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A Tax Lien is something everyone should know about – do you? If you’re new to investing in tax liens, you might be asking yourself; what exactly is a tax lien and how does this all work?
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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 What is a Tax Lien?
02:00 Why do governments issue Tax Liens?
02:33 Are Tax Liens and Tax Deeds the same thing?
03:25 Are Tax Liens a safe investment?
03:42 How much can I make with Tax Liens?
04:00 How can I learn more about Tax Liens?

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How To Purchase Tax Liens Online

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Investing in tax liens is not an easily accessible business venture, but is rewarding if done correctly and patiently.

Tax Liens Explained

The term tax lien refers to a legal obligation to secure the payment of taxes owed on a property. A tax lien may be imposed for tax arrears owed on real estate or personal property and for failing to pay income taxes or other taxes.

What Happens To A Property Owner That Can Not Pay Their Property Taxes?

An investor, like yourself, can purchase a tax lien on a home if the homeowner fails to pay property taxes. The investor can use the lien to seek the tax debt, penalties, and interest payment. This is how you can make money on tax lien investing.

Why Tax Lien Investing Works

Whether you purchase the tax lien certificate or win it in an auction, it gives you ownership of the tax lien. This does not mean that you own the property, but it does give you the right to take ownership of the property through foreclosure or be paid back once the homeowner pays their tax bill.

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