Video – How To Know If A Property Is A Good Investment For You

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Watch this video to learn how to know if a property is a good investment!Just because a property is priced low doesn’t mean it’s an automatic bargain!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:46 Benefits Of Investing In Tax-Defaulted Properties
01:36 How To Make Money In Real Estate
02:34 How To Evaluate Real Estate Properties Using The Geographical Information System
04:31 How To Buy And Sell Properties From Tax-Defaulted Auctions
07:31 How To Know If A Property Is A Good Investment
07:53 How To Invest In Tax-Defaulted Properties
09:03 Challenges In Investing In Tax-Defaulted Properties
09:33 How To Determine The Value And Market Conditions In RealEstate
10:20 Importance Of Knowing The Value Of Real Estate Properties
11:02 The Truth About Real Estate Investing
12:29 Where Are State Statutes And Why Are They Important?
13:00 What Is Title Insurance?

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