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Ted's "Magic Map" Will Save You Hours of Pain
“The hardest part of Tax Defaulted Property Investing is the Darn Research” … until now… Finally: Make Your Tax Sale Research a Breeze.
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Watch Ted reveal his "Magic Map" That Will Save You Hours of Pain, Suffering, and Mindnumbing Hours on your Butt, so You Find those “Pennies on the Dollar” Deals, Fast, First, and all from the same Web-Portal.

Let’s be frank about why you’re here…

If you’re here it’s because you know that among all the millions (yes, millions), of Tax Defaulted properties up for auction, there are always some ‘home-run’ deals.

  • Deals such as buying a $67 Tax Certificate like Bob Schumacher did and selling the property for $22,500.
  • Or buying a $180,000 condo for $11,000, just pennies on the dollar, like Drew and Recia.

Both are Ted Thomas students.

But maybe, the real reason you’re here today is because you have tried to search all those millions of properties and just threw up your hands after you realized how painfully dull, boring, mind-numbing it actually is, and you fell victim to ‘Dead Butt Syndrome – (yes, it’s a real thing).

This was why we noticed that slow,

old people with disability analyzing laptop with green screen retired couple looking copy space template isolated mock up with blank chroma key computer background modern technology

careful individuals who have a long attention span do well in this form of creating Wealth – they had the patience.

But what about a Tool for the rest of us?

Those of us who are in a hurry to find all the ‘pennies on the dollar’ deals that we just dream about and that others seem to find effortlessly?

If that’s you, you need this revolutionary new ‘Magic Map’ tool to speed you to your destination.

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But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself how Ted will reveal and demo how simple it is for you to use his Interactive Magic Map to find deal after deal – all from one simple and convenient online portal.

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This is the tool our successful students are raving about…
“Ted, this is the tool your students have been needing for years, it speeds up the worst part of Tax Defaulted investing: the research. Bravo, Ted”
Paul Castillo, who earned over $700,000 as a Ted Thomas student
“It’s by using this tool I was able to get my first Tax Defaulted deal, a small piece of land that I would have never found researching by myself. Now I recommend it to all Ted’s students”
DJ Richoux, Ted Thomas Coach
“As a former Rocket Scientist, I understand and enjoy spread sheets, hours of research, and staring at my computer. But I get it, few people do. But until now, there was no way around that painful chore. But Ted’s Tool is what I can truly call an evolution in winning at Tax Defaulted investing”
Bill Williams, Ted Thomas Coach and Mega Investor
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Download 30 New Lists per Month
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The Ted Thomas' Magic Map of Tax Defaulted Real Estate Auctions Means...

Download 30 Lists per Month

Be honest with yourself, are you concerned that this may take a while to put into practice, and you need money quickly?  Look, get a taste of Ted’s Magic Map tool.

Watch Ted’s revealing short Video – because by using this tool, you will save yourself hours, days, and weeks of online research looking up properties county by county, state by state, and auction by auction – finally, all the research is under one roof!

Don’t be the one person still rubbing two sticks to make a fire, Ted’s Magic Map tool is the Matches to create a Fire in Your Wealth Strategy.

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Download 30 New Lists per Month
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