Video – How To Buy Land With No Money Down

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Have you ever wondered how to buy vacant land? What are the benefits of buying vacant land? This video is a great place to start and discover not just why but how to get started and become financially independent. Click Here to access your free gift from Ted Thomas

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Info & Summary
01:03 Why Does The County Want To Get Rid of The Properties?
02:17 Using a Contract of Sale
02:39 Are Loans Difficult to Get on Land?
03:33 Buildable Residential Land
06:23 An Alternative to Vacant Land
7:09 What Does The County Treasurer Do With The Property If The Taxes Aren’t Paid
09:16 Selling Residential Buildable Vacant Land
10:17 What Percentage of Tax Defaulted Auctions Will Have Land?

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