Beginner’s Boost: Tax Lien Sales in Colorado Decoded!

Tax lien sales in Colorado can be a profitable endeavor once you understand Colorado’s unique auction process.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of tax lien sales in Colorado, a state known for its beautiful mountains and landscapes. We’ll provide valuable information to help you navigate the process of purchasing tax lien certificates in Colorado and comprehending the ever-evolving state regulations regarding these types of investments.

Besides discussing the overall buying process, we’ll touch on the interest rates and bidding methods used in Colorado’s tax lien certificate auctions, highlighting the unique aspects that set them apart from those in other states. Additionally, we’ll explore the rules, regulations, and auction procedures that can vary across Colorado’s numerous counties, as well as address some frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions in your tax lien investment journey.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Colorado tax lien sales process is crucial for successful investments
  • Stay informed about the interest rates, bidding methods, and auction procedures to avoid common pitfalls
  • Know the rules and regulations specific to each county for a seamless investment experience

Understanding Tax Lien Sales in Colorado

understanding tax lien sales in Colorado

When participating in tax lien sales in Colorado, here are some essential points to remember during the buying process:

  • Tax Lien State: At tax lien sales in Colorado, the county offers tax lien certificates for sale, not tax deeds. You’re not purchasing the real estate outright; you are purchasing the right to collect payments plus interest on the property tax lien.
  • Interest Rates: Colorado uses a unique system where the interest rate on tax lien certificates is determined as 9% above the Federal Funds Rate. Keep in mind that the Federal Funds Rate can change, causing fluctuations in the interest rate.
  • Bidding Methods: Tax lien auctions in Colorado usually involve bidding up the price of the property, rather than bidding down on interest rates. Be sure not to overbid, as the overbid amount will be accepted by the county without earning any interest.
  • Auction Types: Tax lien auctions in Colorado can be conducted both online and in person, so be sure to check the format when planning to participate. It is vital to keep an eye on auction announcements for specific dates and formats.
  • Redemption Period: Upon buying a tax lien certificate, you must wait until the three-year redemption period ends before potentially acquiring the property. During this time, it is a passive investment and you have no rights to the property, including collecting rent or making improvements.
  • Reading the Rules: Each county in Colorado has its own rules and regulations for tax lien sales. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with them before participating in an auction.

Remember, by carefully following the buying process, you can confidently participate in tax lien sales in Colorado and make sound investment decisions.

interest rate on certificates at tax lien sales in Colorado

Colorado Tax Lien Certificate Interest Rates, Rules and Regulations

In Colorado, each county serves as its own taxing district. Additionally, within a county, there may be different townships or municipalities, each with their own taxing district and rates.

Since interest rates may vary across different taxing districts, it’s crucial to stay informed on the interest rates for your specific area, make sure to read the rules associated with your county carefully, and be prepared for any changes along the way. Remember, understanding the interest rates and bidding method in Colorado is essential to successfully navigate tax lien auctions in the state.

Tax lien sales in Colorado typically occur in November, though this could be subject to change. The auctions can either be online or in-person, with some buyers preferring in-person auctions for the excitement they bring.

When investing in tax lien certificates in Colorado, be prepared to wait as the defaulted property owner has a right of redemption for three years.

The county will provide you with the certificate rules, which usually span just one or two pages. Remember to be flexible and adapt to the variations in rates and rules across Colorado’s different counties.

Investing Successfully at Colorado Tax Lien Auctions

When participating in Colorado tax lien sales, it’s crucial to do your due diligence before investing in a property. Here is a step-by-step guide for a successful investing experience:

  1. Research the condition of the property: Since you could end up acquiring the property if the delinquent taxes are not paid, make sure the property is in an acceptable condition before you place a bid on it.
  2. Check the location of the property: People buy neighborhoods, not property. You want to bid on a property that’s in a good neighborhood, so be sure to do your due diligence on the property’s location prior to investing.
  3. Research the title: Check the property’s title for other liens or encumbrances. While liens like mortgages are typically extinguished by a tax sale, some may remain. It’s prudent to research the property’s title before purchasing a tax lien certificate, which you can do by searching the public records.
  4. Have an exit strategy: To avoid overbidding, know the market value of the property to determine your potential profit margin. In order to know how much to bid on a property, you must first know how much you can sell it for and have a strategy in place to do so.
  5. Stay informed on auction dates: The specific dates of tax lien auctions in Colorado may change over time. At the time of writing, auctions generally take place in November, but it’s crucial to check for updates and potential changes.

Remember, always read through the rules and guidelines for each county and do your due diligence on the properties to ensure a smooth and successful auction experience. By being knowledgeable and prepared, you can confidently participate in Colorado tax lien sales.

tax lien sales in Colorado typically occur in November

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Colorado offer – tax lien certificates or tax deed sales?
    Colorado offers tax lien certificates.
  • How long until I can foreclose on a property after purchasing a tax lien certificate in Colorado?
    You must wait three years before you can foreclose on the property.
  • What type of bidding method is used to purchase tax liens in Colorado?
    In Colorado, the bidding method used is bidding up the price of the property.
  • Can Colorado change the interest rate on a certificate each year, and is that legal?
    Yes, Colorado can change the interest rate, as they charge 9% above the Federal funds rate, which can vary.
  • Do different counties in Colorado have different rates?
    Yes, each county can have its own rates and rules. You need to read the rules for the specific county you’re interested in.
  • When do tax lien auctions take place in Colorado?
    Generally, tax lien auctions take place in the month of November, but this can change.
  • How are tax lien certificates auctioned in Colorado – online or in-person?
    Both online and in-person auctions are available in Colorado.


Tax lien sales in Colorado are a bit different from the way tax lien sales occur in other states. The most notable differences are the fluctuating interest rates pinned to the Federal Funds Rate and the bidding method that is more reminiscent of a tax deeds sale than a tax lien sale. However, Colorado is a tax lien certificate state and does not sell tax deeds.

By understanding the rules, you can profit from tax lien sales in Colorado, earning a comfortable passive income from the high rate of interest paid on Colorado tax lien certificates or even potentially acquiring Colorado real estate for mere pennies on the dollar.

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