Tax Lien Certificates
Learn To Invest In 6 Minutes!

Get an overview of how tax lien certificates work, and why your local governments WANT you to buy these liens and why these investments are so secure.

Over 3,000 districts (counties) that list properties and the investment is backed up by the government itself.

Essentially, you earn 12% 16%, 18% and in some cases 30% interest on your investment, or you could even end up owning a property for pennies on the dollar.

Ted Thomas has been teaching tax lien certificate investing for over 30 years and this short video is a great primer to help you see if this is the right type of investing for you.

Tax lien certificates and tax deeds have been around for over 200 years and have always been a safe, secure, predictable form of investing. Your investment is secured by the government and the property.

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Normally this video is reserved for our students, but as a podcast listener, I know you are more interested in educating yourself than the average person, and I know you will watch it and take action if it is right for you.

Introduction to Certain, Safe and Secure Invetments

Discover How to Earn $25,000 to $50,000
With Ted Thomas

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