Video – Why Investing In Real Estate Is A Good Idea

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If you’re hesitating about investing in real estate, then this is your sign to stop worrying! Don’t let your hesitation stop you from making big money in this industry! Watch this video to understand why investing in real estate is a good idea!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:42 Pros and Cons Of Investing In Real Estate
02:33 The Main Challenge In Real Estate
03:09 How Inflation Affects Real Estate
03:38 Tax-Defaulted Properties And Tax Lien Certificates
04:20 How Tax Liens And Deeds Work
05:44 How Much You Can Make With Tax Liens
06:20 Why Investing In Real Estate A Good Idea
06:37 Auctions In Low vs High Population Counties
07:59 What Happens If You Don’t Pay Property Tax
08:30 Different County Return Rates For Tax Lien Certificates
09:01 Real Estate Success Story
10:08 Which Local Office Is In Charge Of Tax Liens?
10:32 Do You Need Special Equipment To Bid Online?
10:53 2 Mistakes You Should Avoid
11:57 Learn More About Tax Liens & Deeds

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