How to Promote Your Home Business

Learn How to Promote Your Home Business

Learn how to promote your home business because no matter how good your products or services may be, people won’t buy if they don’t know about it. This is where the power of marketing comes in handy!

Today, I’m going to discuss how to promote your home business.

My name is Ted Thomas, and I’ve been involved in a home business for 30 years. In fact, right now I’m promoting a home business. This is just one of a dozen ways you can promote a home business.

Entrepreneurs are unusual. They work when they’re the most productive. Sometimes, at 3am in the morning. To promote your home business, you must not use just a single source.

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How to Promote Your Home Business – Solving Problems

If this is your first promotion, you’ll learn a lot. Successful entrepreneurs make money because they search for problems that other people have. When they find the problem, they try their best to solve it.

This is usually a process. You must have solution-based remedies, otherwise, you won’t have a business.

What is the fastest way to promote your business? You must locate people that need your help and then hang out where they hang out.

problem solution

How to Promote Your Home Business – Your Objective

Promotion is the life blood of your successful business. You have no choice. You have no store on main street, no big glass display window at the mall. You must know how to advertise your business.

Home-based entrepreneurs create their own opportunities that reflect their values. So, don’t lose sight of the objective of your business.

What problems are you solving? What marketplace are you looking for? Where can you find the people that need a problem solved?

How to Promote Your Home Business – Money

Money is always a problem. Are you using your own money? Or are you using someone else’s money? If you’re using your own money, you need to research as many places as possible for free advertising.

If you’re wondering, how do I promote my home-based business? Could you do that on the internet? Yes, you could create a blog. A blog costs very little money, if any.

A lot of stuff on the internet is free, however, it takes a certain amount of work to produce.

For example, a video needs a script so that it makes sense. The video needs to be edited and that must be followed by placing the video on YouTube or other video sites. It’s a process, and it’s continuous.

Maybe you’re a social media butterfly, and you’d like to post on social media. It’s free. Your message could end up on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn.

How to Promote Your Home Business – Interactive Marketing

My business is a good example; it’s a very small niche, very narrow. It’s a subset of a huge real estate business. I’m not flooded with orders, however; no customer comes to my front door.

Business requires constant promotion. You must reach out and locate the potential customers.

If you can make your marketing interactive, if you’ll answer questions, you’ll have a minor advantage. Everyone has questions.

How to Promote Your Home Business – Online and Offline Promotion

ted newspaper tax lien certificatesIf you have a budget, you can promote your home business online and offline, and you can be just like the big boys because not everyone knows you’re in a spare bedroom in the back of your house.

If you want to know how to promote your business offline, think about events in your hometown.

You could be a sponsor for the little league. All of these events want sponsors. Sponsorship is how to promote your business locally in an effective manner.

For me, print media works because the audience I have hangs out and reads newspapers and magazines. Print newsletters go to specialty audiences.

How to Promote Your Home Business – Referrals

If you’re wondering, how can I promote my business locally for free? Whom do you know? Will they recommend you? This is the best way to grow your business. It’s with referrals.

You must collaborate with others who will benefit.

What’s your business? How do you solve the problems? Are you producing written documents? Who helps you make those?

How to Promote Your Home Business – Hiring Help

I use Elance and Fivver to help me with publications. They are low cost and they do good work. They are an outside service helping entrepreneurs like yourself.

I’m not a do-it-yourselfer. I hire people who are experts.

Yes, I know and learn the hard way. Everyone claims to be an expert. I suggest you give them a small project, and you’ll quickly learn how expert they really are.

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How to Promote Your Home Business – My Business

30-years ago, I discovered an almost hidden market. It was little known, but I could see that it was highly lucrative and profitable. It was mandated by the government and administered by local counties.

My product was an alternative to the real estate market and a little on the complex side. It turns out that traditional real estate people are not interested. That was a major discovery.

Nationwide, I figured out millions of dollars were being left on the table.

auction discounts

How to Promote Your Home Business – Tax Delinquent Property

The state legislatures had laws on the books, and the supervisors of counties were mandated to collect property taxes. If uncollectible, the tax collector and the treasurer could seize the property and then resell it with a starting bid of only the back taxes.

They sold these tax delinquent properties at public auctions for as low as 5 cents, 10 cents, or 20 cents on the dollar.

That meant that I could simply look and see what they were selling for and look at the comparable market to see what it was selling for then make a profit on the margin, the difference between the two.

Ask yourself, if you could purchase a property for a 70% discount, how many would you buy? Well, every county in the United States has tax defaulted properties that they will auction.

I found a small niche that was a subset of real estate. No flippers, no foreclosures, no wholesaling. The properties were free of mortgage and trust deed loans, and anyone can buy into the market.

How to Promote Your Home Business – Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Promote Your Home Business”

There are multiple ways to promote your home business both online and offline, ranging in price from free to expensive.

On the free to less expensive side, you can utilize the internet by blogging, creating videos, and promoting your business on social media.

Offline you could use print media or keep track of events in your local community and become a sponsor. Also, never underestimate the value of word-of-mouth referrals.

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