Video – How To Buy A House With Seller Financing

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For investors, seller financing is one of their favorite ways to make money! But this strategy can be just as beneficial to the buyer as it is to the seller! Just watch this video to find out how to buy a house with seller financing!

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Ted Thomas

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:42 Advantages Of Seller Financing
02:21 What Happens When Banks Can’t Give Loans
03:08 Which People Are Open To Seller Financing
04:09 How To Buy And Sell Properties From Auctions
04:52 How Seller Financing Works For Sellers & Buyers
06:54 Importance Of Flexibility In Seller Financing
08:04 How To Make Money Investing In Real Estate
10:11 How To Sell A House With Seller Financing
11:04 How Much Is The Return Of Investment In Seller Financing?
11:55 What Happens When You Buy Tax Lien Certificates
12:16 Are Tax Lien Certificates Transferrable?
12:27 Big Mistakes To Avoid In Real Estate Auctions

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