Are There Tax Lien Auctions Online?

Can You Attend Online Property Auctions?

Are there tax lien auctions online? In the age of modern technology, everything is easily accessible online. But what about property auctions for tax liens or tax deeds? If you can’t physically make it to an auction in another state or county, can you attend the auction online?

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Doing a Tax Lien Search Online

In short, yes, you can attend tax lien auctions online through the county website. But not every county is the same. You must research and understand the auction and how you are bidding for the property beforehand.

Most counties will list their auction dates well ahead of time to allow people to check out the property to learn everything they can about what they want to bid on.

You always want to ensure you have boots on the ground before investing in real estate. Look at the property before you bid on it.

Properties have I.D. numbers that you can acquire to research the property on the county website. You can see photos of the property, learn about the property history, and find out if there are any significant issues to be aware of. Planning ahead of time will save you time and money!

Learn More About Tax Sale Online Auctions

In conclusion, there are tax lien auctions online in most counties, which has made investing in tax delinquent properties easier than ever before. Nearly everything can be done online now, getting the list, researching the properties, and buying and selling tax lien property!

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profit from tax lien auctions online

Read the Video Transcript:

Are There Tax Lien Auctions Online?

Randy: Well, again, we have Ted Thomas here who is the authority on tax lien certificates and tax auctions and property investment. We’ve been talking a lot about the tax liens and buying the certificates, and the fact that there are so many counties across the United States. Ted, what if I see an opportunity at the county that I’m not really… I can’t get to the auction. Are the tax lien auctions online? How does that work?

Ted: Well, when I started out I used to have black hair and I used to be skinny. And so, if I wanted to go to an auction, I had to go to the county, then I had to get a list, and I’m sure you guys have the list. I had to get the list of the tax liens and then I would check out the property and I could do it. So, I always had to drive there, it was very cumbersome.

Ted (cont’d): Now because of online techniques, we can find out when the auction is going to take place and the county will put all the tax liens all of them that are listed and there might be 30,000 listed. They’ll put them all online and then you can pick them out, the ones that you want and when you go into the list, like if they listed in the newspaper like this, or they’re listed on the site, they’ll list a property number.

Ted (cont’d): So every property has its own individual number just like you have your own fingerprints, you have your own name and persona. Same thing with the property, it has its own persona. You’ll type in that number, and then once you type in the number, it will open up at the county website and you can see everything you want about that property.

Ted (cont’d): So you can do the whole thing online. You can buy online, you can sell online. They now have companies that are called Bid4Assets and things like that where they will actually auction properties, and sometimes they’ll start auctions at 10 in the morning, and they’ll be still auctioning at 10 o’clock at night. So, you can do the whole thing online.

Randy: That’s great. Sounds like there are a lot of great resources to use to do this stuff online and I know that’s part of what, you know, Ted can fill you in on in some of his classes and some of the other videos he has. And he’s got a lot of videos and a lot of great information in various aspects of doing this type of investing. So you’re going to want to check it out.

Randy (cont’d): Head to That’s Ted Thomas right there. You’re going to see him there when you head to, and we’ll see you there soon and you’re going to learn a lot, you’re going to like it.

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