Video – What Happens To The Mortgage In A Tax Lien Sale?

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In most cases, houses have more than one lien stacked on top of them, but what happens to the mortgage in a tax lien sale? Find out what the county does about this by watching this video!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:01 What Is A Mortgage In A Real Estate Property?
01:53 What Happens If Homeowners Don’t Pay Property Tax
03:49 What Happens To Tax-Defaulted Properties
04:21 What Is A Tax Lien Certificate In Real Estate?
05:09 Why Counties Do Tax Lien Auctions
05:39 What Happens If Tax Lien Certificates Aren’t Paid
06:09 What Happens To The Mortgage In A Tax Lien Sale
07:33 What A Tax Lien List Looks Like
08:35 Who Can Buy A Tax Lien Certificate?
09:00 Will Tenants Be Evicted If You Buy A Tax Lien Certificate?
10:07 Two Mistakes To Avoid At Property Auctions

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