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What If Ted Thomas Could Show You How To Earn Real Estate CASH FLOW Without Being A LandLord?

While traditional Real Estate can offer monthly Cash Flow, it also offers tenants, termites and trash. But if you take advantage of the Ted Thomas Tax Defaulted Property Lump Sum CASH FLOW Generator, you could learn to get your CASH FLOW in Lump Sums without being a LandLord, plumber, exterminator or handy-man.

Instead, Why Not Learn To Get Your ‘Monthly’ CASH FLOW All At Once?

Inflation Buster Ted Thomas has spent 26 years teaching good people like YOU how to earn CASH FLOW, Guaranteed & US Government Backed. This is Crisis Proof!

Ted Thomas Has Turned
Real Estate Investing On Its Head!

Forget ‘Monthly’ Checks, when you could earn it all in ONE LUMP SUM! How Much? Well, these are just some of our students’ results…

Samantha Cazabon 1

Samantha Cazabon


Chris Johnson 1

Chris Johnson


Anna Velez 1

Anna Velez


John Hines 1

John Hines


Joe Richards 1

Joe Rickards


YES! With my Lump Sum CASH FLOW Generator I can PROVE to you that you could tap into the same Government Backed Program to earn CASH chunks of $6K, 14K, 25K or more.

All backed by this little known, 200 Year old American Government Program.

I promise to reveal it right here, right now.

Hi, my name is Ted Thomas. I have been Busting Inflation for over 26 years. How? I became America’s foremost authority and longest & oldest investor and teacher of what is known as Tax-Defaulted Property Investing. I invite you to look at my Google Rating, 4.9, unheard of in the ‘how to make money online’ category, and I have been teaching my students for over 26 years. I am the ‘Go-To’ guy for the media when it comes to Tax-Defaulted property, and I’m also a best-selling author on the subject.

My experience is second to none:

What that means to you is I have been practicing Inflation Fighting Tax-Defaulted Property Investing through a few financial crises now. This is a 200-year-old program, and I have been active in it for more than 1/8th of that time. 20% of those 200 years. I’m not a ‘Johnny-come-lately.’

In the last 2 years, we changed our teaching style to ‘home-based.’

So when I say I can teach you how to make CASH FLOW with Real Estate, through Tax-Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds, I can not only prove it, (see videos below), but my team and I have adapted our teaching methods to these uncertain times we live in.

We have created a training environment for You where we are ready to teach how to profit from both Tax Lien Certificates, that will pay you interest rates of 12%, 16%, 24%, 36%, each Year, in a LUMP SUM, as well as teach you how you could pick up good homes in good neighborhoods for 20 to 50 cents on the dollar & to wholesale them fast for quick CASH FLOW lump sum profits.

Note: This is a ‘home-based’ business: Which means you can turn ‘home-based’ to ‘beach-based.’ You can do this business from your laptop in a coffee shop, from your cottage, when visiting parents, or visiting Disney World.

And on that topic, you can do this from any place in the world – 22% of my students live and work in Canada!

canada waving flag
woman laptop beach
couple laptop coffee shop

Don’t Miss Out, Limited to 75 Participants Only.

Before I get into the details, let me tell you what this is NOT:

  • Nothing-Down Deals
  • Buying, Holding or Long-Term Rentals
  • Fixing Up Properties and Flipping Them
  • Buying Property and being Stuck with it
  • Bird-Dogging or hunting for deals
  • Dealing with Tenants
  • No plumbers, electricians, masons, inspectors
  • No Mortgages to Qualify for
  • No Concerns about your credit score

But there are two types of people that this will not work for:

Before we go any further, let me be frank. There are two types of people that will not succeed at this, and to save your time, let me tell you now, so we can go our separate ways if this is not for you.

First, is what I call ‘the Ikea Test’

Let’s say you visit Ikea, and pick up one of their DIY cabinets, the kind that comes in a box, full of pieces of pressed wood, bags of screws, one of their metal screwdrivers and some simple illustrated instructions. Ask yourself this, and be honest with me: Are you the type who tosses away the instructions, and just jumps right in? Or are you the person who follows the instructions?
couple ikea frustration

You know what I mean. The ‘know-it-all’ who makes assumptions, who is ‘too smart for instructions,’ makes a ‘dog’s breakfast’ out of that cabinet, then sits frustrated on the floor, and then gets mad at his wife when she asks ‘How is it going, darling?’

To be successful in Tax-Defaulted Property Investing, you must be able to work online, searching for specific parameters that I teach you – i.e. follow instructions.

Just like Ikea, you don’t NEED to follow instructions, but 8 out of 10 cabinets you put together will fall apart. This business is the same. Without what I teach, you might make one deal out of 5 work, but the losses of the other four deals will kill you. Know-it-alls who don’t follow instructions should leave this page now.

So, if you are with me so far, congratulations, you have the temperament and ability to focus on successful Tax-Defaulted Property Investing.

The second type of person who will not succeed: Greedy

Why? Here’s the deal, and this is especially vital in uncertain times: Once you get started, you will see that I teach you to make a QUICK, good, safe – but SMALL profit.

Here’s what I mean: You might pick up a property for $7,400. It will have no mortgage, (don’t worry about how this works; just stick with me for now), the market value might be $80,000 before Inflation, but right now, it might be worth $110,000.

So, I teach my students like you to wholesale it for MAX $40,000 – or a minimum of $30,000 – giving you an easy, quick profit of at least $20K. You do this 4 to 5 times a year, (or much more), depending on your CASH FLOW target. That will take you about 7 to 10 hours a week.

This is the genius part: My students let the wholesale buyer take the risk of finding the next ‘retail’ purchaser who will no doubt have trouble qualifying for a mortgage because of the high mortgage rates and / or dealing with tenants if he wants to be (ugh) a Landlord! Banks are happy to lend at these crazy rates, and you don’t want to be a victim of them.  Sure, the middleman you sell to may make more profit POTENTIALLY, but will also have the anxiety that holding ‘inventory’ or property brings.

My students are not greedy; they are taught to be savvy.

So, if you are Savvy, not Greedy, and can pass the Ikea test, read on, this might be the best day of your life.

After many months of planning, we are releasing our...


You will learn how my students Earn CASH FLOW in LUMP SUMS during these Uncertain Times

 ,    ,  

Starts at   Eastern (Approx 7 hrs)

Tickets only $97 $47

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Here's what a few people (just like you) have to say about Ted's training events...

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Michael Nunez
Brooklyn, NY
852421561 ba3f0ace325fbb649107fb6fda61abb7a971a25395d2596df8ad25a94ab3c485
Nick Oliver
Tasmania, Australia
852430008 516bc93e33c37c657a0859d7a24c2d6c8306c75dc5793f94795bb9dfc3b38296
Rupi Sian
Ontario, Canada

Here is a quick overview of this 200-year-old program. Collectively, we call it Tax-Defaulted Property Investing.

Let’s start with Tax-Lien Certificates. In thousands of counties throughout the United States, local governments have millions of dollars in outstanding and overdue property taxes, due in full from property owners who will not or cannot pay their property taxes.  This happens in times of crisis, and in boom periods – but of course, it’s a bigger issue today with inflation robbing rich and poor alike.

To fund the daily services of First Responders, police, fire, hospitals, as well as schools, and routine but just as vital issues, like waste management and recycling, road maintenance, etc., the local governments create and sell these Tax-Lien Certificates that pay interest to investors like you and me.

The lien is secured by the real estate it is attached to. You are not actually buying the real estate — you are buying the government’s lien on the real estate. In a sense, it’s just like a mortgage!  When you buy a Tax-Lien Certificate, you are in effect paying someone else’s property taxes.

Now, because you are helping out the local government, that government actually gives you the right to receive all of the tax money due — including fees, high interest, and penalties.  To encourage taxpayers to pay their property taxes, the government charges “punitive,” sky-high interest rates which are passed directly to the Tax-Lien Certificate owner — YOU.

I will show you where you could find government-guaranteed interest rates of 16%, 18%, up to 36% interest paid directly to you – creating you Lump Sum Cash Flow.

The other part of Tax-Defaulted Property Investing is called Tax Deed investing.  In that case, the government has seized the property and auctions it off to investors like you and me.  You could pick up gems – good homes in good neighborhoods, and even solid commercial properties, for 20 to 50 cents on the dollar.  These come mortgage-free – yes, even if the homeowner had not paid off the mortgage. It’s hard to believe, but it’s part of this 200-year-old government program.  I teach you to NOT hang on to these bargains, but to wholesale them out right away – quickly for a nice CASH FLOW Lump Sum profit. Don’t think that in inflationary times the wholesale buyers are gone – they are more active than ever.  Your lower-priced property is just what they want.

I have simplified this for you, but like many things in life, it is not as simple as it seems.  It’s easy to make a baby, but ask any parent if child-care is as simple as the first few minutes creating a child.

But teaching you – that’s my job.  To babysit you through the process of this amazing ‘kitchen-table’ opportunity.  I want you to come out of these uncertain times with so much CASH FLOW that you can pick and choose the investments you want, so that when the times of stability come back – you could be literally WEALTHY.  I mean, WHY NOT?

That’s why you need to be serious, follow instructions and not be greedy.

So, here is your first step… attend our…


You will learn how my students Earn CASH FLOW in LUMP SUMS during these Uncertain Times

 ,    ,  

Starts at   Eastern (Approx 7 hrs)

Tickets only $97 $47

Click above to RSVP your spot Today!

What you will learn:

11:00 AM – 01:00 PM
Ted Thomas | Welcome | Introduction | How Tax-Lien Certificates Work and Why Focus on them in Today’s Uncertain Times | Outline of Resources for Students
01:00 PM – 02:00 PM
Bill Williams – Long time SUCCESSFUL Tax-Defaulted Property Investor and CASH FLOW KING & Retired Aerospace Engineer | Steps To Buy Tax-Lien Certificates Online | Special Insider’s Report on Buying Opportunities in Florida this year.
02:00 PM – 03:15 PM
Ted Thomas | 5 Best Places to Buy Tax-Lien Certificates & Tax Deeds & the Latest Opportunities to Look For Them Now & in the Near Future to take advantage of Inflation
03:15 PM – 03:30 PM
15-minute snack, stretch, bathroom break
03:30 PM – 04:30 PM
Bob Schumacher – Long time VERY SUCCESSFUL LUMP SUM CASH FLOW Tax-Defaulted Property Investor & Full-Time Forester | How did I make money buying Tax-Defaulted property during recession and in Inflation periods | What lessons I learned from the last economic crisis. | What will I do differently this time? | How am I preparing myself right now for the upcoming buying opportunities that Inflation will bring?
04:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Paul Castillo – Full-time Single Father of 2 Daughters and Part-time Tax-Defaulted Property Investor & Lump Sum CASH FLOW SuperStar | How I Made a $100,000 Dollars 5 Years in A Row | What I am doing in these uncertain times
05:30 PM – 06:00 PM
Ted Thomas | New Resources for Students for Online Success | What to do next
Online Q&A | Nothing Left to Chance – Get All Your Questions Answered


Bottom Line:

  • INFLATION PROOF: Immune to the FED, the Stock Market Roller-Coaster, Pandemics, War, Oil Price Ripple Effects and Elections
  • START SMALL: You need less capital to start with if you can safely invest it at 24% than if you can only get 1%.
  • GOVERNMENT SECURED: Not exactly like the government secures bank instruments like CD’s or money market funds, through the FDIC; but just as rock-solid, with a government agency guaranteeing your checks. 100% Bullet-proof
  • YOUR CREDIT SCORE OR RATING DOES NOT MATTER: This is a 200-year-old program geared for anyone, it’s very simple, you don’t even have to be an American to do it. Your past successes or failures are not important here.
  • SUPER-HIGH “LOCKED IN” INTEREST RATES: that beat any other interest-bearing investment, especially powerful during these days of near Zero interest rates. You will earn government-guaranteed interest checks of 16%, 18% even 25% to 36% returns.
  • HOME & LIFESTYLE BASED: You will require a computer and access to the Internet. This is not something to do on a little phone or tablet. But, you can do this with us, from your kitchen table or your home office. Which means you can make this a lifestyle business when the virus lifts, work from your local coffee shop, or from a far-away beach. Savvy students write-off a lot of trips!
  • EASY TO INVEST IN WITHOUT ANY BROKER COMMISSIONS: Anybody can do this type of investing. I have done this myself hundred of times and taught it to thousands – over and over and over again. It is simple if you learn what I teach.
  • INFLATION or RECESSION-PROOF: I have been teaching and doing this since way back in the Oil Embargo days of the early ’70s, and during every inflationary period or recession in between, none of it matters, you just need to know what States and Counties to avoid, and which ones to focus on. I teach you that.
  • NO “SNEAKY” FUND MANAGEMENT FEES OR OTHER HIDDEN COSTS OR CHARGES: If you have any money left in your mutual funds, for example, then you may have been unpleasantly surprised by the fees assessed when you buy in and/or take money out. And what about those management fees that come right off the top, regardless of the losses you have suffered? Nothing like that exists with these investments.
  • TEACH YOUR ADULT CHILDREN: Once you have proven this to yourself, you can make it a family business. There are so many Tax-Defaulted opportunities – even in good times – that the ‘well’ will never go dry. Learn first, then Do, then teach your loved ones. There is no competition due to the numbers, only abundance.

Virtual Workshop attendance is limited to 75 participants max.

VIRTUAL Workshop Pricing: only $97 $47

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Attend the ENTIRE Event, and if you aren’t thrilled for any reason, let us know for a full refund. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Ted Thomas 1

Who Is Ted Thomas?

Ted Thomas Has Been Teaching Tax-Defaulted Property Investing For Over 25 Years!

My name is Ted Thomas. I’ve been teaching others to invest in Tax-Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds since the 1990s.  I’m a published author, and I have traveled all over the United States teaching this to others so they can take advantage of these amazing investments.

I am proud to say that I have an unheard of 4.9 Google Rating.  

After watching my parents work hard their whole lives and die almost broke, I decided it was time to dedicate myself to finding an investment strategy that would help senior citizens, as well as young people, avoid the humiliation of not having enough money.

I have been through Inflation before.  And each time, my succesfull Ted Thomas students not only weathered the storm with money in their pockets but come out the other side with CASH that they could invest in as the market began to go back to normal.  Successfully helping people through Inflation has been my proudest achievement.  This inflationary period is just as serious – or worse – than the others, but what I teach, and what I do, has been proven time and time again.  This works.

You can imagine, while I have been teaching Tax-Defaulted Property Investing for over 25 years, I have been doing it for over 30.  30 years of practice means I know a thing or two. I saw it go from ‘mimeographed’ county handouts to online auctions – and while the times have changed, and the technology has made leaps and bounds in progress, the bulk of this 200-year-old-program is the same.

I have been called America’s Foremost Authority on Tax-Defaulted Property Investing, and it’s a badge I wear proudly – so I can assure you, there is no one else in America, or the world for that matter, that has more experience and more tactics, strategies, and honest ‘short-cuts’ than I have to teach and support you with.

The only push-back I ever had was from the ‘Big Investment Community’ – Mutual Fund Companies and the like, who hated me for sharing this with folks like you.  I could tell you some stories! But what matters most today, is for you to join with us on     ,  . I’ll share so much with you – that you’ll have your best sleep ever – content that you have a way out and a way forward.

Ted Thomas

Here's what a few people (just like you) have to say about working with Ted...

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Nicole Gonzalez
Brooklyn, NY
852438753 1d21f51591738f144b2f91b5ac0c7d617d3cce9378242eaf75a0b3654339d0c1
Jose Grullon
Long Island, NY
852426820 f52762750a8d00035b1d1d69cc54ba3594fce71d771492710df6f703a6dd20e1
Ernest Wilkie
Philadelphia, PA

WOW! You Will Get...

Retire Rich From Home ‘Virtual’ Workshop

zoom rendezvous
  • Ticket to attend what many are calling “The Real Kitchen-Table Way to Make True and Lasting Wealth Online”
  • Network & connect (virtually) with other students, like yourself, who have figured out you don’t have to Buy & Hold, Fix Toilets, Flip or Worry about Mortgages or Funding to make Profits in periods of Inflation.
  • On Saturday, you’ll Discover the Key Counties and States where my students Earn large Lump Sums CASH FLOW.
  • Learn via ZOOM in a small, friendly group environment (75 ppl max).

Make the savvy choice, and join us on  ,    ,  ...

Now, more than ever, you really CAN start investing in Tax-Lien Certificates, and Tax Deeds.  It’s just a matter of knowing HOW. Ted has been teaching students like you exactly how you can get started on your own road to financial freedom by making smart, risk-free investments in 2024 and beyond for over 2 decades. But you’re not alone – we offer weekly group support web meetings, regular office hours for phone and email support – even if we must work from home – we have you covered. No one is left behind.

Yours in wealth, and yours in solidarity, 
Ted Thomas

Here's what a few people (just like you) have to say about Ted's training events...

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Samantha Cazabon​
New Mom​
871544855 0ff96dfddfa61550849af887b0b6be2ccab33138bf8dd41910687d1dac65586a
Linda Misischia
Tax Deed Investor
608741457 d3c31b361df075b3f12786b4fed9956e1f30851866da553892393c3d978a0f08
Lisa Hall
581717533 ff6ff70184af493f405f0fbcd622b3963d86f0727a2df31809150fc0ca07a48d
Bill Williams
Video Business Owner
624321771 c2805cc3b971f418af0f13c59bfc9caedb5ed32fe5b8fb8bfe2e8f9cc0062360
John Hines
Home Based Entrepreneur
460142675 d06dda4f1e5e702eb6eed937403bc1df0effa5993a044c7bee3d45e48d25ffda
Marilyn Martens
Stock Investor
Satisfaction Guarantee Seal 1

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE

100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE – Attend the ENTIRE Workshop, and if you don’t think you’ve gotten AMAZING value and training, just let us know for a FULL REFUND. No Hassles, No Hard Feelings. You will be thrilled – or it’s FREE! Just send an email to [email protected] and our office will refund your $47 immediately.


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Starts at   Eastern (Approx 7 hrs)

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Tickets only $97 $47

Still not sure? Listen to what actual participants say to anyone who is ‘on the fence’ about attending…

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Last Month's Virtual Workshop Sold Out in 7 days!

Don’t Miss Out, Limited to 75 Seats Only.

Here’s What Current Ted Thomas Students Have To Say…

525999218 fbcb9571de4e146686152d60dbf01339232bcb3ad311fc8a20572a65083296d8
Shannon Ulrich
School Teacher & Grandmother
608741457 d3c31b361df075b3f12786b4fed9956e1f30851866da553892393c3d978a0f08
Lisa Hall
478759819 31e56a98195bbb4e74478491b3dea54ff7b17c7e1a39475bc132be702e03bb9d
Joe Rickards
Real Estate Investor
459581467 80f489d857c4461ebd183a314314ba7cc304c8f6ee14b565eb8e717e12aca5ab
Ken Guest
481483038 51decd4d45ca44e431f8d0cfb3196cffbe67258d122e4dd6b8ec7de4fb126e7f
Debra Murphy
Stay-at-Home Mom
713704273 68d4ecdc80146fddfe9b4aafeac4796e91a559f805a92e9e017d8c3e3c09fc5e
Juanita Woodhouse
459571757 ac01c687ab0aed2ef6adc767f24f4dd2b503addecbb400244cf394243aea4a56
Joseph Springarn
650647567 80002ffb4cba7e3d2b7d79605c8950a76505c95c76d1ec4125b3060f6e4536b9
Naa & Yaw
Immigrant Mom
871544855 0ff96dfddfa61550849af887b0b6be2ccab33138bf8dd41910687d1dac65586a
Linda Misischia
Tax Deed Investor

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