How to Find Land for Sale Near Me

How to Find Land for Sale at Bargain Prices

I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been involved with real estate as an investor and entrepreneur for over 30 years. I specialize in tax defaulted real estate.

Today I’m answering your question, “How to find land for sale near me.”

I’m not sure where you’re located, but I know that we live in a land of abundance. You’ll be able to locate land near you. We’ll follow my old stand by, and that is tax-defaulted land which local counties will sell us for a huge discount. I’ll come back to that.

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How Location Affects Land Price

Land is everywhere. Some of it’s very precious and costly, and then there’s land that’s barren, dry and rocky. Imagine for a moment El Paso, Texas, rough land, pretty dry and difficult to grow things on that kind of land. The land itself around El Paso doesn’t create a lot of revenue.

If you’re buying land, and you can get good soil, like you can find in Eastern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico, now you have some valuable land!

Land with water and power is quite valuable. Land with timber and crops is also quite valuable.

The market always puts a value on the land. So I used the comparison of West Texas with dry land going for $200-$300 an acre compared to Southeast Texas where it’s $1,000 or more per acre.

Of course, cultivated land is very, very valuable. My point is it’s different depending upon your location. Another easy analogy is land on the beach is quite valuable. The same amount of land one mile inland isn’t as valuable.

MLS Land Listings

If you’re wondering, “how to find land for sale near me,” my first suggestion is to use the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and talk to local brokers and agents. The multiple listing is primarily a database for home sellers, but you’ll still find considerable land.

A broker who understands and specializes in land is a very valuable person to be associated with while you’re searching, buying or selling.

Land brokers know soil types and drainage. They know about power, and they’re aware of where the water is.

Can You Finance Land?

Financing for land is unique and different. Most people are searching for financing for single family homes.

There are banks that finance land, but it’s not going to be easy to get a loan on raw land. A loan based on crops, timber, or subdivisions is a different story.

Due diligence on a home purchase is relatively easy. Land is a whole different challenge. Where are the easements? What is the zoning? What about building restrictions? Where’s the water and the power?

How to Find Land for Sale Online

Starting with the Multiple Listing Service, the next place to go would be FSBO – For Sale By Owner sites. I’d follow that with Craigslist and eBay.

There are a lot of electronic websites, like Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin, that will all have land for sale in addition to homes. If you exhaust those databases, then search or and

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how to find land for sale near me online

Consult With a Land Realtor

The National Association of Realtors claims land sales are steadily increasing.

Notice I keep coming back and suggesting that you contact a real estate broker that has the knowledge, especially in your local area. It’s not as easy to buy land as it is to buy residential homes where you can easily figure out the comparables.

For example, land developers are looking for certain pieces of land, and they work closely with brokers. Obviously, they need power, water and infrastructure, and they need to know what easements and restrictions are put up on the land by the county.

Use the G.I.S Mapping System for Land Searches

For a newcomer, a good place to start searching is the GIS Mapping System. This is huge.

If you don’t use the GIS Mapping System to search, you’ll miss a lot of information. It’s free, and most counties have all the different features of the system.

It is possible on some GIS Mapping Systems to get the names of owners whom you could contact directly and find land close to you.

What’s Your Objective for Buying Land?

Before you choose your property, be sure you’ve discussed what you’re doing with an experienced land broker and that you’ve researched water, sewer, easements, power, and land surveys.

Land is a commitment. If you’re thinking of raising animals, that’s one thing. Are you thinking about building a house? Do you want to grow crops? Would you like to grow trees and have timber that can be harvested?

What’s your objective, and what is your outcome for this land?

Where to Find Cheap Land for Sale Near You

Now, I’m going to reveal a way to buy land for pennies on the dollar in your county and the counties in your immediate vicinity.

30-years ago, I discovered a subset to the traditional real estate business including land. Traditional real estate is usually thought of as homes, vacant buildable lots, small apartment properties, and acreage. This subset I’m referring to is the same type of property, however, the owners have defaulted on their property taxes.

If the property owner fails to pay property tax, the state legislature will cancel the property owner’s privilege to own property.

This happens in all 3,000+ counties across the United States. The county treasurer will levy and collect property tax. If the tax is uncollectable, the treasurer will confiscate the property and resell it at a tax-defaulted auction for pennies on the dollar.

how t find land near me at a discount

How to Buy Land for 60%, 70%, or 80% Discounts

When I say pennies on the dollar, the tax collector will discount the property from the tax assessed value by 60%, 70%, or 80% or more.

They do so to encourage buyers to purchase the tax-defaulted property for a 10 cents, 20 cents, or 30 cents on the dollar minimum bid. The only qualification for the buyer is you must have money to bid at the auction.

Ask yourself, if you could buy real estate for 10 or 20 cents on the dollar and sell the property for 50 or 60 cents on the dollar, would that work for you?

Today I’m answering your question about how to find land for sale near you. These tax defaulted auctions are happening in every county in the United States.


We hope you enjoyed Ted’s lesson, “How to Find Land for Sale Near Me

Every county in the USA sells tax delinquent property, including land, mortgage-free for pennies on the dollar, so you can find incredible bargains on real estate right in your own backyard.

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how to find land near me by Ted Thomas

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