Colorado Tax Lien Sales: Know This Before You Bid

Colorado tax lien sales offer an opportunity to earn a high-yield, low-risk return or get property for cents on the dollar.

Colorado Tax Lien Sales: Know This Before You Bid is an essential guide for real estate entrepreneurs, investors, and opportunity seekers looking to enter the lucrative world of tax lien investing. This guide supplies the details required to make sound decisions when purchasing tax liens in Colorado, with comprehensive data on the state’s one-of-a-kind tax lien sale process and auction regulations.

We’ll discuss various aspects of Colorado Tax Lien Sales such as Colorado tax lien certificates, their interest rates, redemption periods and how to find properties with outstanding liens. Additionally, we’ll delve into the intricacies of participating in a Colorado tax lien auction – from bidding rules to winning bids and obtaining treasurer’s deeds. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well-prepared for your next venture into the exciting realm of Colorado tax lien sales.

Understanding Colorado Tax Lien Certificates

If you’re looking to invest in the real estate market, Colorado tax lien certificates are an excellent opportunity worth considering. When property owners fail to pay their property taxes, the county government can place a tax lien on the delinquent property. Investors like you can then purchase these liens at Colorado tax lien sales and potentially earn significant returns.

By investing in tax lien certificates, you pay off the unpaid taxes for the property owner. In return, they must repay your investment plus interest within a specified redemption period as per Colorado Revised Statutes. This arrangement offers several benefits:

  • Safety: Since your investment is backed by real estate and protected by the tax code, it’s considered relatively low-risk compared to other investments.
  • Potential high returns: The interest rate on tax liens in Colorado is quite attractive (more on this later).
  • Possibility of acquiring properties below market value: If the delinquent taxpayer fails to redeem their tax debt within the redemption period, you may be able to acquire ownership of their property through a treasurer’s deed or foreclosure process.

In summary, purchasing tax lien certificates at Colorado tax lien sales allows you not only an opportunity for high-interest income but also potential acquisition of valuable properties at deeply discounted prices.

With the right knowledge and strategy, tax lien investing in Colorado can be an advantageous way to invest in property. Now that you understand how tax lien certificates work, let’s explore what interest rate they offer investors.

Colorado Tax Lien Certificate Interest Rate

Colorado tax lien sales interest rate on tax lien certificates

The interest rate for tax lien certificates in Colorado is a fixed annual return, and it’s an attractive feature for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. The current interest rate stands at a hefty 9% above the Federal Funds Rate per annum, far exceeding the returns of many other low-risk investments such as savings accounts or CDs.

The redemption period of these certificates should also be taken into account before making any investments at Colorado tax lien sales.

Colorado Tax Lien Certificate Redemption Period

Before bidding on a property in a tax lien sale in Colorado, it’s essential to understand the redemption period. In Colorado, the redemption period lasts for three years from the sale date. This period gives property owners enough time to pay their delinquent taxes and avoid foreclosure.

If no redemption occurs within the three-year period, you can apply for a treasurer’s deed. This legal document transfers ownership rights from the delinquent taxpayer to you, finalizing the purchase amount and ending any remaining financial obligations tied to unpaid taxes on the property.

Patience is key when investing in Colorado tax liens. By understanding the redemption period and its implications, you can potentially secure real estate at a fraction of the market value at Colorado tax lien sales.

The Colorado Tax Lien Certificate Redemption Period is an important factor to consider when investing in tax lien certificates. With that knowledge, it’s time to learn how to find the best properties for investment opportunities with a look at how to locate tax liens in Colorado.

How to Find Tax Lien Properties in Colorado

Finding tax lien properties in Colorado is easier than you might think. The first step is to get a list of tax delinquent properties for sale from the county treasurer’s office or their website. Many counties provide this information online, making it convenient for you.

In addition to providing lists on their websites, counties also publish notices about upcoming tax lien sales in local newspapers.

how to find tax lien properties sold at Colorado tax lien sales

Knowing how to find tax lien properties in Colorado is just the first step. It’s important to understand the bidding rules and the foreclosure process before you start bidding on properties. Make sure you’re familiar with the Colorado Revised Statutes that govern tax lien sales and the treasurer’s deed that you’ll receive if you’re the winning bidder.

Keep in mind that tax lien sales are not tax deed sales. You won’t receive ownership of the property immediately after the sale. Instead, you’ll need to wait out the redemption period, during which the property owner can pay off their delinquent taxes and reclaim their property. If the redemption period expires and the property owner hasn’t paid their taxes, you can begin the foreclosure process to obtain the treasurer’s deed.

By following these tips and doing your research, you can successfully invest in tax lien properties at Colorado tax lien sales and potentially earn a significant return on your investment.

Now take a look at how Colorado Tax Lien Auctions work.

How Colorado Tax Lien Auctions Work

If you’re interested in investing in tax lien certificates, it’s important to understand how the Colorado tax lien auction process works. These auctions are held annually by each county and provide a great opportunity for you to purchase tax liens on delinquent properties.

Registering for the Auction

To participate in a Colorado tax lien sale, you must register with the county treasurer’s office prior to the auction date; be sure to check the local treasurer for specific details.

Bidding Rules and Process

The bidding process at these auctions is typically conducted through an open outcry or sealed bid format, depending on the county rules. In most cases, bids start at the amount of unpaid taxes plus any fees associated with foreclosure process costs (Colorado Revised Statutes § 39-11-104(1)). Colorado tax lien sales are usually bid up auctions which means the winning bidder is the one who places the highest bid on the property rather than reverse auctions where the interest rate is bid down.

Winning Bids and Payment Terms

Upon being declared a winning bidder, you’ll be required to pay your purchase amount promptly according to terms set forth by the individual county. Once your payment has been received and processed, you’ll receive the lien documents.

FAQs in Relation to Colorado Tax Lien Sales

Colorado tax lien sales FAQs

How do tax lien sales work in Colorado?

In Colorado, when a property owner fails to pay property taxes, the county government places a tax lien on the property. The county then auctions off these liens as tax lien certificates, allowing investors to purchase them and earn interest on the outstanding debt. If the property owner does not redeem the taxes within a specified redemption period, the investor may initiate foreclosure proceedings.

What is the interest rate on a tax lien in Colorado?

The interest rate for Colorado tax lien certificates is set at 9% above the federal discount rate annually. This high-interest rate makes investing in these certificates an attractive option for many investors looking to earn passive income and potentially acquire properties at discounted prices.

What is the best state to buy tax lien certificates?

The “best” state for purchasing tax lien certificates varies depending on risk tolerance levels and individual investment goals, such as higher interest rates or shorter redemption periods. Therefore, be sure to research each state’s specific rules, regulations, and potential returns before investing.


At Colorado tax lien sales, tax lien certificates are issued to investors who pay the delinquent property taxes on behalf of the property owner. The certificates have a redemption period of 3 years during which the property owner can pay off the unpaid taxes plus interest to retain ownership of the property. The legal rate of interest on Colorado tax lien certificates is 9% above the Federal Funds Rate and can differ from year to year.

To find properties with delinquent taxes, research and due diligence are required. Once you’re ready to bid at an auction, make sure you follow all bidding rules carefully as the highest bidder will win. If you end up winning a bid, be prepared to promptly pay for your purchase.

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