Video – Is Pennsylvania A Tax Lien Or A Tax Deed State?

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Each state has their own rules and processes when it comes to handling real estate properties! So is Pennsylvania a tax lien or a tax deed state? Learn more about how they do it in Pennsylvania by watching this video!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:26 Is Pennsylvania A Commonwealth Or A State?
02:25 What Is A Tax Deed State?
03:42 What Kind Of Auctions Are In Pennsylvania?
04:05 How The Tax Deed Process Works In Pennsylvania
06:06 What Happens When A Property Owner Doesn’t Pay Tax
07:33 Are There Different Processes In The East And West Of Pennsylvania?
08:01 Duties And Responsibilities Of A Property Owner
08:55 What Are The Different Kinds Of Sales In Pennsylvania?
10:11 How Many Property Auctions Are Done In Pennsylvania
10:35 How Different Property Auctions Work In Pennsylvania
11:55 Differences Between Auction Rules In The East And West Of Pennsylvania
12:37 What Happens To Unsold Properties In Property Auctions?
13:12 How Much Is The Starting Bid At Property Auctions?
13:37 How To Decide Between Tax Lien Certificates And Tax Deeds
14:13 Two Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Property Auctions

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