Video – Why Is It Important To Be Financially Independent

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Have you asked yourself, why is it important to be financially independent? This video is a great place to start and discover not just why but how to get started and become financially independent. Click Here to access your free gift from Ted Thomas

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Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary – Why Is It Important To Be Financially Independent
00:22 The myth of job security
01:12 The dream vs the reality of financial independence
01:43 Risks, rewards and realities of being your own boss
03:07 Should you quit your job?
05:55 Generate enough revenue to be financially free
07:02 What is financial freedom?
07:43 How I became financially independent
07:56 What is tax-defaulted property?
09:39 Why is tax-defaulted property investing so lucrative?
11:11 I have a gift for you

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