Tax Deed Sales in NY: Know This Before You Bid in New York

In this interview, Ted answers questions about tax deed sales in NY and explains what New York does differently.

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The topics to be covered in “Tax Deed Sales in NY: Know This Before You Bid in New York” are:

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Does New York Sell Tax Liens, Tax Deeds or Both?

The majority of the counties in New York sell tax deeds. That means you get the property, but there are a couple of quirks to this whole thing.

In the city of New York, they don’t even call them counties, they call them “boroughs.” Alaska does the same thing. So in King County, Manhattan, and Staten Island, they call those boroughs, and they sell tax liens in bulk. They just sell them to the banks.

There are other NY tax lien sales. Nassau and Suffolk counties sell tax lien certificates, but most of New York sells tax defaulted property, in other words, tax deeds. That means when you win the bid, you get the property, as quick as that.

tax lien and tax deed sales in ny

Is There a Redemption Period on Tax Sale Properties in New York?

On the tax lien certificates, you’re going to have redemptions. For tax defaulted property, you don’t.

When you purchase a tax defaulted property and that gavel comes down, it means the auction is over. There’s no redemption in the state of New York on tax deeds. So, when you bid, you need to have the money because they’re going to ask you to pay them right then and there.

Do Your Homework Before You Bid at a Property Tax Auction

It’s important to do your homework on a property before you purchase it. Properties sometimes have troubles. There could be damage from earthquakes, floods, fires, or hurricanes, so you always want to look at the property.

What if it was next to a pig farm? You don’t want to buy a property next to a pig farm because then how are you going to sell it? Nobody’s going to want that property. So always look at it first. If you can’t look at it, don’t buy it. That’s my rule.

Are Tax Auction Rules the Same in New York as Everywhere Else?

The auction rules are different in every single county. There are over 3,000 counties in the United States. Whether you’re in Louisiana, Washington, or Boston, you have to know the rules for your particular county.

New York has its own rules, and here’s something that most people don’t even know. You can buy properties with a credit card at tax auctions in NY.

purchasing real estate at tax deed sales in NY

How Ted Purchased a House at a Dutchess County Auction

I bought a property in Dutchess County, that’s just north of New York City, and gave the guy my credit card. He put $140,000 on my card. No joke.

It’s a nice house, a big colonial house with double stories, big archways and wonderful curved driveways. Now, it was used and abused.

The county sold it to me with a quitclaim deed, which means they’re not guaranteeing the condition of the property or that the title is clear. You’re buying what you get. There’s no warranty.

It took me months to get that quitclaim deed turned into a quiet title action. So, there’s caution when you buy a property. Every deal isn’t going to get loaded right away.

You have to know what you’re doing in this business. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years. I made the mistakes so you don’t have to, so I can teach you what not to do.

How to Find a Tax Delinquent Properties for Sale List in New York

To find out when tax deed sales in NY will occur and acquire a list of the properties for sale, go to the local county where you want to buy. They’ll have a tax auction list that you’ll know will be a good one. The county is also required by law to advertise in the newspaper.

Also, we provide a list. We have an interactive map of upcoming auctions. The interactive map will take you to any county in the United States online and tell you how many properties are for sale.

You can also use the interactive map to go into the county public records to research the properties. It’s a real time saver, and we have classes on that. We’ll give you a demonstration of how it works so you can actually see it in action.

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We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “Tax Deed Sales in NY: Know This Before You Bid in New York.”

King County and the boroughs of Manhattan and Staten Island sell tax liens in bulk to the banks. Nassau and Suffolk counties sell tax lien certificates. However, most counties hold tax deed sales in NY.

At tax deed sales in NY, you can purchase real estate for 60%, 70% and 80% discounts, and they’ll allow you to put it on your credit card. Note that each county has its own rules, so be sure to do your homework before you bid.

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