Episode 13:

Carl Fischer is a founder of CamaPlan, a national self-directed IRA company. He is a national and state certified educator of professionals and provider of continuing education for attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, and realtors. Carl is the one professionals turn to when they need answers. He speaks nationally about the advantages of using qualified plans to build wealth. His wisdom, understanding and years of experience working in real estate, tax rules and regulations, traditional and non-traditional asset classes and legal documentation make him a well-respected resource in the industry. Carl was a former owner of Global Financial Resources, a mortgage broker company, and he is a third-generation real estate investor and president of Presidential Properties.

What You Will Learn:

  • Carl explains what an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is and shares how the IRS allows you to take a tax break on funds you contribute to an IRA. He explains why he favors a Roth IRA over a traditional IRA and explains the difference between the types.
  • Carl shares how a self-directed IRA works and why it offers more investment flexibility than an IRA where someone else makes planning decisions on your behalf. He shares how funds in a self-directed IRA can be used to buy tax liens and deeds.
  • Carl shares how banks and brokerage houses often call an account “self-directed” even though they restrict your investments to their in-house offerings, and he explains how a truly self-directed account allows you to choose any investments you want.
  • Carl explains the services his company, CamaPlan, offers. He explains the limited restrictions on what you can use your funds in your self-directed IRA to invest in, and he shares how his company differs from banks and brokerages.
  • Carl discusses why tax lien and deed investors would want to use their IRAs for their investments, and he goes over the tax benefits of using a retirement account rather than a bank account for these types of investments.
  • Carl shares how to get more information about self-directed IRAs, and he discusses the transparency and availability of information that investors can take advantage of to better understand IRAs.

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