Alabama Property Tax Sale: Investing Insights

Alabama property tax sales can be lucrative. With numerous inquiries from investors seeking to understand the process, this article aims to shed light on essential aspects of tax lien certificates in the state. Alabama is known for offering tax lien certificates and has several vital procedures in place for investors. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these to ensure a smooth experience.

The redemption period, interest rates, and bidding process may vary across different states, and Alabama is no exception. As you explore the world of tax lien certificates, you will encounter various situations, such as property owners failing to redeem their properties. Navigating this realm requires knowledge and vigilance, as well as seeking the guidance of experienced professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • Alabama offers tax lien certificates that yield up to 12% interest.
  • There’s a redemption period for properties, which can last up to three years.
  • It’s essential to work with experienced professionals to navigate complex situations.

Understanding Alabama Property Tax Sales

There are various property tax sales in Alabama even though it is a tax lien state. In Alabama, tax lien certificates are up for sale, but keep in mind that tax deeds are also a possible outcome if a tax lien certificate remains unpaid.

Buying tax liens at an Alabama property tax sale

Alabama Tax Lien Certificates

In Alabama, you can earn up to 12% in interest on tax lien certificates, and Alabama law allows property owners to redeem the tax lien certificate within a redemption period, which usually spans up to three years.

Note that when you purchase a tax lien certificate in Alabama, you are not buying the property itself, you’re purchasing the tax lien that’s on the property and obtaining all the rights that come with being the lienholder.

Discovering Information about Upcoming Tax Sales in Alabama

Most county governments host both online and offline auctions in Alabama. Therefore, you may find online options in some counties and offline options in others. To find information about upcoming tax lien certificate sales in Alabama, research the county’s website and rules.

Bidding at Alabama Property Tax Auctions

Alabama property tax sale reverse auction bidding

Bidding at Alabama property tax sales is generally a downward bidding process, called a reverse auction. The opening bid is set at the maximum interest rate, and subsequent bids will decrease the interest rate in increments.

The bidding process at Alabama property tax sales can involve multiple investors and go down to a quarter of a percent.

What if the Property Owner Fails to Redeem the Tax Lien Certificate?

Once the redemption period has expired, if the property owner hasn’t redeemed their tax lien, the investor who holds the tax lien certificate can initiate foreclosure on the property and a quiet title action.

Always consult an experienced attorney or real estate broker to help you with this process.

Alabama property tax sale real estate may require a quiet title action


Alabama property tax sales can be a profitable place to invest. Many counties in Alabama offer the option of participating in auctions either online or in-person. Alabama primarily deals with tax lien certificates, but tax deeds can also come into play if the property owner fails to redeem the certificate.

The interest rate you can earn from tax lien certificates in Alabama is up to 12%, and there is a redemption period of up to three years for property owners. In case the property owner fails to redeem the tax lien certificate, you would move forward with trying to take over the property through a process, which may require the help of experienced professionals, such as attorneys and real estate brokers.

To stay informed about upcoming tax lien certificate sales in Alabama, keep an eye on county websites and other relevant sources. By being well-informed and confident in your knowledge of Alabama property tax sales and tax lien certificates, you can make smart investment decisions and work towards potentially earning a considerable return on your investment.

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