Video – SBA Loan Eligibility: What If I Have A Tax Lien? Part 2

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Having the knowledge of how to leverage loans the right way can be powerful for your business as a real estate investor! But can you get an SBA loan with a tax lien? Watch this video to find out and learn what you can do to start making money!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:16 How To Get Money For Real Estate Investments
02:44 Which People To Contact For Real Estate Loans
03:42 How To Ask For Money For Real Estate Investments
04:21 Importance Of Establishing A Good Relationship For Real Estate Loans
04:57 What Are The Security Laws For Getting Loans?
05:45 How To Raise Money For A Real Estate Investment
07:23 How To Buy And Sell Properties In Tax Auctions
08:01 How To Make Money In Real Estate With Other People’s Money
08:31 Benefits Of Lending Money In Real Estate As An Investor
09:44 Why You Haven’t Heard Of Tax Auctions
10:13 What Happens To Unsold Properties In Tax Auctions

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