Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in Ohio: Find Real Estate Gems

If you’re looking to find real estate gems, a Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in Ohio is a goldmine of opportunities. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of tax delinquent properties and how savvy investors can capitalize on these hidden treasures.

First, we’ll explore the world of Ohio Tax Lien Certificates and the unique way Ohio’s tax lien sale process works. Next, we’ll examine Ohio Tax Deeds and their role in acquiring ownership of real estate at a fraction of the market value.

Lastly, we’ll investigate Ohio Sheriff’s Sales as another avenue for finding lucrative real estate deals at tax delinquency auctions. By understanding these various methods for uncovering valuable properties within this state, with a Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in Ohio, you can unlock a wealth of potential investments waiting to be discovered.

Understanding Ohio Tax Lien Certificates

A tax lien certificate is a claim against a property for unpaid property taxes. When you purchase one of these tax certificates, you essentially become the lender who paid off the delinquent taxes on behalf of the property owner. This gives you certain rights as an investor:

  • The right to collect interest (up to 18% in Ohio) from the property owner on your investment.
  • The possibility of acquiring ownership if they don’t redeem their debt within a specified time frame.

In Ohio, when property owners fail to pay their property taxes, the county government sells tax lien certificates in bulk to recover the unpaid taxes. Counties typically hold annual or semi-annual sales where they auction off large batches of tax liens at once – this is known as a “bulk sale”.  However, you would need to have a million dollars or more to participate in a tax lien certificate auction in Ohio.

tax delinquent properties for sale list in Ohio for tax liens

Exploring Ohio Tax Deeds

In contrast to tax lien certificates, purchasing a tax deed at a public auction gives you ownership of the property. The process typically begins with an annual sale where all eligible properties are offered at public auction. Bidding begins near the back taxes, and these properties can be purchased individually for pennies on the dollar.

Getting a tax delinquent properties for sale list in Ohio is relatively straightforward.

  • Step 1: Visit your local county auditor or treasurer’s website.
  • Step 2: Search for information on upcoming tax sales.
  • Step 3: Review published Ohio delinquent tax lists of available properties online or in local newspapers.

To profit from investing in Ohio tax deeds, you can buy tax delinquent real estate for 10, 20 or 30 cents on the dollar and sell it for a discount of 50 or 60 cents on the dollar to generate quick cash flow. Alternatively, you could offer seller financing and receive passive income.

Investigating Ohio Sheriff’s Sales

Sheriff’s sales are also an excellent place to start your search for tax delinquent properties in Ohio. These public auctions offer a wide range of real estate, including foreclosed homes in addition to properties with unpaid taxes.

Understanding the Process of Sheriff’s Sales in Ohio

In Ohio, sheriff’s sales are conducted by the county sheriff as part of the foreclosure process. If payments on a mortgage or property taxes are not made, the lender or taxing body may initiate proceedings to foreclose on the property.

The court will then mandate the sale of the property at auction to pay off any debt owed. The highest bidder at the auction becomes the new owner of the property and receives a deed from the sheriff.

finding tax delinquent properties at a sheriff sale in Ohio

Finding Tax Delinquent Real Estate at Sheriff’s Sales

  • County Websites: Many counties in Ohio have websites that list upcoming sheriff’s sales along with details about each property being auctioned off.
  • Newspaper Notices: Local newspapers often publish legal notices about upcoming sheriff’s sales which include the tax delinquent properties for sale list in Ohio and information on the tax delinquent properties up for auction.
  • Sheriff’s Office: You can also visit your local sheriff’s office in Ohio directly and ask for information on any scheduled auctions featuring tax-delinquent real estate.

By understanding how Ohio sheriff’s sales work and keeping an eye out for tax delinquent properties up for auction, you can find real estate gems that offer significant investment potential.


Important Takeaway: Ohio sheriff’s sales are a great place to find tax delinquent properties for sale. These public auctions offer various real estate opportunities, including foreclosed homes and other properties with unpaid taxes. By understanding the process of sheriff’s sales in Ohio and keeping an eye out for upcoming auctions, you can find potential investment gems.

FAQs in Relation to Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in Ohio

How to Find Tax Liens in Ohio

Finding tax liens in Ohio involves researching each county’s public records. Many counties provide online access to their Treasurer or Tax Collector’s website where you can search for delinquent properties. Additionally, local newspapers often publish lists of upcoming auctions and properties with unpaid taxes.

How Long Can Property Taxes Go Unpaid in Ohio?

In Ohio, if property taxes remain unpaid after two years (or one year for vacant land), they become eligible for a tax foreclosure process. This may lead to either a sheriff’s sale or transfer of ownership through other legal means such as forfeiture proceedings.


By understanding Ohio tax lien certificates, exploring Ohio tax deeds, and investigating Ohio Sheriff’s sales, you can find real estate gems, and obtaining a Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in Ohio is an opportunity to capitalize on discount real estate.

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