New Bill in Indiana Legislature to Make It Easy to Sell Property in Indiana Tax Sale

PropertyTaxBillA bill pending in the Indiana legislature will make it easier to sell property in an Indiana tax sale (aka defaulted properties).

For tax defaulted property investors, Senate Bill 310 has three main points:

1) A petitioner is required to serve notice of a petition only on a person with a substantial property interest of public record, eliminating the need to serve notice on other appropriate parties;

This means the tax collector’s office has less paperwork to fill out and track before the Indiana tax sale. This part doesn’t affect bidders in the auction.

2) A hearing date on a petition for a determination of serial tax delinquencies may be set not earlier than 30 days and not later than 60 days after the petition is filed (current law specifies that the hearing date may be set not earlier than 15 days and not later than 25 days after the petition is filed);

This really doesn’t affect bidders in the auction either. It means the tax defaulted property sale will be delayed a bit longer. The property owner has a bit more time to appeal the decision and get the money together to pay the past-due taxes.

3) Property taxes and special assessments are removed from the tax duplicate as soon as an order is issued finding that serial tax delinquencies exist with respect to the subject properties, regardless of whether the petitioner acquires a tax deed for the properties.

Provides that a petitioner for a tax deed under the normal Indiana tax sale statute may (instead of must) include various items of documentation with the petition.”

How the new bill can affect people who invest in Indiana tax sale auctions

“The measure also includes provisions to cut down on speculators who buy dozens of properties at tax sales but then fail to do anything with most of them, including pay property taxes, which just sends the parcels back to the tax sale list,” wrote Dan Carden for The Times.

In short, if you invest in a tax defaulted property auction in Indiana, you need to do something with the property. The law doesn’t say what “do something with it” means. If you just buy the taxes at the auction, then you do need to keep the taxes current while you have the tax lien certificate.

Senate Bill 310 has made it through the House and the Senate, by huge majorities, and awaits the governor’s decision. The full text of the bill is available here.

Indiana is a tax lien certificate state where you can sell a property in a tax sale. Successful bidders can earn 10 to 15 percent penalty on their investment.

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