How to Buy Tax Liens in Maricopa County

I’m Ted Thomas, and today I’m going to answer your question about how to buy tax liens in Maricopa county? Is Arizona a tax deed or tax lien state? Arizona is a tax lien state.

I’ve been a practitioner of this business for over 30 years, and I actually started in Maricopa county. Let me tell you a little bit about that.

My first few years, I just bought tax liens and resold them, then I started buying properties and reselling them. For the first 5 years, I just learned how to do the business. Over the next 25 years, I had so many people asking questions that I started creating courses on how to do it.

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Tax Lien Certificates

In Maricopa county, if a property owner does not pay property taxes, the local county will issue a tax lien certificate.

Can you buy tax liens in Arizona? Yes, there are other counties in Arizona, and all of those counties also offer tax liens for sale.

In a good economy, there will be 15,000 certificates just in Maricopa county. In a bad economy, there will be 30,000 plus certificates.

Tax Delinquent Properties For Sale List

How do I find tax delinquent properties in my area? The county will make a tax delinquent properties for sale list. That list will be online on the county’s website, and they’ll also publish the list to the local newspapers.

Every one of those certificates on the Maricopa County tax lien list will be auctioned off. Nowadays, they do it online. So, it’s all done in a day or 2.

tax sale list newspaper

A Down Bid Auction

In Maricopa county, they pay up to 16% of tax lien certificates. So, the first bid is 16%. If you raise your hand and say 16, that’s where it all starts.

However, if I want it, I could bid 15 and a half. Then if my friend John wanted it, he could be 15.

It’s a down bid process, and it could go all the way down to one percent if you wanted to.

Now, I would tell you not to do those bids. I would go to the auction and hold my bid where I could really make some money.

A High-Yielding Passive Investment

What are they selling? They’re not selling property. They’re actually selling a piece of paper that will say “tax lien certificate.” It will have the interest rate and your name on it.

You just take the certificate home, and there’s no work to do. You just sit on your rusty-dusty and wait for the property owner to come in and pay.

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An Investment Secured by Real Estate

I can tell you from experience in 30 years of doing this, 95% to 97% percent of all those certificates will be paid off in 2 years.

You’re very likely going to get paid. However, if you don’t get paid, you’re going to get the property.

You could get the property by only paying the back taxes, and you get it without a mortgage. The mortgage is wiped out.

Mortgage-Free Property

If you buy a tax lien or tax deed, the county has the power to wipe out the mortgage.

So, now you’re buying property for 2% or 3% of the assessed value, and you’re either going to get paid up to 16% interest or you’re going to get the property.

Where else are you going to find such a safe high-yielding investment? You’re investing directly with the county.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you can start small. You could start with $50, but if you want to make real money, you’re going to have to invest some real money.

You need money to be at a tax auction. There’s no free ride.

Offline and Online Real Estate Auctions

online auction1Do you want to attend the auction online or offline? Well, online is pretty easy. I’ll tell you it’s too easy.

If your town, city or county is going to have live auctions, go to the live auction whenever possible. You’ll learn more at the live auction than that you will at any other time, but don’t take your wallet. Don’t do anything until you learn how to do this.

If you’re worried that you’re going to miss something. I can tell you that you’re never going to miss anything in this business. It’s been around for 200 years, and it will be here 200 years from now. There’s always an abundance.

Do Your Research

Let me tell you a couple of things that you don’t want to do. There are 2 mistakes that I don’t want you to make.

Mistake #1. Don’t ever buy a tax lien certificate if you haven’t looked at the property.

In Maricopa county this is a piece of cake. All you have to do is get the property number, type it into your computer, and it will tell you all about the property.

You’ll get the address, whether it’s a 3 bedroom 2 bath, and what the property value is. Also, they’ll tell you what everything on the street is worth. That’s all public knowledge.

Look at the Property Before You Buy

Sometimes they even show you a picture of it. Don’t pay any attention to pictures. You don’t know how old they are. You need to go and look at that property.

If you don’t go yourself, send someone who’s a professional like a real estate broker or someone that you know. You could even send an Uber driver, but get pictures before you buy.

Know Your Exit Strategy

Mistake #2. If you’re going to bid at an auction, know what the property is worth. Think about your exit strategy.

Don’t get involved in a property if you don’t know what you’re going to sell it for. Otherwise, you’ll keep bidding up, and you might bid right past the value of the property.

If you know what your exit strategy is, then you’ll stop bidding.

Ted’s Strategy

My teaching is the opposite of every real estate course you’ll ever go to, I teach you to buy it low, sell it low and do it fast.

Every other real estate course says, buy it low and spend months fixing it up. Well, that’s great, but where is the money coming from? Those fixer-upper deals can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s the fastest way I know of going broke in America.

So, I’m going to tell you to buy it low, sweep it out, sell it low, do it fast and take the cash to the bank. You’ll be really happy with tax lien certificates if you do that.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Buy Tax Liens in Maricopa County”

Maricopa County pays up to 16% for tax lien certificates, which are sold via a bid down auction.

95% to 97% of the certificates are redeemed, however, if you don’t get paid, you get the property with no mortgage or deed of trust loan, making Maricopa County tax liens an excellent passive investment.

If you’d like to know more, Ted provides full support and complete training with home study courses, Q&A webinars, live tutorials, workshops, web classes, and personal coaching with certified coaches.

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