Video – Tax Lien Investment: A Safe Haven for Your Money

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Inflation is, just taking off like a rocket, so in an environment like this, does a tax lien certificate make sense? Ted Thomas explans how Tax Lien Investing makes sense during inflation. But first, click here to access your free gift here 👉

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro
01:03 Tax Lien Investing vs. Stocks
01:28 Tax Lien Certificate Investing Explained
02:11 How Much Can You Make?
02:25 What is the Worst Case Scenario
03:48 What Value Do You Create By Investing In Tax Liens?
04:26 How Many Tax-defaulted Property Auctions are There?
05:34 Can Anyone Invest in Tax Liens?
06:55 How Can I Get Started in Tax Lien Certificate Investing

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