like, but take another close look at your bank account.

how to sell vacant land fast


There are over 5,000 tax defaulted auctions every year. Many states will have multiple auctions. Only a few investors will buy vacant residential lots or vacant open land.

The majority prefer houses no matter what the condition. Ugly houses are popular at auctions. Most newcomers have no idea the complications of rehabilitating those properties.

Vacant residential lots carry very little risk. Yes, you should have liability insurance. Yes, you should keep it clean and the grass cut. However, there are no squatters, no drug dealers, no fire, and no wind damage.


So what is the fastest way to sell raw land? Let’s do the analytics.

In this case, the land was valued at $30,000. The purchase price was only $4,000. The margin is typical.

Of course, you would like to sell for $30,000 and go to the bank. To sell it quickly at $12,000, which is more than a 50% discount, will happen very quickly.

how to sell vacant land fast


The system works. If you want to make big profits, do as follows. Here’s how to sell land by owner via seller financing.

Advertise the $30,000 property at the market or assessed price, and simply state “Installment Sale Accepted.” Then sell the property with a small down payment, let’s say 5% or $1,500.

Accept payments on a monthly basis for the next 10 years, and let the buyer insure the property and pay the taxes.

Do the math, it’s exceptional.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Sell Vacant Land Fast”

In real estate, you make your money when you buy. When you sell, you’re just collecting your money. Your profit is determined by your purchase price, so the cheaper you can purchase, the more profit margin you have to work with.

At tax defaulted property auctions, real estate is sold for pennies on the dollar of the assessed value, and the property is sold without a mortgage. This enormous profit margin is the key to how to sell vacant land fast.

When you buy land at a discount, you can also sell it at a discount that will attract bargain hunters.

For example, if you buy a $30,000 residential lot at a tax defaulted auction for $4,000, you could sell it fast for $12,000 and still make a 200% profit.

Perhaps you want to sell at a price much closer to the assessed value, but still want sell it fast. Then you may consider owner financing.

In that case, advertise that you’re accepting installment payments and sell the land with a small down payment, then earn residual income for years. Even better, the process is repeatable!

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