How to Achieve Financial Independence – Learning How to Invest for Financial Independence


Learn how to achieve financial independence. For most people, it’s a life-long goal, but where do you begin? Today, I’ll give you important tips and advice that will start you on your journey to financial freedom!

This is not going to be what you read or hear from investment gurus or financial planners. When I say that, I mean I’m not going to give you pages of rules and wonderful lifestyle recommendations to follow.

I don’t think you’ll be satisfied with that. Most people don’t care to read about lifestyle issues, statements about earning more money and spending less money.

Most people in my world want to know how to make money.

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Today I’m discussing how to achieve financial independence.

I’m very practical. I’m going to narrow it down to earning. This is not going to be an academic article. I’m going to tell you to work at something someone else has proven.

I know dozens of other financial advisors will have told you lots of fluff. For goodness sake, if you want to be financially independent, you want to make money.

You need to learn how to make money. I’m talking about real world stuff, not a lot of buzz words and commonalities.


I’m going to give you practical street-smart examples. But first, if you haven’t already, check out the other experts.

They all have videos and blogs, and they’ll say the same things, for example, “Spend less and earn more.” Oh, my goodness, no kidding! Isn’t that exciting? Or how about when they advise you to “master self-control.”

For me, I’m in the money business, not the business of touchy feely buzz words and sayings.


how to structure real estate investment debtSo, here’s a typical gem from the ivory tower academic professor, “Maximize your savings,” no kidding. Savings earn 1%. That must be a joke. Banks are paying 1%, and someone is saying maximize your savings.

Of course, there are plenty of these people, and they’ll say, “Set yourself a budget.” I love people who tell you to adjust your lifestyle. These are all academic dreams.

What does it mean to adjust your lifestyle? You already spend every dime you earn. You don’t have 5 figures in the bank. You need to make money now.

Here’s another gem from a guru. “You need to save more money.” No kidding. I could tell you up front, that you will NEVER save yourself to wealth. It’s not going to happen.


Here’s another professorial quote that will rock your boat, “Use tax-advantaged accounts.” Oh, my goodness! Academia is bumbling their way through with this kind of advice.

Bottom line, you need to make money and lots of it before you worry about tax advantage accounts.

Then there’s one that all the academics use and all the other authors copy when they say, “Diversify your assets.” Wow, it’s like you’re starting out with a 7 figure portfolio.

There’s also always the recommendation that you need a financial wellness project or program. All of this is great reading, good videos and good podcasts. The problem is that it’s not going to work.

I have a free gift for you, a 1-hour, streaming-video Mini Course that will teach you how to become financially free, investing in alternative real estate for pennies on the dollar to generate massive cash flow, earn residual income and passive income in a high-yielding investment that’s secured by real estate! 


No one is showing you how to accumulate money. What you need is money. What’s the plan to get money? When will you have enough money to live day to day and grow financially.

The first step is to start with someone who is successful and begin asking questions about money. Ask someone who wasn’t given the money, someone who earns money. Where did they get the money?

Did they use OPM? Or maybe they boot-strapped step by step.

how to achieve financial independence opm


Here’s an example. Mr. B. didn’t have any money to start. He did have a credit card, and he was intelligent enough not to use the credit card at Macy’s or Walmart or any other retail store.

Mr. B. learned my step-by-step process to make money.

Yes, he read all the academic material. Have a budget. Make a plan. Spend less. Maximize your savings. Adjust your lifestyle, and Diversify, but he actually took action.


I’m Ted Thomas, and for the past 30 years, I’ve been doing what I’m going to tell you all about. It’s a 200-year-old system.

It’s not pretty, not glamorous; it’s kind of ugly and dirty. It’s not a piece of cake, but it’s not difficult.

For sure, you will not impress your friends, relatives or family, but with a little training you will make money, honestly and ethically.

Today I’m answering your question about how to achieve financial independence. So, I’ll put this in a nutshell. You don’t need a lot of advice.

You just need to make a lot of money, and when you do, you spend some of the money to buy more.

This is how to become financially independent in 5 years or less. When you have a half a dozen deals under your belt, you’ll have $15,000 a month income in just a few years.


When I discovered this business, I never looked back.

Mr. B, whom I just mentioned using credit cards, used them to purchase tax defaulted properties for pennies on the dollar, 60 properties in 6 years.

He sold those properties using a contract, an installment contract, just like when you buy a car or a refrigerator. Imagine.

Paul was also a student, and he read all the academic books which told him to save more, take care of your health and maximize your savings account.

He quickly figured out he just needed to make money and lots of it to become financially independent. 5 years later, he has residual income of $15,000 a month.

how to achieve financial independence buy low sell low


This is a simple process. You follow the rules, and you become financially independent. The rules are simple. Help others, buy low, sell low and sell with installment payments.

For 200 years local governments have been challenged by real estate property owners. Many property owners fail to pay property taxes, and the state legislature will not allow that to continue.

The state legislature in every state has passed laws, and the law says property owners must pay property taxes to fund the local county government. Those funds are used to pay for the police department, school teachers and firefighters and hundreds of other bills.


The county treasurer levies the tax, attempts to collect the tax, and if the treasurer is not successful, the county seizes the property and sells it at auction for huge discounts, 60%, 70%, and 80% below comparable market prices.

My students buy these properties at low prices, mark them up and resell them below comparable values, just like Walmart Target and Costco.

Imagine how quickly you could have financial independence if you could buy for 20 or 30 cents on the dollar and sell under the market for 65 or 70 cents.

how to achieve financial independence walmart strategy


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Achieve Financial Independence”

Forget what the gurus tell you about budgeting, saving, diversifying and adjusting your lifestyle. If you want to be financially independent, what you need is money and a proven system that continues to generate cash flow.

Ted Thomas has discovered a system that works, a little-known, 200-year-old government program that enables you to purchase real estate at deep discounts, which is highly profitable when combined with Ted’s revolutionary exit strategy that produces massive income.

Counties all across the USA sell tax delinquent property at auctions, online and offline, with the starting bid at very close to the amount of the unpaid property taxes.

At these tax sale auctions, it’s possible to purchase real estate for 10, 20, or 30 cents on the dollar, and you get the property without a mortgage.

Utilizing Ted’s buy low, sell low strategy, with or without seller financing, these properties can be sold quickly for profits of \$25,000, \$50,000 or more in one deal. Keep repeating the process, and you can become financially independent!

If you’d like to learn more about how to achieve financial independence investing in bargain real estate, there’s no one more qualified to teach you than Ted Thomas, America’s leading authority on tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property investing.

Ted is the only one who provides full support and complete training with home study courses, Q&A webinars, live tutorials, workshops & web classes, and personal one-on-one coaching.

Learn how to become financially independent as a student of Ted Thomas. Whether you’re young and want to learn how to achieve financial freedom before 30, or older and looking to secure your retirement, Ted can show you how.

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