Who Is Ted Thomas? Answers From The American Original Himself

Ted’s Amazing Life

In “Who Is Ted Thomas?” Ted talks about his travels, beliefs, experiences, and the weirdest thing he’s ever seen.

Folks, I’m a businessman. You could call me a capitalist, but I’ve been doing tax liens and deeds for 25 years. I’m just an entrepreneurial guy. If I was just 25 years old right now and getting started, I would start at a business I knew would be long-term, and that’s the one I’m in now.

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Ted Thomas Talks About Business

Now my first career was as an airline pilot, and that was a great career, and it’s changed dramatically now. But at the time it was exciting and I got to travel the world.

If you want to make a lot of money, get involved with the internet, and get involved in a business like this that everybody doesn’t know about. Everybody’s worried about retiring. If you’re 45 plus, you’re scratching your head. You don’t know what to do.

Well, you probably don’t want to be a carpenter or a plumber or one of those things, only because it takes so long to go through the apprenticeship. Learn a business like this one. You can do it from home. It will allow you to travel. It will allow you to make money.

The only thing that will hold you back at first is having money, but you can use credit cards to get started. If you study, other people will fund you. This is a business you can do for the rest of your life.

What’s Ted’s favorite food? Steak.

Ted’s Favorite Places in the World

My favorite places in the world? South America is great. It’s the land of opportunity, no doubt about that. Mexico’s great, land of opportunity again, but unfortunately they don’t understand law.

If you want a calm, quiet, regimented life, you need to look at Switzerland in the middle of Europe. It’s a paradise, but it doesn’t have opportunity for young people. So young people, they all leave and then they go back. So that’s good.

If you look at Asia, you want to look at Singapore. It’s filled with young people. You’re going to have to be in very certain professions if you’re going to make it in Singapore. I don’t know enough about Japan to tell you there.

But Malaysia is probably, with all the growth that’s going to take place because it’s got so much land, so many young people and a lot to do there. So I’m not negative on any of it.

You notice I didn’t mention Communist China or Communist Russia, only because it’s Communist.

My greatest strength is I like people, and my weakness is beautiful women.

The Weirdest Things Ted Thomas Has Seen

Oh, boy, weirdest things I’ve seen. Oh, this could be a long interview.

I’ve seen people buy a house, a livable house for $300, $316, as a matter of fact. And end up a month later renting it for $750. Okay, so they bought it for $300, didn’t sell it. And they rented it for $700. So they’ll tell you that.

I’ve also seen properties go to auction, where the people spent, round numbers, $10,000, and they were able to sell it and make $170,000. So I’ve seen some real wide ranges of what could happen in terms of money.

In terms of auctions, I’ve seen everything from 2,500 properties. They’re trying to sell them all in a place like Los Angeles, and as fast as you can snap your fingers like that, the properties are going and people yelling and screaming.

And they were usually three properties behind what they were buying, and then they were selling. So I’ve seen that.

I’ve been to auctions where nobody showed up. No one showed up, and that’s pretty shocking.

I’ve had people show up for auction. As a matter of fact, in a video in my course, a gal showed up for an auction and bought two properties, and she sold one of them before she left the room! She bought it and before she left out the door, she had it sold. So I’ve seen everything.

Another food I love, pickles, kosher pickles, little dills, folks.

Ted Thomas is an educator, investor and author

What Ted’s Day is Like

What’s my day like? I get up early. I go out and walk. I do exercises. I mean, strict exercises, so I work my back. I work my feet.

I read a lot. After I’m done reading, then I work. I work every day. I work somewhat on the weekends, but it’s mostly writing on the weekends, because I like to write and I like to create. My favorite thing to do is create new courses.

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Ted’s Travels

There was a time in my life when I traveled all over the world, and I flew airplanes and did a lot of, what you might call, adventure travel.

I’ve been to the North Pole. I haven’t been to the South Pole, but I’ve been real close. I’ve been on safaris. I’ve done all those things. So I did all of that when I was young enough to really appreciate it. Probably scared my poor wife half to death. Well, I know I did that.

So my day is full, and I live life, not that I’m going to die tomorrow, but I live it and I enjoy it.

Why Ted Thomas Won’t Retire

When you’re 80 years old, people ask you this question all the time. Why are you still working? Why are you doing anything?

Number one, I like working. Number two, I’m a creative guy. The things I create are things that help other people make money. I’ve made significant money in my life, all of which I have to give away, but I still continue to do that. But I continue making things to help other people.

I mean, it helps me because I do get paid for it, but everything I create hundreds of other people learn and make a lot of money from it. If I didn’t work all the time I work, I would probably just die, because people sit at home.

I have two brothers that died in their 60s, and they both had huge retirements. One brother had 47 years of government service, and you can imagine what his paycheck was going to be, and he died within a year. And there was no reason for it. He’d just, you know, sit and watch television.

I’m interested in working and doing things. I can’t keep up with a 20-year-old, but I can keep up.

Ted’s Favorite Story

I don’t have a favorite, but I’ll tell you a favorite story. Fortunately, I met a guy by the name of Louie Pinto years ago, and he introduced me to another guy. I was in Singapore, and they said, you’ve got to go to Chiang Mai, which is Thailand, almost on the China border.

In Chiang Mai, they raise tigers, and 12-year-old to 16-year-old boys that raise the tigers.

Ted Thomas and the tigers

Ted Thomas and the Tigers

You can go in a cage the same size as this studio I’m sitting in now. A Bengal tiger will be in the cage, and the boy will just tap its ear and it will jump onto a table. A 700-pound tiger jumps onto the table next to you, and that impression will last the rest of your life, I’ll guarantee you.

So the boy then tells you, touch the tiger, hit the tiger, do anything you want with the tiger, but don’t touch its face. And so I pet the tiger, and it was like petting a hairbrush. The fur was not soft and fluffy.

From there, I went to lying in a room with four tigers that were all six months old, and they were about as big as I am at six months old.

From there I went to where you could hold an actual baby tiger in your hand. And they bite right away, right away they bite. They’re one-day old, and they’re biting.

Anyway, that was an experience. Now you can go and see elephants in these parks, and you can go and see alligators and all those things, but there’s nothing like being close to a Bengal tiger.

When you’re in a cage and locked in, wire all around you, with a 700-pound, there were actually two 700-pound Bengal tigers, that was the most impression I’ve ever had of an animal. And I’ve been on the Serengeti and watched animal kills.

Ted’s Philosophy on Charity

I do charity much differently than other people. I’m a little bit resentful of a lot of charities, because I watched my wife go through cancer and things like that and thought I could do my part by helping out. But I wouldn’t do that again.

My charity is every day when I eat out. It’s every time I’m at a car wash. It’s every time I’m around what people didn’t have a chance to go to school to learn, or they didn’t want to go to school, or they didn’t educate themselves. I make sure they’re taken care of.

So I don’t give any $2 tips. I mean, they’re $10 or $20 tips. That’s money that goes in the economy today, not into some kind of brown suit that’s making $200,000 a year and going to work 30 hours a week.

Ted Thomas Encourages Self-improvement

Well, I’m sorry if you lost hope. There’s plenty to be hopeful for because you’re going to get better by using your brain. That’s how you’re going to get better.

You need to do something for yourself, not wait for somebody to do it for you, because there are plenty of books to read. There are plenty of things to do that will make you better.

I’m not a person that pats people on the back, but I can tell you right now, if you want something out of life, it’s up to you.

What Ted Thomas Tells Himself Every Morning

So my first saying in the morning is exactly what I’m going to say right now. I turn and I put my feet on the floor, and I say these simple words. I say, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” I’ll say that again so that you don’t misinterpret it in any way. “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”


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Ted Thomas teaches tax lien and tax deed property investingTed Thomas is America’s Leading Authority on Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Auctions, as well as a publisher and author of more than 30 books. His guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four corners of the world. He has been teaching people just like you for over 30 years how to buy houses in good neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar. He teaches how to create wealth with minimum risk and easy-to-learn methods.

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Ted Thomas

Ted Thomas is America’s Leading Authority on Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deed Auctions, as well as a publisher and author of more than 30 books. His guidebooks on Real Estate have sold in four corners of the world. He has been teaching people just like you for over 30 years how to buy houses in good neighborhoods for pennies on the dollar. He teaches how to create wealth with minimum risk and easy-to-learn methods.

The Ted Thomas Difference:

  • Ted is recognized as America’s Tax Lien Certificate & Tax Deed Authority and has been helping people with investing in tax defaulted properties for over 30 years.
  • Ted has built a team of certified coaches that have 70 combined years of auction experience and are available to his students by phone to guide and mentor you to avoid getting overwhelmed or worse, losing money
  • Ted has ironclad PROOF that what he is teaching you does work. With hundreds of successful students providing testimonials and a 4.9 Google rating which is unheard of in this industry.
  • Ted and his staff don’t hide behind a website; they can be reached during office hours at 321-449-9940.

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