Overcome Your #1 Fear of Financial Insecurity with a Property Tax Sale


Overcome your fear of financial insecurity with a property tax sale
What if I told you that there was something called a property tax sale, that could very well be a solution to your money worries? Well, it’s true, and I’m going to show you how you can change your life by changing your mindset. Before we go into how your money worries may be ending, let’s first go into some things that may be holding you back from success, happiness, and from reaching your dreams? And what if what was holding you back held back most people? Would you want to know what it was? Would you want to do something about it? 

Well, I’m about to share with you some very valuable information, about how to find more success than you thought possible. All you have to do is to ask yourself if you want to start going after your dreams, after the success and happiness that you deserve. And to do so, we need to learn what a property tax sale is. You can find a definition here.

In a nutshell, someone falls behind in paying property taxes, and the county government issues either a tax-lien certificate or a tax deed. There are other options, but in most cases, this is what happens. A tax-lien certificate is issued when an investor buys that debt at a guaranteed rate of return. A tax deed is acquired when the investor buys the property for the outstanding debt to the county, plus any other fees associated with the sales process. In both cases, the buyer competes with other buyers in an auction.

In essence, a property tax sale is an opportunity for anyone who wants to earn significant rates of return on their investment, regardless of what the economy is doing.

Once people find out that tax liens are a potentially profitable investment opportunity, it often leads to other questions like, “In what states can you buy tax lien certificates?” Before concentrating on any specific questions like that, let’s just explore how we all can learn to achieve more success than we ever thought possible, by just changing our mindset.

Let me dispel some of the common beliefs about success. Consciously or subconsciously, I held some limiting beliefs. These beliefs, until recently, were holding me back from the success and happiness I wanted. I believed that when the time was right, I would find something that I could use to make money, and eventually become financially secure. I believed I didn’t have what was required yet, and that a bunch of savings or some hidden information was what I needed. 

I thought I needed a change in my luck. This is why I’m relating back to a property tax sale. I didn’t need different luck, I needed to find an investment vehicle that made money in any economic cycle. I found it, and am now sharing it with you.

You may still have some of these limiting beliefs because most people do believe similarly, whether they realize it or not.

How a property tax sale can help you achieve success

Let’s do some quick examination into achieving happiness and success, by looking at what they do not depend on. In order to then see what we should do to actually get on the path that can lead towards our success and happiness.

So if we start out with the premise that a property tax sale is a viable way for anyone to make money, in any economic situation, then we can see that our success does not depend on luck. It does not depend on the economy, or in what state, country, or time we live in. Our success and happiness do not depend on our family, class, or even our intelligence. 

Before anyone starts to scoff, please don’t mistake what I’m saying. We all know that living in an impoverished country, or even in a rich country at a bad time, or in a difficult place can be extremely challenging. We all know that there is a huge difference between being born into all the right conditions, and all the best luck is something that almost everyone would choose if it were an option.

The thing is, none of those things are within our control. Have you ever asked yourself, “How did that person overcome all of the adversity in their life and still end up either successful, or happy, or both?” Remember, we have all heard stories of people going through war, poverty, suffering, and more, and still ending up well off, right? Some of us have seen people overcome great challenges, and go on to achieve great things.

How a property tax sale can help you find happiness

What we are going to look into is how we can take off the chains that are holding us back. In order to achieve any goal, especially one as important as this one, we all need to identify what is within our control, what is not, and make a plan using tools available to us.

Remember, we are talking about a property tax sale. Say you decided you wanted to buy a tax deed, which is sold in tax deed states that sell properties with unpaid back taxes. Learning simple terms, and some readily available knowledge, can be all you need to realize your dreams of financial freedom. So if you have ever asked, or been asked,” How do you buy a house for back taxes?” Now you know, by winning the bidding process at a tax sale, and buying the tax deed.

No matter what economic conditions we find ourselves in, for example, we can learn to succeed. There is something that is always in our control. We all need to learn to identify and work with fear, that normal and natural human emotion. It is the enemy of, and the killer of success. We are going to learn about fear, and what to do to turn fear into a path towards success. A Property Tax Sale may sound like something that you never heard of, or had no interest in. I’m here to tell you, often the road to success is the road less traveled, and you should certainly take a second look at it.

Using a property tax sale to conquer your fears

Now let’s look at the biggest limiting factor most people don’t even pay attention to, fear. There are two main types of fear that most people deal with. The fear of loss is one of the most primal and basic fears that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives. It’s only natural, no one wants to lose what they have. It’s also a well-documented phenomenon that people will hold on to their misery rather than embrace the unknown.

What I would like to bring your attention to now is the other type of fear that most people aren’t aware of. The fear of success. It combines with the previous fear of the unknown to subconsciously make us retreat instead of opening up, and learning something new necessary to succeed. All too often this fear of success makes us turn away from those things that may be instrumental for our success.

Back to our example of a property tax sale. There is another type of investment sold at a property tax sale, called a tax-lien certificate, which is also sold in some states. Buying tax-lien certificates is another way to achieve financial success. It requires less work and knowledge than tax deed investing, and is a perfect way to start earning safely, without much risk. 

Tax-lien certificate investing is buying local government certificates at an auction, and being paid a guaranteed rate of return, which is usually determined by the winning bid at the time of sale. When you buy tax-lien certificates, you don’t need very much money. Some of them are available for as little as $100 or less. So as I often have shared with my friends, usually we think we need more than we actually do to start realizing our goals of financial freedom.

Again, let’s use tax liens and tax deeds as an example. Word has been getting out about tax liens and tax deeds as an alternative investment for many years. In fact, both have histories that go back to the founding of the country. Yet when I’ve written about tax sales, tax liens, and tax deeds, people have written back with questions that are mostly based on fear.

Studies all over the world for decades have shown that there is one way to control fear and to do what is required to succeed. Proper education and training are key to turning fear into success. Since we are using property tax sales as our example, they are excellent investment vehicles to achieve wealth and success, to overcome your fear, if you do your homework.

The three main causes of failure are procrastination, perfectionism, and lack of persistence. People don’t start to do things because they put off their plans for some imaginary perfect time. That’s the procrastination bug lying to them. There is no perfect time for anything. All we ever have is now. Do you want to know when you should look into a property tax sale as an investment? Right now!

The second hindrance to success that is fear-based, is perfectionism. People don’t want to act because they don’t know everything possible about something, or they feel they are not ready to do what they have set out to do. The remedy to this obstacle is to learn as much as possible about what you want to do, then jump in and do it. Ted Thomas and his team have more than enough information available to make anyone competent investors in tax sales. Ultimately, you are going to have to jump into a property tax sale and do it at some point.

Lastly, many people who actually overcome procrastination and perfectionism, start investing in tax sales but don’t remain persistent and maintain their momentum. This is the last thing that destroys even the best investment plans.

So the remedies to the procrastination, perfectionism, and lack of momentum are focus, confidence, and tenacity.

We all need to remember these three solutions or fixes to the things that keep us from achieving success and happiness. When we find ourselves putting off our goals for another day, right then, we need to stop and begin to break down the goal into individual steps. Take the first step. Just focus on that first step. 

Since we are still using a property tax sale as our example, make your goal something achievable like learning what you need to participate and profit in tax sales, from a reputable source like Ted Thomas. If you want to know about how to succeed financially with a property tax sale, there is nowhere better for you to go.

Once you take that first step, focus on nothing else. The second step becomes what you focus on next.

Have the tenacity to hold on. Nothing that’s worth anything comes easily. So when you face challenges, hold on, be determined. Do not give up!

The last step is confidence. Maintain confidence in yourself that you have the tools, the knowledge, and the ability to succeed. Ted Thomas and his team offer all the training, information, and even coaching to make you more than ready to attend a property tax sale, and start to buy tax-lien certificates, tax deeds, and begin making profits today.

Once you master the basics, Ted Thomas’ team of coaches can teach you how to build a team of your own. In order to know what to do with instruments like quit-claim deeds, you may need a real estate lawyer, AKA a real estate attorney. Instead of fretting, look at this as a business expense needed to build a strong business team.

In order to sell the properties, you can either consult real estate companies, or again, the good people at Ted Thomas can show you how to advertise, market, and sell your properties yourself.

One of the biggest hindrances to our success is how we have been programmed. We have to learn to think outside the box, the box that says we don’t have what it takes to succeed and become prosperous. Another false belief box is that the economy isn’t going to allow us to make the money we need to prosper. Start to question these beliefs. It’s not enough for me to steer you to a property tax sale. You have to start seeing the economic crisis as an opportunity.

The Chinese pictogram for “crisis” is a combination of the two symbols for “danger” and the symbol for “opportunity.” What many have commented on is that this really applies to the economy and investing no matter the era or country. So as we all have heard that the economy is suffering, and it is certainly true, it’s also a great time to take advantage of the millions of opportunities becoming available.

In order to do so, we have to power past scarcity thinking, where we believe consciously or subconsciously that there is not enough of what we want and need in the world. A property tax sale is a great example. People hear of something like this, and they start panicking, when the property tax sale could set you on your way to financial security, and there are more than enough available to go around.

When we think there is not enough money and opportunity in the world, then amazingly, that’s what appears for us. If we see money as energy, as a symbol for potential, and like energy, can neither be created nor destroyed, we start to see income sources appear. Tax sales offer amazing profit opportunities. Actually, as the economy goes through the roughest patch we have seen in 70 years, more opportunities in tax liens and tax deeds are available than ever before. 

So don’t delay; don’t put off until tomorrow the opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t wait until you think it’s a perfect time, that time is now. Don’t hesitate, have the confidence that comes from knowing you have learned enough, and after visiting with the team at Ted Thomas, you will be more than prepared enough. The last step is for you to persevere, and not give up. You can succeed in your pursuit of success and prosperity. A property tax sale, where you can practice both tax lien investing, and buying tax deeds can be the vehicle you use to get there.

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