Video – How To Invest In Real Estate Tax Liens

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Do you want to start making money in the real estate industry? Take your first step with a safe and secure investment like tax lien certificates! Watch this video to learn the process of how to invest in real estate tax liens!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:00 What Are Tax Lien Certificates And Tax Deeds?
01:58 What Is Property Tax?
02:40 Where To Find Tax Lien Certificates
03:09 How To Make Money With Tax Lien Certificates
04:24 What A Tax Auction List Looks Like
05:25 Who Makes The Rules For Tax Lien Certificates
05:56 Tax Lien Certificates vs Tax Deeds
06:18 Why Counties Sell Tax Lien Certificates
07:30 How To Invest In Real Estate Tax Liens
08:47 What To Remember When Buying Tax Lien Certificates
09:07 What Happens If You Don’t Get Paid For A Tax Lien Certificate
10:08 When Are Tax Lien Auctions Done?
10:30 What Are The Return Rates For Tax Lien Certificates?
11:03 How To Bid For Tax Lien Certificates
12:03 Importance Of Location When Buying Tax Lien Certificates
12:35 What Happens To The Property Owner With Tax Liens
13:49 Are Tax Certificates Transferable?
13:59 What Happens To Tax Certificate If You Buy It?
14:24 Two Big Mistakes To Avoid At Real Estate Auctions

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