How to Buy Tax Liens in Texas


Tax Liens in Texas are big business! There’s a lot of money to be made in this redeemable deed state.

Ted Thomas, America’s leading authority on tax lien certificates and tax deed auctions, will show you how lucrative it is to invest in Texas tax delinquent properties just like a Canadian student of Ted’s who made a huge profit in tax liens in Texas.

Watch the video above or read the summary below:

Today we’re going to take a look at tax liens in Texas and tax lien property in Texas.

Over the last few decades, tax lien property has become one of the safest and highest interest investments there is in America. So this is safe, and it’s secure.

Today I’m going to show you how to create wealth by investing in tax liens in Texas. So you’ll want to open up your mind and learn this because this is a really special lesson.

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I’m Ted Thomas, and I’ve been involved in tax lien certificates and tax defaulted property for the last 30 years. Prior to that, I was in regular real estate.

I’m going to tell you, tax liens and tax deeds are much safer. You don’t have to worry about recession. It doesn’t have the ups and downs, so I’ve stayed in this business for the last 30 years.

I’m going to show you how to make double digit returns on your money with tax liens in Texas, and it’s going to be guaranteed. Now let me say that again, double digits, and it’s guaranteed, not by me, but by the local county.

I’m also going to tell you about big mistakes that people make at auctions, and I’ll go into detail, so you can avoid them.


Before I talk about investing in tax liens in Texas, let me tell you some facts about Texas.

Not only is it a large state, but it has more counties than any other state in the country. There are 254 counties in Texas, and almost 30 million people live there. It’s almost as big as Canada in terms of population.

This is a huge state with a lot of activity, and people buying in various counties throughout the state.

Now, I’m going to give you a little information that comes from actually doing buying tours there. Our people really know what they’re doing, and I’m going to show you how you can make double digit returns on your money.


Texas is called “a redeemable tax deed state.” Now what on earth is a redeemable deed?

When they have an auction, they actually sell the deed to the property. When they sell that, you’ll actually get the deed to the property. However, it is redeemable. It’s a redeemable deed.

So for 180 days, that property owner can come in and redeem the property. They can come in and pay you whatever you paid, plus 25%. Now, where are you going to make 25% on your money?


The property owner has 180 days to redeem their property, and they have to do that within the 180 days. They have to pay whatever you paid plus 25%. Is that a huge rate of return or what?

If they don’t redeem the property in that 180 days, you’re going to get the property. I’ll show you an example of that before I finish.

Anytime in the 180 days the property owner can comes in and redeem, In other words, they can come forward and say, “I want to get my deed back.”

Then you’re going to give them the deed back, but you’re going to get all the money you invested plus 25%. Where are you going to get returns like that? That’s pretty darn powerful.


What is a tax lien? Well, the state is going to file a tax lien against the property. Once they’ve done that, then they’re going to take the property to auction.

They do auctions every month of tax liens in Texas. I’ve been to Harris County. You can go there yourself ,and you’ll see 200 to 250 properties the first Tuesday of the month, every single month, all year long.

That means just in Harris County probably 2,000 or 3000 properties are going to tax auction annually.

The local county files a lien against the property. Then the treasurer goes out and actually sells the deed to the property, but it’s a redeemable deed. So remember the property owner could come in and pay for it.

When they do, you’re going to get a 25% return. In the business, we call that a penalty return. Texas is very much like a tax lien state, except wow. Talk about making money, a 25% return anytime in 180 days.

Keep in mind, they call that a redeemable tax deed. There’s a lien on the property. The auctioneer sells that, but sells a redeemable deed.


Any investor that purchases that is either going to get the property, or they’re going to get a 25% return.

Now, let me say that again. This is kind of a win-win situation. You’re either going to get the property, or you’re going to get a 25% return.

This business was actually created between the state legislature and the local county board of commissioners. They created the system, and it works for the county because the county gets money.

It works for you because you get money.

If the property owner had any chance at all in life to get his or her act back together, they can get their property back. So they’re not booting people out of properties. That’s a nice deal.


One of my Canadian investors, a young woman from Claire up in Quebec City, traveled to Texas to buy because she saw these giant returns.

What happened was another couple owned a residential lot in a beautiful subdivision. This lot came up for auction, and guess what? She bought it. She spent about $43,000. Now that’s a lot of money, $43,000 for that lot.

However, the property owner never came forward and redeemed it. That meant she ended up with the property. So she didn’t get paid. She ended up with the property.

She was at the six month point, and it took her a month or so to get it together. Then she sold it for $75,000. That’s over $30,000 in profit in nine months time.

Compare that with your investment portfolio. Have you made that kind of money? Think about that.


Investing in tax liens in Texas is a big business. It’s big because it’s big returns for you. You’re either going to get the property, or you’re going to get a 25% return.

A lot of folks are out there talking about this. There’s a lot of hype. Well, we don’t have a lot of hype. We just have a real business that we’ve been teaching people how to do for over 25 years.


With the internet, you can do all of your research on these properties from anywhere in the world. You could be in the United Kingdom, or you could be in Brazil. You could be anywhere you want.

If you have an American bank account, and you have the internet, guess what? You could be buying these properties and making money.

These auctions go all year long. They don’t take any time off except for Christmas.

This is an investment just like any investment. Is there going to be risk?

Well, there’s going to be a little risk in any kind of investment, but where are you going to get an investment where you’re either going to get the property or you’re going to earn 25%? I think that’s a deal of the month.


One thing I do want to say to you is research, research and research, and we have a lot of classes to teach you that.

Here’s a question I get asked, “If I’m buying tax liens in Texas, and I’m not in that state, what are some other ways I can look at the property?”

There are a lot of ways to look at properties. Everybody knows about Google and what have you, but they have computer systems that are much more complex than that, which we can teach you how to use.

You can actually check all the properties in a neighborhood, and you can do all of this research online. There are much better computer systems than Google that are out there.

We teach classes every week on how to do research, and every person who gets involved with us gets a coach every Wednesday night to guide them and make sure they do well.

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I want to address another question I get asked often, “When I purchase a property, and if I want to sell the property, do I have to use a real estate agent? Or are there other ways to sell it?”

People are worried about if they have to spend a lot of money selling a property.

In this system, you don’t have to have a broker. You don’t have to have an attorney.

We can teach you how to do all of this stuff on your own. It’s not difficult.

Think about this. You already know what Craigslist is. If you have a property, and you can offer a bargain, when you put it on Craigslist, you’re going to get a lot of activity.

There’s nothing wrong with eBay. There’s nothing wrong with Marketplace.

There are a lot of ways to sell property today. Am I saying cut out the brokerage community? No, if you want to use a broker, certainly go right at it and do that. But you don’t have to spend that money.

Our clients take charge of their own property. If you want to control your destiny, you have to control every step of the property.


Why do we do business in the tax lien and deed arena? Because we’ve got a stable business that doesn’t have a lot of recessions.

That’s what this is all about, being able to do business every month and being able to control it yourself. That’s what we’ll teach you to do.


I promised you I’d tell you about two mistakes. I this happening all the time at auctions.

I see this happening with newcomers, and I also see it happening with experienced investors. Let me tell you what I see going on, and I hope you’ll be able to avoid these mistakes.

Number one, is people show up at the auction, and they’re excited, wanting to make money. So they start bidding. If you haven’t seen the property, you should not start bidding.

How do you know what’s actually there? How do you know it’s not next to a chicken farm? Has that property burned down? Could there have been a hurricane recently?

You don’t know if you’re just buying a number on a sheet of paper, so you need to take a look at the property.

Getting your boots on the ground and eyes your on the property is very important. You don’t necessarily have to be there yourself, but you’d better have somebody check that property before you buy.

That’s mistake number one.

Mistake number two is very similar. I see this happening on a regular basis. People are showing up at the auction all excited, but someone beats them out of a property because they either bid higher or whatever.

That’s nothing to worry about. There will always be plenty of auction properties.

However, you don’t want to bid without having an exit strategy.

What’s an exit strategy? You have to know how much you’re going to sell it for.

You don’t want to bid just so that you’ll be the winning bidder. That’s not important. The winning bidder can bid too much, and that’s often what they do.

You can’t sell it if you’re into the property for too high a price. So those are two things you need to really be thinking about. Look at the property and have an exit strategy.


In “How to Buy Tax Liens in Texas,” Ted Thomas shows how profitable this investment can be.

Tax liens in Texas are redeemable deeds, which means you don’t immediately get the property. The property owner has 180 days to redeem the deed.

If they redeem it, you get all your money back plus 25%. If they don’t, you get the property.

Tax liens in Texas are a secure investment if you know what you’re doing and avoid the mistakes people commonly make. So before you bid on any tax liens in Texas, be sure to look at the property and have an exit strategy.

If you’d like to know more, Ted can teach you how to buy tax liens in Texas safely and securely.

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Ted offers live daily training webinars with experienced facilitators and weekly live group Q&A sessions with an experienced, certified coach. This amazing support system is what sets Ted apart.

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