Video – Tax Lien Certificates For Dummies

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Have you always wanted to get started investing in tax liens but get confused about how this really works? Don’t worry! As an expert in the tax liens industry, I can simplify the whole process for you! Watch this video where I explain tax lien certificates for dummies!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:00 What Is Property Tax And How It Works
02:38 How To Make Money With Tax-Defaulted Properties
03:31 How Many Tax-Defaulted Auctions Are There?
04:48 How To Buy Properties At Tax-Defaulted Auctions
06:14 Is It Better To Buy Online vs Offline Tax-Defaulted Auctions?
07:02 What Is The Minimum Bidding Amount In Tax-Defaulted Auctions?
07:51 Big Mistakes To Avoid At Tax-Defaulted Auctions
09:21 Learn More With My Free Course

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YouTube video

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