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What is a tax lien certificate, and how can I invest in this lucrative opportunity? Ted Thomas has been in the tax lien business for over 30 years. If you’re a new investor, you might ask yourself what a tax lien certificate is, get your free info here 👉 https://tedthomas.com/free

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00:00 Intro – What is a tax lien certificate?
00:23 What is a tax lien on property?
01:13 What are tax lien certificates?
02:04 How to find tax lien properties
03:25 Tax lien states
04:06 Learn more about tax lien certificates

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Understanding A Tax Lien Certificate

This type of investment has been around for over 200 years. However, many people don’t know about the opportunity and all that it entails, so Ted is here to tell you!

There are 100 million properties across the United States. Sometimes, the local government finds that people can not afford to pay their property taxes or refuse to do so.

When people can not afford to pay their property taxes, it affects the county’s ability to pay city employees, the local fire department, etc. The county will notify property owners of default when property taxes are not paid and they are then given a tax lien certificate.

You might be wondering why someone would want to buy a tax lien certificate and pay those taxes off? The answer is quite simple; it is worth your investment. Once a tax lien certificate is created, the information goes public on the county website for people to purchase.

Why A Tax Lien Certificate Should Be Your Next Big Investment Opportunity

Why purchase a tax lien certificate? Why pay someone else’s taxes? The answer is simple; you’re able to make your money back and then some with interest. For example, we will use Florida as our primary focal point for tax liens. In Florida or any state, you will be given the money back that you used to pay for the tax lien certificate of a property you bought.

You will get the money back on the tax lien certificate and get an additional 18% in interest. This percentage varies from state to state. If the government does not pay you back for the money you spent on the tax lien certificate, that property becomes yours with no mortgage payment.

Learn More About Tax Lien Certificates

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